Because Shiwei has balanced everyone's strength, every beautiful girl who fuses with heroes can use this blessing power in places other than hero cities.

And the upper limit of the power can easily reach the destructive power of the explosive street!

What level is the Blaster Street class? That is the power to destroy all buildings within a radius of about one kilometer. This is the destructive power of modern nuclear bombs.

Therefore, even if the current Shiwei maintains the form of a dragon, there are already beautiful girls who are beginning to think about the possibility of combining with dragons.

Shinomiya Kaguya looked at the dragon-shaped figure that had begun to turn into a dragon in the distance, and Shiwei, who disappeared in gorgeous battle armor, began to mumble.

"Shi Wei, is that dragon you?"

Ai Hasaka looked at Kaguya, "Kaguya, what did you just say?" It can't be that you fancy the dragon, right? "

"Impossible! He can't compare with Shi Wei at all, right? Moreover, as long as it is a normal person, there is no way to be interested in dragons, right? "

Kuroyukihime looked at Kaguya, "But he has just turned into a dragon-shaped human body, and he has the power to reverse time, so is it possible to turn into a human form?" "

"Huh? It turns out that Mr. Thor can still become human? So we are now fighting with so many women, is this the legendary competition to recruit relatives?

The emperor chooses a concubine? "

Shinomiya Kaguya's mind turned quickly, and when she said this, all the women present involuntarily blushed.

"I said, why wear such bold clothes. Even having safety pants is a shame. "

Meplu walked up to everyone, "It's okay, the only people who can see us so shameful are women."

As for men and transgenders, we can only be seen fighting in tight armor. "

Kaguya breathed a sigh of relief, thinking secretly in his heart:

I want to win! I have wishes that have to come true. I'm going to let Shi Wei confess to me!


The crowd in the chat group has become jealous of Machima.

After Shiwei's reminder, all the group members have understood the horror of Machima.

As long as she thinks that she is inferior in her heart, and at the same time the other party thinks that she is the highest existence.

Then they will be completely dominated, what a terrifying ability.

[Lin Fengjiao: "I suggest that everyone start to improve their spiritual will now, thinking that they are not weaker than Machima. "】

[Shiwei: "Actually, Machima just wants to kill all the demons in her world, but in the process she will cause a large number of humans to be killed. "】

[Regxi: "Against the sky! Isn't this still standard villain behavior?

This is no different from big villains who talk about maintaining world peace, but still launch countless wars that kill hundreds of thousands of lives. "】

"I feel that you are alluding to the oligarchs, who did kill many soldiers during the war and caused a lot of inevitable sacrifices.

It seems that the oligarchs are also villains. "】

Regsy: "I'm sorry. "】

[Shiwei: "Okay, Regxi. Do you really still want to like rabbits? Do you like that? You're a gluttonous body, you're cheap!

You just haven't eaten meat for many years and are confused by the taste of vegetarian beasts! "】

Regency was ashamed, he gradually understood everything, maybe he did miss his true love. "Rub, big brother! Please give me a clear way! "

Maybe as long as he changes the plot of the mission, he Shiwei can also obtain the origin of the world? Then he will change the pattern of the world.

"Regxi, choose a career you like. Then go and change the world. The world is unfair, but you can change the world and make it fair! "

Regxi's heart was warm, he was ordinary in school. In this chat group, there is a big brother who has never known his life to take such care of him.

"Big brother, I see. I want to choose the Divine Dragon Swordsman, and then switch to the Divine Dragon Swordsman to comprehend the ultimate in swordsmanship! Big brother, can I really do it? "

Shi Wei snapped his fingers, "Believe in yourself!" "

"Yes, big brother!"

But Litton Gakuen Drama Department

Regency spent five points to purchase the Dragon Swordsman's Awakening Scroll, and a mysterious dragon scale rune immediately appeared on his right arm, which was then hidden inside the skin.

Even if there was only a trace of the blessing of the Star Casting Dragon King attached to it, it had already benefited Regxi immensely.

He searched around until he saw a wooden stick and prepared to leave the society.

Juno, the elegant and beautiful female big bad wolf, discovers Reghey's abnormality, and she is a little worried about Regsi's state.

Then blocked in front of him, "Senior, where are you going?" Are you going to fight at this time? "

The strong and handsome adult big bad wolf, holding a wooden stick and leaving the society without a sound, no matter how you think about it, violence may occur.

"Ah, not a fight. I just want to practice my new sword skills. Everyone is busy here and I want to train somewhere else. "

After careful processing, he found that Juno was so cute. Her hair is so soft, there is no trace of variegation on the slender wolf kiss.

This big beauty with blue eyes must be the family flower of the entire gray wolf group.

"Swordsmanship? Oh~, no one in the whole community should know swordsmanship better than me. "

Louis of the Red Deer race with horns on his head has a height of 172 and a weight of 53 kg. With a slender figure and an elegant and handsome appearance, he is even taller than Regxi with antlers.

"Can I see it?" Louis is currently the champion of college kendo.

Regency remembered Shiwei's teachings and nodded.

"This move is called the Earth Rift Wave Sword!"

The dazzling golden brilliance condensed on the wooden stick in Regesi's hand, and then a three-meter-tall sword qi violently tore the wall on Louis's side along the ground where the sword was swinging.


The floor was plowed out of the ravine, and the distant walls shattered as if they had been blasted apart by a tank.

In this beast world where there is no transcendent power, a carnivore beast can actually cause tank gun level destructive power!

Now he is one step away from leading college students around the world.

Even the Beast Emperor who will lead the global beast in the future is not impossible.

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