Shi Wei continued to popularize science.

"The so-called less than 30% of foreign women refer to the physical replacement of hands, feet, hair and other aspects without destroying the basic form of people.

If the inhuman part of such a character is forcibly stripped, then she will lose her physical functions.

For example, the legs below the knees and the elbows above are dragon claws, or the snow woman whose whole body is no different from humans except for body temperature.

This is the second-class foreign mother. "

Regxi: "Big brother, do you see that this kind of foreign lady?" I happen to have a lot of learning materials on this. "

[Regency sent an exclusive red envelope to Shiwei.] 】

Shi Wei: "Regxi! Hurry up and send more, I'm in a hurry! Why is this art only taken out now! "

Out of curiosity, Hinata Hinata wanted to see the contents, but Regency sent an exclusive red envelope, and she didn't know the contents.

Ying Zheng: "The widow is so anxious, hurry up and let the widow see." The widow should criticize this thing well. "

[Regency sent an exclusive red envelope to Ying Zheng. 】

Lin Fengjiao: "I think this kind of information can better help me understand the structure of monsters."

It is of great help to the demons and demons. "

[Regency sent an exclusive red envelope to Lin Fengjiao. 】

Machima: "Why do you like this stuff?" "

[Regesi sent an exclusive red envelope to Machima.] 】

Machima: "Is this kind of stuff really interesting?" How can I not feel it? "

[Butterfly Kanae: "Seeing that you like it so much, I also started to be curious." Can you let me see it too? "】

[Shi Wei: "Girls don't look at this kind of thing, it will pollute your eyes." "】

Regesi quickly stopped sending exclusive red envelopes: "I just want to have a good relationship with everyone, I'm sorry."

I believe that art knows no borders. "

Regency likes uncensored books with such low human appearance, which is completely similar to the human donkey and human dog that humans like to have heavy mouths.

The pictures in Regxi's books are all paintings by world-class artists.

Even the picture inside is high-definition, without any mosaic processing.

After watching part of the plot, Shi Wei immediately felt the flames burning.

He looked at 2B, who was already guarding beside him, "2B, are you willing?" "

"Whatever it is, I'm willing!"

Shi Wei condensed a super absorbent towel out of thin air, and then carried 2B into his room.


After two hours of fierce fighting, Shi Wei finally walked out easily.

If it weren't for the fact that 2B couldn't stand it, he could still continue to fight.

As a Star Casting Dragon King who does not feel tired, he has no so-called sage time at all.

Any moment is full!

"Now produce a little more equipment."

Now the shopping mall of the super dimensional chat group is full of all the props, equipment, and accessories in League of Legends.

But now Shi Wei will continue to add new props to this mall.

"I didn't expect 10 million chat group points to be used so quickly."

"I just used the system integral to accelerate my divine power compression, but that's okay. Just keep creating equipment. "

So Shi Wei directly uploaded all the equipment in the dungeon to level 50 and below level 50 to the chat group shop.

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the artifact Tai Dao Streamer Meteor Meteor Saber!

When wielded, there is a certain probability of summoning meteorites to attack the specified direction. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the artifact Black Knife Dark Moon, and when wielding the target, there is a certain probability of reducing the target's strength, agility, endurance, and mental attributes. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the artifact Terra Stone Greatsword, and when wielded, there is a probability of entering the acceleration state, increasing its attack speed, movement speed, and spell release speed

【Ding! 】

A series of chat group system prompts brushed the screen at this moment

The frequency of this brushing even drowned out everyone's chat history.

The group members have been pulling for ten minutes at the moment, and they have not yet seen their heads.

So everyone gave up and simply started a new chat.

[Regsy: "Wipe! Eldest brother. Why are you so powerful. You have so much equipment, right? "】

[Shiwei" is just average, I have too much knowledge in my head. No, by the way, come to the chat group to sell to the system for points to play. "】

【Ding! Congratulations to the group member Shiwei for obtaining 1,1314,8888 system points for the transfer of chat group points. 】

Ying Zheng was really numb when he looked at the system points obtained by Shi Wei.

"Have you seen the eyes? How can there be so many points.

Roughly calculated, if an A-grade explosive street level equipment counts as 4,000 points, then it is about 30,000 pieces of A-grade equipment uploaded? "

Kanae: "Why is Mr. Shiwei so powerful?" It is worthy of being a divine dragon with the ability to reverse time. "

Hinata Hinata: "Why is Mr. Shiwei so powerful?" It is worthy of being a divine dragon with the ability to reverse time. "

Machima: "Why is Mr. Shi Wei so powerful?"

It is worthy of being a divine dragon with the ability to reverse time. "


Look at the compliments of all the staff, compliments. Shi Wei just felt tasteless.

Look, isn't that fun?

At this moment, the members of the chat group have entered extreme excitement.

Shi Wei: "I just have a little points in my hand, red envelopes." "

Shi Wei's side directly wrapped a big red envelope of 2,000 points to the group members.

Hinata Hinata directly grabbed 520 points, "Wow, what a lot of points." Thank you, Mr. Shi Wei. "

Kanae also grabbed 369 points. "Hey, I have a lot of points. That's great! With so many points, I really don't know how I lost! "

Regxi: "I only have 80 points, but I'm content. "

Machima: "Huh! How I got 666 points, that's an interesting number. "

Lin Fengjiao: "I only got 115 points, but I am already satisfied, thank you very much Mr. Shi Wei for the red envelope."

These points have been topped, and the total of my check-ins for more than ten days. "

Ying Zheng: "Why do oligarchs get the number 250, it's so embarrassing." But these points are really useful!

For the future of Daqin. I'm going to use the points carefully! "

[Regxi: "Rub, big brother. Please look at the foreign mother's book, (exclusive red envelope)! "】

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