(Machima: "Huh? What group is here? I didn't expect to come in just thinking about it, which is really amazing.

Are demons here too? Shiwei, will you be my dog? (picture)).

Machima is a beautiful girl with red hair and golden eyes, and at the moment she shares a selfie of herself wearing a white shirt and black trousers in the group.

She has a perfect body, and her fair skin is as fair and smooth as marble.

The strikingly feminine curves of the body perfectly radiate from the photo.

Obviously dressed so tightly, why is it so feminine?

Lin Fengjiao originally heard the group reminder to see what happened, who knew that Machima actually sent a selfie.

"Good fellow!"

Lin Fengjiao immediately felt a hot and itchy feeling coming from his nose, and he actually began to bleed when he touched it.

Ying Zheng drank several sips of herbal tea in a row before he regained his senses.

"Concubine Zheng, where is Concubine Zheng?"

Huan Zheng hurriedly walked towards Zheng Guifei's dormitory, since he had already degraded Hu Hai, this bastard, it was far from enough for him to have only one son.

"Concubine Zheng, you still have to continue to help the widow have a few more children." The country needed more dragons to support the pillars and beams of Daqin. "

Concubine Zheng was originally doing embroidery in the palace, but who knew that Ying Zheng rushed in at this time.

"Your Majesty, what's wrong with you? Your Majesty? "

"Concubine Zheng, the widow wants to have more children."

"But it's still daytime. And the door is not closed yet"

"Isn't that more exciting?"


Regency is a 187-tall big bad wolf, a premise that all animals in this world possess intelligent life.

He, Regxi, as a carnivore, is undoubtedly the king of the throne.

It is the king above all predators weighing less than 77 kg

He is the king above all vegetarian animals in the night.

Because vegetarian animals in this world have night blindness, they can't see a little thing in the dark.

It's just that he doesn't have the consciousness of being a king.

[Regxi: "It's amazing, why is there no hair on everyone's body?"]

Also, how do I feel that we are not of the same species. "】

Regency directly ignored Machima, not that Machima is not beautiful. It's because Regency is a wolf, and he won't be interested even if a human stripped naked.

Just like humans with normal brains should not be in heat with animals, right?

[Megumi Kana: "Welcome to the Super Dimension Chat Group, which is a platform for everyone to exchange information and trade and share their resources. Everyone comes from different parallel universes, so don't worry about your privacy exposed. "】

[Machima: "So that's it, parallel universe?" Victory? Are you really Qin Shi Huang? It's so interesting.

Shivi Aureliansall, is this who you really are? Interesting, are you so good at group live broadcasting? How, be my pet, right? "】

Shi Wei was happily frying fish in Hero Canyon, and these beautiful girls with water spirit were practiced by his exquisite micro-manipulation, shouting.

And the more so, the more excited he became. Just like the strongest king in the game comes to the Bronze and Silver Bureau to fry fish, the thrill of chopping melons and cutting vegetables is really fascinating.

[Shiwei: "Dominating the devil, Machima. As long as you think that the other person is inferior to you, then you can completely dominate that person.

Well, you tell me.

Regxi, the carnivorous beast of the Rhapsody world, kills more than ninety percent of vegetarian beasts in seconds in the dark.

Kill any predator weighing less than 77 kg.

Even though he can wantonly hunt ninety percent of his life, he has always remained kind.

Do you think Regency is inferior to you? "】

[Shi Wei: "The life of the ghost destroying world butterfly Kanae has saved hundreds of lives and fought with her life against evil spirits.

Do you think Kanae is inferior to you?

Zombie world Lin Fengjiao, one town and one province, protect thousands of homes from zombie attacks, do you think Lin Fengjiao is inferior to you?

Hinata Hinata of the Hokage World, Outer Soft Inner Takeshin, and even a beautiful girl with star destroying potential, do you think Hinata is inferior to you?

The Great Qin World Winning Government, sweeping the six countries, unifying the country's governance of tens of millions of people, unifying words and weights and measures, do you think that the Victory Government is inferior to you? "】

Shi Wei continued, "So, tell me. Machima, do you think I'm inferior to you?

You will only dominate other people's lives, using ridiculous conceptual spells.

And conceptual spells, I can cast more than 10,000 kinds at will! "

[Ying Zheng: "The widow is so excited! Mr. Shi Wei really boasted! That's great! "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Mr. Shi Wei has passed the award, and I have been doing what I think is right with my conscience all my life. "】

[Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, thank you for your encouragement, I will work harder! "】

[Hinata: "Brother Shiwei! Will I be able to achieve the level of a star explosion in the future? (⊙o⊙) Wow! "】

Regesy: "Brother, big brother Shiwei." So I'm so awesome? "

Looking at the ten-meter-long starry sky divine dragon in the group live broadcast, Regesi had already raised the idea of recognizing his eldest brother.

It seems that only he and Big Brother Shi Wei are the same.

Shi Wei sent the previous picture of throwing the moon into the Hero Canyon into the chat group, and this memory spell to grab fragments of past time and space is too ordinary.

Even if it is called a god-level spell by the humans of Runeterra.

[Regxi: "Brother, brother."] Teach me, I want to learn. From now on, I will be your little brother. "】

Machima instantly sobered up and quickly focused her attention on the chat group in her mind. She didn't expect her ability to be stripped clean.

If you want to dominate others, you also need the dominated person himself to consider himself inferior in order to be successfully released.

So she has no way to dominate the people in the group

[Machima: "Shiwei, I like you more. So, be my man, right? "】

Shi Wei, who was still on top of the Highland Tower of King's Canyon and playing with the five girls, was directly happy at this time.

[Shi Wei: "Machima, you bad woman! Do you know Denji? "】

[Machima: "Denji? I have a guy named Denji here, who has the power of a chainsaw demon. A neurotic mad woman. "】

Shi Wei didn't know why his heart was much more relaxed.

So, the current Machima is still a pure new car without any experience.

Regesi and Machima followed the guidance of the chat group friends and clicked on the group mall.

Looking at the huge sea of props uploaded by Shi Wei in the group shop, he fell into sluggishness again....

PS: The picture is Machima

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