Regesi looked at the many props uploaded by Shi Wei in the group mall, and no longer knew what to say.

As long as you have one, there are dozens and hundreds of A-grade equipment that can exert the destructive power of exploding streets.

There are even props that can permanently increase vitality, isn't this vitality an increase in life in disguise?

[Regxi: "Brother Shiwei, you are really good! It's just that I can't use any of this equipment. Too expensive. "】

【Ding! Regency uploaded the Carnivore Fighting Technique, the Carnivore Fitness Method. A total of 0.2 points were earned. 】

【Ding! Regency checks in to earn 5 points for the group system. Machima checks in to earn 10 points for the group system. 】

【Ding! Machima uploaded the Demon Power Amplification Technique! Get 300 points! 】

【Ding! Machima uploaded the Demon Fear Force Field! Get 300 points! 】

[Machima: "There are so many good things in the chat group mall?" Shiwei, I'm getting more and more curious about you. Who are you, exactly? "】

Shi Wei glanced at the message of the chat group, and felt a little proud in his heart.

He won't let Machima dominate the group members in the group, so won't it be chaotic?

[Group members, chat groups can completely block the ability from other group friends. Unless the other person has come to your world. 】

[Shiwei: "Regxi, in the future you will like a female rabbit. Even if the other party is a female rabbit who is 105 tall and weighs 15 kilograms and has been played by many people.

Regxi, why would you like this kind of woman? Obviously there is a beautiful girl of the same race, Juno likes you, why can't you compete a little? "】

[Machima: "Are you all-knowing and all-powerful?" How do you know everything? "】

[Regxi: "Big brother, I, I don't know. I guess I can't possibly like rabbits, right? "】

[Shi Wei: "Start believing in me now, and I will give you new strength!"] Don't you want to change your world? Don't want all life in the world to be truly equal? "】

[Regxi: "Big brother..."


[Shiwei uploaded the Class Awakening Scroll, Dragon God Swordsman (a swordsman class that has received the blessing of a subtle Dragon God), sharpshooter, martial artist, magician, Dragon God Priest (a priest who believes in the Dragon God)...].

【Ding! Shiwei earned 250,000 points. 】

【Ding! The chat group has thoroughly settled a total of 9,527 products of Shiwei, and has transferred points to Shiwei ** point system points. 】

Hinata: "Brother Shivi has a lot, so powerful." "

Butterfly Kanae: "I haven't looked at the chat group mall for a while, did Mr. Shi Wei upload so many props?"

I don't know how to express my feelings, so give you a bow. "

Lin Fengjiao: "Fortunately, I still have the Imperial Wind Sword Art to learn now, and if I don't have points, I can't exchange these good things for one." "

Ying Zheng: "The widow is so anxious, obviously there are so many good things in the mall, why are the points so difficult to get." I only have ten points now.

Is it possible to buy those career awakening scrolls that are five points each? "

Shi Wei looked at the points in his pocket and fell into deep thought, but he didn't expect the system points he obtained to be so foul.

It's really embarrassing, I hope other group members don't know about this point. Otherwise, he really wants to die.

"Actually, the career awakening scroll I uploaded is very cost-effective, and I have also changed the irrational places in it.

Using the Awakening Scroll you can awaken directly, and then you can have the awakened people teach the experience to others, so that everyone can slowly all awaken. "

Divert attention from chat groups.

Shi Wei had already arrived around the Last Crystal at this moment, and his backpack was full of murderous books and five death hats

In the case that the passive can be arbitrarily superimposed, it matches his own attributes. At this moment, the strength of the Star Casting Dragon King's spell had reached an astonishing three thousand points.

Aurelian Sol, spell strength 3000 points.

"I appreciate your courage and did not give up even at the last minute. Very good. "

The two front teeth towers were still attacking him, but unfortunately everything was still defended by the stars around him.

"Then I invite you to enjoy a meteor shower. Super Magic - Sky Falls! "

The occult light blue spell aura surrounded Shi Wei, and dazzling pillars of light burst out from Shi Wei's body and shot straight into the sky.

Rimuru made a clever move, and she subconsciously looked towards the sky.

At this moment, seemingly endless planets fell towards the floating city above the neon.

Shinomiya Kaguya raised the longbow in his hand, "Thor, do you only throw stones?" "

"It works! And it's a hundred million points bigger than an ordinary stone. "

The mysterious divine power shrouded many planets in the galaxy, and at this moment, thousands of complete planets all smashed towards the crystals of the Hero Canyon after shrinking countless times.

The terrifying destructive power directly shattered the Hero Canyon, and the power leaked out even made this hanging city full of cracks.

And the neon under the sky, the whole country has enjoyed a magnitude 10 earthquake.

The sea water poured and the houses collapsed.

"Interesting, really interesting."

In just ten seconds, the neon crowd was directly emptied of tens of millions of people.

Since 2B has forcibly controlled all the electronic equipment around the world, space satellites have also transmitted the current tragedy to the world.

Seeing so many people die in Neon, in addition to many people feeling the power of the dragon god Sol, it is to applaud.

There can be no imps in the world, but you can't do without the sea.

(Ah Yan: "It's worthy of being a divine dragon, nice job!") It has long been unpleasant to see these little devils, it would be better to die a little more! ")

(Adong: "Stinky brother! Quickly say that you are coming to China for tourism! Otherwise, you won't want to play my Sky Dragon 4WD car! ")

(He Wang: "Captain, this shameful thing is thrown directly, we as international professional four-wheel drive racers still need to pay attention to the image.") ")

Shi Wei's right hand made a sword finger form and slid it casually.

The neon earth is restored and the sea water recedes. Returned by a planet snatched from within the galaxy.

The crumbling moon returns high above the Americas.

Everyone returned to the original state again, but that memory remained in everyone's minds.

Even the neon people, who had been killed by the earthquake, came back to life.

"Turn time around, play with life and death. These are just very simple spells. "

"Accept my blessings, lovely girls. Outside of this heroic city, you can all use my blessings at will. "

Kaguya and the others have different blessing engravings on the right palms, and the heroic abilities of the five people present will be increased to 100%.

For a while, the rest of the beautiful girls who were not blessed by Shi Wei felt a sense of loss.

People do not suffer from poverty but inequality, and the many other beautiful girls also began to think of the power to obtain blessings in their hearts.

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