After all, it was only the first time he used this power, and Regesi felt that his physical strength was quickly emptied.

This made his legs involuntarily weaken, and then he was supported by the fast-eyed Juno.

"Senior Regsi, are you all right?"

"Fortunately, the move just now consumed more physical strength, and I was a little uncomfortable."

Louis also walked over at this moment, "Good boy, I secretly learned such a strong sword technique." As a carnivore, did you finally show your fangs?

What do you want? BECOME THE MIGHTY BEAST OF ALL BEASTS (THE RULER OF THE BEAST WORLD)? And then lead the future development of the entire beast star?


You are not the only one who wants to change the current world and make the beasts happier! "

Regency nodded, "Each of us beasts is hugely different because of our birth race.

I think this difference should be equal in front of this sword technique.

I do want to run for Beaster!"

Juno felt the softness in her heart being touched at the moment.

Handsome, powerful, with the ambition to change the world and want to compete for the throne of world leader.

She is already a little moved, this Regency is her dream lover! It's her treasure!

Juno: "Regxi, is that what you think?" I'll help you too! "

Everyone in the drama club was already stunned, and at this moment it was as if they had reacquainted with Regxi.

Obviously, I usually just carry out the lighting projection behind the scenes, and the work of arranging the background

Who knew that he was secretly practicing amazing swordsmanship.

The superpowers that only exist in the novel and animation appear so suddenly on their classmates, and anyone's mood at the moment is very complicated, right?

Who wouldn't want to have superpowers?

Who wouldn't want the power to break the rules and do whatever they want? So some people's psychology has begun to distort.

A brown bear who likes to hunt vegetarian beasts is already full of jealousy at the moment.

Brown bears were supposed to be the strongest race other than supergiant mammals such as elephants and hippos

Even if he was a lion, he had the confidence to defeat his opponent, but at this moment, the sense of superiority of the strong in his heart was broken by Regsi's superpower at this moment!

And he has no chance to kill the other party, the other party already has terrible exposure, and he does not want to become a suspect for assassinating the other party.

Now taking advantage of the other party's weakness and there is no chance to kill the other party, then it is impossible to have a chance in the future. His body is definitely not as strong as the red brick with a thickness of 240cm and the walls are highly defensive.

Regency sat on the ground and began to recover his strength, his mouth wide open and began to continuously radiate excess heat in his body.

Juno handed the other party water distressedly, and then began to inform the gray wolf group of the news that happened here.

"What happened? Who will tell me what happened? "

But the headmaster of Choliton Academy, Oka who is a tiger race, came to the door.

After hearing about the amazing explosion in the club, he chose to jump directly out of the window and run at high speed towards the accident site.

At this moment, he panted and looked at the amazing large holes in the walls, as well as the ravines in the ground.

"Are any classmates injured?"

Red Deer Louis came to the Headmaster Tiger and spread out the footage that had just been copied from the monitor.

"Principal, this is the monitoring of the drama club just now."

When Regency in the picture was fighting with Louis, the wooden sword in his hand actually emitted a sword qi shockwave that could destroy the wall.

"Oh my God, does this surreal sword art like a superpower really exist in this world?"

Louis put the phone away, "Headmaster, don't you think that Regency with this special ability has the qualifications to become a green beast beaster?"

Powerful, shiny, measured, and with an important force to change the pattern of the times? "

It was clear that Louis also wanted to run for the leader of the Blue Beast, but under such an opportunity, he knew that building momentum for Regesi was the best move.

Regency has great power, and he has a brilliant mind. With his assistance, then Regesi can definitely become a leader of strong beasts and lead the global beasts!

"Makes sense!"

Headmaster Tiger clapped his hands and quickly pulled Regency up from the ground. "Regsi-san, how are you now?

Do you want to try to become a green beast beaster? You are strong enough to lead all students. Students at all schools will be honored to follow your advice! "

Regesi nodded, "Thank you Headmaster, I'm willing to run for the Blue Beast Beaster!"

While Regency was chatting with the headmaster, Juno also sent the video he had just made to the gray wolf family.

She took her phone and began to send a rapid mass message, the gray wolf is a race that lives in groups.

The gray wolf clan has influential clansmen in schools and society.

At this moment, most of the gray wolves sensed a turning point in fate.

This is the turning point of their gray wolf race's fate, and they will do whatever it takes to win Regxi!

So, the gray wolf who was contacted by Juno began to launch his own network and began to frantically create momentum for Regxi.

The entire beast star, whether it is in school or society, all the carnivores, vegetarian beasts have been bombarded with information.

And this kind of super destructive surreal sword art was originally extremely informational, so more people began to spontaneously help Regency create momentum.

"To believe in science, so the gray wolf Regency Royal Sword flew away!"

"Shock! Gray Wolf Regency Sword opens the gate of heaven! "

"All the people practice martial arts, I cultivate immortals, and tell the story of the gray wolf sword immortal Regesi and his 108 sisters-in-law."

"It's a showdown, I'm Gray Wolf Sword Saint Regxi."

Regency smiled crookedly, and swung his sword out of the sky. Welcome the return of the Gray Wolf King. "

Juno looked at the hot searches on his phone one by one, but the picture of Regency releasing surreal sword qi just now was indeed put up completely.

There are no clips.

"Regxi, you're going to be on fire all over the university."

Regency looked at the outrageous pictures in front of him and froze. "Ah~, what is this?"

【Ding! Regency comprehended the Dragon Divine Sword Art, attracted the attention of the will of the world in which he lived, and was promoted to the son of luck. 】

[Group member Shivi Aurelian Sol has received the gift of the will of the world where Regency is located, and has obtained ten copies of the world origin. 】

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