Li Si and Zhao Gao were tied up by the internal guards with strong internal strength and thrown at the feet of the emperor.

Ying Zheng sat on the chair, picked up the fruit plate beside him and smashed it towards the opposite side.

"Do you know where you guys are wrong?"

Li Si and Zhao Gao felt a cold sweat in their hearts, trembling all over and not daring to speak.

"Your Majesty spare your life!"

Huan Zheng looked at Meng Tian, "Give the widow a click, Huhai Hu Ji degraded the widow to a commoner, and put them under house arrest to a poor country!" "


Looking at the two blood-spurting human heads outside the hall, his mood improved. "The oligarchs must change this history! Be sure to hug Mr. Shi Wei's thighs! I want to live forever! "


Exiting from the chat group, Shi Wei found that the class had ended.

He was about to leave the classroom for a little activity, who knew that Kaguya came up to Shiwei.

Shi Wei had to unravel the illusion around him, "Kaguya, what's wrong?" "

"Kaguya?" Shinomiya Kaguya's pretty face involuntarily turned red, "I'm here to remind you to wait for physical education class."

The board of trustees of Xiuzhi College hired five miracle generation basketball students who graduated from Diguang High School to teach us.

So don't miss this PE class. "

Neon is a country that values a sense of distance, so they rarely have close friends.

Otherwise, friendship would not always be emphasized in anime, and the protagonist's parents would be moved to cry when they saw the protagonist making friends.

"Generation of miracles? What is that? "

Shi Wei thought about it carefully, and he didn't remember which anime it was.

"It's the neon genius basketball player from Diguang Middle School." Each of them can surpass the genius of the world's NBA pros in a short time.

They're all neon college kings."

"In this way, only I am qualified to be the king of this world."

Shi Wei had a guess in his heart, could it be some sunspot's basketball?

That kind of super-powered basketball is really interesting, so that he who didn't play basketball much in his previous life watched several episodes.

"Let's go, together."


Shinomiya Kaguya followed Shi Wei's side stiffly, his face crimson.

"Kaguya, do you have a fever?"

Shi Wei touched the other party's head playfully, a soft touch came from his fingers, and Kaguya's face was already red enough to drip water

The two changed their clothes from the locker room to the basketball court of Class A, and the five generations of miracles stood in front of them and began to teach them various basketball skills.

In neon culture, I like to highlight club activities in school. Therefore, even if the third year of high school is under pressure to go to school, there are still physical education classes.

Daiki Aobei put on a smug face and dribbled the ball casually. Even just dribbling in place becomes unpredictable in high-speed changes.

The classmates immediately exclaimed, too strong.

"It's really boring, it's all a bunch of weak chickens." Aomine Daiki whispered mockingly.

Shi Wei raised his head, "You'd better take back your words, having strength is not a reason to despise the weak." "

I don't know when, Shi Wei had an extra basketball in his hand, and the basketball in Qingfeng Daiki was missing.

Shi Wei waved his hand casually from the bottom up, and the basketball in his hand directly rotated at high speed like a boomerang, drawing a semicircle of diagonal upper arcs and falling steadily into the basketball frame.

"You guy, when!"

This scene, the other four miracle generations also saw it.


"Very fast"

"There's a lot of potential, great shooting skills."

"I already want to talk to him."

Shi Wei swept the man in front of him one by one, the generation of miracles, the king of the neon college basketball game.

Each of these five possesses terrifying superpowers!

A superpower that perfectly mimics the movements of someone else's superpower

Ultra-high parabolic shots in the field

Super-high-speed dribbling plus amorphous shots.

Amazing defensive range and reflexes

The causal superpower of the person being glared at and falling to the ground

Momoi May felt uneasy, even if she just looked at her, she could see Shiwei's amazingly perfect body.

"Not good, very bad. You have to stop him! "

Momoi May immediately ran in front of Shi Wei, "I'm sorry this classmate, our basketball player's impolite behavior has caused you trouble. I apologize to you. "

"If an apology is useful, why do you want the police?"

Shi Wei said as he began to dribble the basketball at high speed, and the orange basketball turned into orange lightning everywhere in his hand.

"Fight or not?"

The generation of miracles is also all serious at this moment, and if they all retreat at this time, then they will stop there.


"Very good, twenty minutes to play the whole game, I will single out the five of you."

At the beginning of the game, the entire senior A class focused on the basketball court at this moment.

Shi Wei himself has more terrifying strength than NBA players, dribble quickly, shoot accurately, and can be called a ghostly ability.

Ordinary passers-by can only see orange lightning dancing around Shiwei, and the extremely frequent "pop, pop, pop" sound.

Twenty minutes later, Shi Wei still played an astonishing 40:0 against the five

Obviously, it was only twenty minutes of playing, even if all the members entered the zone (highly concentrated, all physical abilities activated) state.

Seeing the five people looking at the basketball frame with wide eyes, Shi Wei was very satisfied.

"Basketball is quite interesting."

The women's group on Kaguya's side erupted into amazing screams at this moment, and one by one, their faces were pink and elated.

"Classmate Shi Wei is so good!" Bai Yingui involuntarily began to applaud

"Shi Wei is so good!" Fujiwara Chika also began to applaud, is Shi Wei-san a genius? People study well, and they are so good at playing basketball!

The video of Shi Wei beating the Miracle Generation Five alone went viral directly throughout Xiuzhiyuan, and everyone was looking for Shi Wei's contact information.

I frantically wanted to ask him for the truth of the news, and make a good relationship with this genius.

And Shi Wei had already hidden his merits and fame, and skipped class and returned to the top floor of his Jiangjing Flat.

[Ying Zheng: "Mr. Shi Wei, look at the Mo family puppet technique I found here, how about the ingenious Xuan soldiers of Daqin? I also have stargazing, alchemy, here

Ginseng, deer antler velvet, century-old snow lotus, qi training..." (exclusive red envelope)].

[Lin Fengjiao: "Mr. Shi Wei, I still have many Dao methods handed down from Maoshan here, are you interested in taking a look?"

Don't you like making toys? I also have some true preaching techniques of the Taoist ancestors here. (Exclusive Red Envelope)].

[Hinata: "Oh, I only have Hinata Jiuquan, three-body technique, and if I upload it with white eyes, I will be blind. (Exclusive Red Envelope)].

[Butterfly Kanae: "I only have the Flower Breathing Method and the Nikkawa Knife. (Exclusive Red Envelope)].

Shi Wei opened these exclusive red envelopes with interest, "These toys are quite interesting, so let's stay." "

After he woke up, he seemed to have become more accustomed to collecting all kinds of interesting things. And what kind of ideas he has changed, I don't know if it is the influence of becoming the Star Casting Dragon King.

[Shi Wei: "Thank you for the toys you sent, I have the idea of creating a machine girl." In other words, it looks like a real person on the outside, but it has some sophisticated mechanical structure and has its own life form. "】

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