Lin Fengjiao: "It's a pity that Daqin died at the hands of Hu Hai." "

Huan Zheng was stunned, "Hu Hai? Could it be that Fusu died? Mr. Shiwei, do you know? "

Shi Wei nodded, "Yes, after you died, Zhao Gao and Li Si forged the edict and forced Fusu to die. After Hu Hai came to power, Daqin died as the second emperor! "

"Ah! Damn, damn it, damn it! I'm going to catch Hu Hai! Zhao Gao! Reese! "

Butterfly Kanae: "If His Majesty can solve Zhao Gao and others, maybe it can really change history."

Only, Mr. Shi Wei. Please, tell me how to avoid my sister being killed? "

Shi Wei looked at the chat group and quickly had an idea, "The meaning of the existence of the chat group should be to facilitate the interaction of information and materials, and there is a red envelope in the group, I will try it first to see if it has any effect." "

He raised his right hand, and the creation divine power surged. In an instant, a dozen egg-sized pieces of gold appeared around him.

【Ding! Shi Wei sent a red envelope].

【Ding! Ying Zheng snatched a kilogram of gold! 】

【Ding! Lin Fengjiao snatched a kilogram of gold! 】

【Ding! Hinata Hinata grabbed three kilograms of gold! 】

【Ding! Butterfly Kanae snatched ten kilograms of gold! 】

Ying Zheng: "Gold actually appeared out of thin air!" Is this chat group so strong? "

Shi Wei: "Hehe, didn't Your Majesty really believe it?" It can be understood, after all, to manage a world, if others believe what they say, then it is not Qin Shi Huang. "

Hinata Hinata: "Brother Shiwei is so rich, three kilograms of gold can be exchanged for a lot of money." Are you also in my time? "

Butterfly Kanae: "Thank you, Mr. Shiwei." With this money from you, I can subsidize the disabled members of the Ghost Slayer Squad, and they have no easy time. "

In fact, Shi Wei doesn't care about money at all, and he is a universe-level powerhouse who can create planets and destroy nebulae at will.

Creating gold or something, less than the consumption of the blink of an eye.

Shi Wei: "I am now in the modern era of high-rise buildings, and I can create the gold you have in the blink of an eye, so I can spend it casually." "

Hinata Hinata: "Huh~?" Creating gold? What kind of terrifying ninjutsu is this? We should have no means of creating power except Mu Duan."

Lin Fengjiao: "Create something out of thin air? What a terrible power. "

Ying Zheng: "I don't believe it, I don't believe it!" This is definitely what kind of fangshi is ghosting! The widow slept! I won't play with you guys anymore. Let's kill those scumbags tomorrow. "

Lin Fengjiao: "Your Majesty, this is the history book of the Qin Dynasty, would you like to take a look?" (Red Envelope)"

Seeing that the group is so lively, Shi Wei is ready to have a good relationship with his sister inside, according to the novel he read before, the chat group will most likely open the function of going to other worlds in the future.

When the time comes

, hey, hey, hey....

Shi Wei raised his palm again, and he thought of a way to deal with the evil spirit.

Shi Wei: "I just made a few pieces of alchemy equipment, let's see if it is easy to use when toys." "

【Ding! Shi Wei sent an exclusive red envelope to Butterfly Kanae. 】

【Ding! Butterfly Kanae has collected your red envelope. 】

Kanae looked at the four pieces of equipment in front of her in shock, "Thank you so much that the Great God of Rizhao is on top, Mr. Shiwei." The things you sent are so valuable that I don't even know how to repay you. "

[Megumi Kana uploaded a picture (Energizing Armor, Grade A, providing a large number of magic shields, life energy, life regeneration).]

(Mercury Boots, Tier A, provides medium magic shield, movement speed boost, immunity to Grade B, and the following control).

(Alchemy punk chainsaw sword, A-level, provides amazing destructive power, life energy, move release efficiency, and wounds that do not heal after hitting enemies and have a serious damage effect).

(Ice Pulse Gauntlet, Grade A, provides amazing life energy with physical shields and move release efficiency.)

Each attack will cause freezing fields in the target and surrounding 100 meters, and greatly slow down the enemies within the range and reduce the destructive power)].

Lin Fengjiao: "Huh? What is this? "

Ying Zheng: "Huh? What is this? "

Hinata Hinata: "Huh? What is this? "

The powerful attribute has shocked the surrounding group of friends, and the artifact of this attribute is something they have never seen before.

【Ding! Chat groups activate the group avatar function. 】

There is a lot of very interesting knowledge in Shiwei's inheritance memory, one of which is to make these rune alchemy equipment.

A-level strength, said in the chat group, refers to the power contained in it that is enough to destroy an entire street.

That is, the ability to level the power of all concrete buildings within a radius of hundreds or even kilometers.

For Shi Wei, his own consumption is even equivalent to the degree of lying down and breathing.

Because his divine power is endless....

Butterfly Kanae looked at Shi Wei's handsome avatar in the chat group, she couldn't help but breathe tightly, the deer bumped, and her pretty face turned crimson.

[Kanae: "Thank you, Mr. Shiwei. After I have solved the misery, I will absolutely obey any of your orders. "】

[Hinata: "Brother Shi Wei is so powerful, these equipment are outrageously stronger than the Seven Ninja Swords in Mist Hidden Village. "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Could it be that this was also created by Mr. Shi Wei out of thin air? That's really scary, isn't it? "】

[Ying Zheng: "Impossible! When pigs fly. This must be a widow who is asleep and dreaming! Brother Shiwei, can you give me an equipment for me to play with?

I have a lot of gold! I am a country, what do you fancy, you directly say, I will send you over"].

Shi Weile, I didn't expect that Ying Zheng, who was still very tough just now, began to hug his thighs at this moment, which was really interesting. "Okay, I'll upload these equipment to the group mall first. I actually like to learn about all kinds of knowledge and make some small toys. "

【Ding! Shiwei uploaded the Mercury Boot, which cost 1100 system points. 】

【Ding! Shiwei uploaded the Energizing Armor, which costs 2900 System Points. 】

【Ding! Shiwei uploaded the Alchemy Punk Chainsaw Sword, which costs 2800 system points. 】

【Ding! Shiwei uploaded the Ice Pulse Gauntlet, which cost 3000 system points. 】

Hinata Hinata: "System points are so expensive, I just got 20 when I signed in, one point can be exchanged for a kilogram of gold, but gold cannot be exchanged for points." "


Huan Zheng knew that he had no hope of equipping the white, and he was not discouraged, so he would kneel and lick more in the group after the big deal.

After all, this big guy is likely to have a method of immortality, and he will not shudder when he kneels and licks the big guy for the sake of immortality.

After flipping through the history book sent by Lin Fengjiao, he had already believed nine times. Now shouted towards the door with a cold face.

"Where is Meng Tian? Give the widow Hu Hai, Hu Ji, Zhao Gao, and Li Si to arrest and send them to Xuan! "


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