"Shiwei, thank you! Without your power, I don't think I would be able to solve other demons so easily." "

The power in Machima's body was emptied by half, but it didn't matter. After all, she had solved the gun demon. She is already one step closer to a better world.

She turned to look at several enemies whose arms had been blown off, pointing her finger at them: "bang!"

Before those people could react, the whole person had already turned into flesh and blood.

"All neon leadership and public servants who have violated the law will all blow themselves up."

"Huh~? Have 33,000 people died?

For only 600,000 public employees, it is indeed very helpless.

Hey? My contract has also been dissolved? So build a new one. "

Machima smiled slightly and pressed her right index finger against her rosy lips. "As soon as I am attacked, I will be transformed into other neon people's diseases and accidents."

Obviously she has completed what she has always wanted to do in her heart, why does she still have no emotions in her heart?

Only by staying by Shi Wei's side can she seem to have a little mood swing.

Bathed in scarlet blood, Machima walked quietly towards her office.

"My ambition is still world peace!"

Machima came to her seat in the office

After waiting for the strength in her body to be filled, she slowly exhaled.

"From now on, all the lives on this planet that illegally take the lives of others explode and die."

The power in the body was instantly emptied

"Does it seem that 100 million people died this time? What a sinful world. I think the world will be peaceful from now on, right? "

She started calling Eagle-chan's higher-ups, but no one answered

So she started using her power again and started sending messages to everyone

"Any illegal act will blow itself up."

Machima smiled, and at this moment she felt that there was more conceptual energy called qi luck in her body.

【Ding! The Machima Domination Demon slaughtered 130,1409,527 people in the world.

The world pattern has changed, and the human beings in the world have begun to fully obey the law.

He has received feedback from the will of the world and has been promoted to the son of luck. 】

【Ding! Shiwei has obtained 100 copies of the Chainsaw Man World Origin. 】

Shi Wei was directly shocked by what Machima did.

[Shi Wei: "Machima, what are you doing?" Why did I just leave you and do such a big job? "】

Machima: "Thank you, Shiwei. Without the strength you give me, I would not have been able to make the world peaceful.

I just used the power you sent me to follow the word, and all the humans who have killed people in violation of the law have been killed by me?

This ability is too strong even if it can only be used in my world! "】

[Shi Wei: "I just wanted you to protect yourself, but I didn't expect you to give me such a big job! "】

[Megumi Kana: "Machima! You don't feel guilty for killing so many people? "】

[Machima: "But these are all villains who have killed an unknown number of people behind their backs."


Is there anything wrong with me killing them? "】

Shi Wei rubbed his head, this Machima can really make trouble. And it was beyond his expectations.

[Shi Wei: "The reason why a new world war did not break out in my world was because they found it difficult to avoid being killed as leaders.

Hence the apparent peace.

But Machima, you actually made such a big job, good guy. "】

[Hinata Hinata: "But is this really good?] 100 million people were killed so easily. Don't you feel any guilt? "】

Machima: "Why feel guilty, I'm a demon." Dominating the devil, I just want to make life happier for people in the world.

Then those scum in it naturally have no need to continue living.

Rapists, murderers, traffickers, etc., didn't they all blow themselves up and die? "


Shi Wei did not return to the Chainsaw Man world again, after all, which world required Machima's consent every time he passed.

In addition, the other party killed criminals who violated the law and killed people, and if they died, they died.

"Machima, you fellow! After that, I have to give you more education! Educate you hard! "

As a caster dragon king with more than twenty years of old otaku memories, he just likes the character and skin of this person in Machima.

But I don't agree with what she did.

Absorbing this hundred units of World Origin again, Shi Wei felt his power overflow.

"Is this what it feels like to break through?"

Shi Wei felt a state of overflow, and his whole body was full of energy and blood boiling.

"Can you hold it a little longer?"

Shi Wei purified the divine power in his body again, and after a day of experience, the divine power in his body was purified and compressed to the extent that he could no longer improve.

Then, he completed the promotion.

Suddenly, he sensed the world outside the world!

That's the Runeterra!

【Ding! Congratulations to the members of the super dimension for their promotion to X-2 (multi-dimensional cosmic level, perceiving/shuttling/modifying the number of parallel universes 2,) whether to broadcast to the group members. 】

"Not broadcasting."

Shi Wei was ready to show his strength to the group little by little, otherwise he was worried that they would be frightened.

[Shi Wei: "Machima, you bad woman! Don't you still have a little bit of human emotions?

I must teach you a hard lesson in the future! Let you truly understand human nature! "】

Machima: "I'm looking forward to it. "】

【Ding! Group member Machima opens Shiwei's permanent one-way passage to the world of Chainsawman. Shiwei can travel to the chainsaw man world where Machima is anytime, anywhere. 】

[Regxi: "Eh, is there such a thing?"] Eldest brother? Do you want to come to Minecraft to play? "】

【Ding! Regency opens Shiwei's permanent passage to the world of Animal Rhapsody

Shi Wei helplessly watched as the group members all opened a permanent one-way channel to him, "Regxi, I still like humans and human-like beast girls, mechanical girls.

That is to say, non-human characteristics are less than 30% of the total proportion of the body.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be interested at all. "

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