[Ying Zheng: "Lady of the machine? Can a clever Xuanbing also have the same sense of life as a human? That's a real miracle. "】

[Butterfly Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, can you see what else you want?" My side will help you prepare as quickly as possible. "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Mr. Shi Wei, don't you know what else you need in the world on my side?" I'll definitely find a way to get it for you. "】

[Hinata Hinata: "Oh, why do you all have so many good things, why don't I have anything."] "】

Shi Weile watched his friends compliment him in the group, but he did feel very cool. Especially Ying Zheng, as the first emperor of the ages, is actually here at this moment.

In that case, then he will help them a little.

[Shi Wei: "Ying Zheng, in fact, there are elixirs in the many parallel time and space of Daqin, so you can still find it if you look for it with your heart. "】

[Ying Zheng: "What? It turns out that there are really elixirs in the world, I thought it was all a lie! "】

[Shi Wei: "Of course, there will be many fakes, as long as you patiently wait to improve the national fortune, not harsh and tyrannical.

Then improve the happiness of the people, uphold justice or something, and there is still a chance of finding the elixir. "】

[Ying Zheng: "So it is, I understand. I really thought that improving the national fortune could even help me increase the probability of finding the elixir

It should be that the national movement has boosted the confidence of the people, and everyone is willing to help me find it together.

Thank you, Mr. Shi Wei. "】

Shi Wei looked at these toys in front of him, and then put them directly into his dimensional backpack.

As a cosmic-level creation god who travels freely in the universe, it is reasonable to know a little bit of time and space magic, right?

As a Star Casting Dragon King, although he has countless knowledge, these humans always have novel ideas.

Humans are really interesting. Even the gods will love the innovative cuisine of mankind, as well as all kinds of street tricks, cultural works.

"Clever Xuanbing? To put it bluntly, it is a robot with rough craftsmanship. I gained a lot of knowledge while I was asleep, so what about a little optimization of 100 million points? "

Immediately, the relevant knowledge about creating life appeared in my mind, such as rune technology, alchemy technology, mechanical technology, Hextech technology...

"Well, each tech genre has a different idea of upgrading.

Just think about it, there are more than 10,000 ideas, headache, which method should I choose? "

"Now start to sense whether the relevant material in the solar system exists, if not I can create it."

Shi Wei closed his eyes slightly, and his divine thoughts enveloped the entire solar system.

Then various materials appeared in front of him from the blue star and the solar system.

It was just a few breaths, and the perfect mechanical beauty appeared in front of Shi Wei - 2B.

With shoes on, a beautiful girl with a height of 168, a weight of 148.8kg, short silver hair, and eyes covered with black eye patch-like things appeared in front of him.

The girl has a perfect white face like an angel, and the ultimate grace is hotter than the devil

She wore a black dress, black transparent stockings, and black high boots.

The girl straightened her back, put her right hand to her side, and the palm of her left hand was attached to the position of her heart, respectfully saluting Shi Wei.

"My God, Hourvi Aurelian Thor, may your glory endure forever."

"2B, don't be so restrained, just call me Shiwei in the future"

"Yes, Mr. Shi Wei." 2B is obviously confused, but God's will is above all else, and she will always be loyal to the god in front of her.

Looking at 2B's such a human expression, Shi Wei was really happy

"Good, what I want to create is a life with a true self."

Shi Wei hugged 2B into his arms, carefully feeling the amazing touch of the other party, and he was very satisfied. "Great, I can sense that your lifespan is almost eternal.

I haven't slept for a month, and I'm afraid that 100 million years have passed on this planet after I wake up! Or even a trillion years! "

"If it were you, you would always be with me, wouldn't you?"

2B's heart had a feeling that she had never felt before, it seemed to be heartache, and she felt that her power furnace was so painful.

2B was feeling sorry for her Creator, was he worried that he would sleep for a long time?

"Shi Wei, I will always accompany you. Always, always, always..."

"Hmm! I'm most afraid of oversleeping. Having an eternal lifespan is not good for this, and it's easy to overlook the passage of time. "

Shi Wei carefully looked at the beautiful girl in his arms, "2B, as your master, can I touch you?" "

"Well, master. I am willing to give my body and soul to you. "

Looking at the girl's blushing pretty face, twisting movements, and undulating tones. He felt even more excited!

So he held the mountain peak that was amazing to the touch....


Shi Wei let go of 2B and turned his attention to the chat group.

[Shi Wei: "Thank you, Ying Zheng, and everyone in the group. The toys you sent have inspired me a lot of novelty, and this is a mechanical lifeform that I just built

She has the strength of a single star destroyer, which is nothing. Most importantly, she has a self, can think and learn on her own, and has emotional abilities! It is a living being in the true sense of the word

She can also have children with me who have both genes. That's awesome! That's great! (picture)].

The picture shows a beautiful girl wearing a black blindfold and wearing a wrapped tight tactical suit.

Lin Fengjiao: "Huh? What is this? "

Ying Zheng: "Huh? What is this? "

Hinata Hinata: "Huh? What is this? "

Butterfly Kanae: "Huh? What is this? "

[Lin Fengjiao: "Ah, a single star destroyer? Is it so terrifying? "】

[Ying Zheng: "Ah, Mr. Shi Wei. You're amazing, aren't you? "】

[Kanae: "This is the machine girl? How does it look countless times more exquisite than Mr. Yingzheng's ingenious Xuanbing? And does it have the combat power of a star destroyer? It's scary"


[Hinata Hinata: "Brother Shiwei is so powerful, countless times stronger than those puppeteers in Sand Hidden Village.

And she can't see any mechanisms on her body, it's really hard to guess why she has the combat power of a star destroyer. "】

Ying Zheng: "It's too strong, Mr. Shi Wei!" You're amazing! "

Lin Fengjiao: "It's too strong, Mr. Shi Wei!" You're amazing! "

Hinata Hinata: "It's too strong, Mr. Shiwei!" You're amazing! "

Kanae: "It's too strong, Mr. Shiwei!" You're amazing! "

Shi Wei looked at the remarks that had been praising him in the group, and he was a little embarrassed.

Especially these are either the emperor of the ages, or his childhood memories, or even the wife of the second dimension.

"In this way, since everyone has helped me, then this A-grade (Strength Explosion Street Level) Imperial Wind Sword Art is given to you.

If you can find any interesting toys in the future, remember to send them. "

With Huan Zheng and Lin Fengjiao almost glaring out their eyes, the four group friends all received this "Imperial Wind Sword Art"

Hinata Hinata opened her pink red lips and looked at the chat group at a loss.

It's too precious, it's really too precious. Brother Shi Wei is really a good person, how can I thank him for his heavy gift? Could it be that she sent her over herself?

Seeing Shi Weina's handsome avatar, she didn't seem to be at a loss.

Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, your great kindness, the little woman is strange and unforgettable. If I don't return the favor now, the little woman will be itchy and can't sleep.

Please, let me repay you. "

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