[Shi Wei: "Why do you have the idea of wanting to repay me?" I'm just a fun-goer, fun-guy.

This sword art is just street acrobatics for me, it doesn't need equivalent, but to exchange it for something that will make me find interesting.

The thing I crave the most is pleasure, let me feel more fun.

If you really want to repay me, become my woman.

Kanae, Hinata, I crave your body. "】

It's like walking into the street and having someone busking, casually crushing a big rock on your chest, breathing fire or something.

But seeing that the group of friends liked it so much, he also felt a happy emotion, heh. Interesting.

[Ying Zheng: "Ah, does Mr. Shi Wei like beautiful women? I will immediately carry out the national concubine selection, damn it, why did the packer even collect chat group points in the past! How to earn this thing. "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Sorry, I can't send a woman over. I've never touched a woman. "】

[Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, I, I have no experience in love. I'm sorry, but I don't know if you'll dislike me. "】

[Shi Wei: "Don't you have experience yet?" Wouldn't that be better? "】

Hinata Hinata rolled from her bed to the floor, even knocking her over the photo with Naruko Uzumaki.

"Oh, Mr. Shi Wei is so bold. What to do? Do you want to promise him? "

Just by looking at his handsome avatar in the chat group, Hinata felt that his little face involuntarily became hot.

Now that she sees the other party making such a bold statement, how should she respond to the other party's thoughts?

Woo hoo, so shy. No, the head has already begun to steam!


Lin Fengjiao subconsciously opened the Imperial Wind Sword Art and began to cultivate.

With the help of chat groups, he easily got started, and then he could only rely on his own understanding to break through if he wanted to go further.

"What a strong Imperial Wind Sword Art!"

Lin Fengjiao casually made a steel slashing flash, and the wooden sword in her hand directly emitted sword qi and cut off the tree trunk in front of her, and even cut the brick wall behind it in half.

"So strong!"

After emitting this sword qi, his physical strength was squeezed out a lot.

Lin Fengjiao's rare one leaned against the wall behind her, "Mr. Shi Wei's strength is really unfathomable. The sword technique sent out casually turned out to be really so strong

Practice to the Dacheng really may burst the street! How could it be so terrifying! "

The physical destructive power of his body was dead, that is, it was just a few bricks and stones.

[Lin Fengjiao: "Thank you again for Mr. Shi Wei's swordsmanship, the only thing that can repay you is Jianzong Temple.

At dawn in the next day, he went to find a professional to build a temple for his husband and receive incense from all the people. "】

Ying Zheng also looked at the wine table in half in front of him with wide eyes. Combined with the level introduction in the chat group.

"The widow has actually risen from an F-rank ordinary person to a C-level axe blade level! This is the power of the sword qi that Meng Tian has accumulated over decades of martial arts

This thigh is settled!

No one can stop Xu from hugging his thighs! "


Ying Zheng collapsed to the ground with a pale face, his legs weak. "Such a terrifying sword technique, my physical strength has been squeezed dry. Fortunately, there are also ways to improve internal strength and recovery in swordsmanship, otherwise the oligarchs will really suffer. "

[Ying Zheng: "Mr. Shi Wei, you are really powerful. The widow will also build temples for you, directly all over the country, build a hundred! A thousand!

Sir, can I teach this set of swordsmanship to my subordinates? "】

Shi Wei is cultivating feelings with 2B, because he has just created a beautiful girl, and he is ready to cultivate a good relationship with the other party first.

And then eat it.

Just like a delicious meal, it needs to be cleaned from the basics, sliced, cooked and seasoned, and finally eaten in the mouth, and feel the taste and taste of the food with taste buds

He placed 2B's hand in the palm of his hand, feeling a different touch than Kaguya.

2B's hand was smooth and slender and warm, and he touched the palm of the other party with his fingers, and the girl's palm had palm prints that were no different from humans.

It's really fun to hold the little hands of such beautiful girls who are three times denser than humans.

"Hmm~! Shiwei, my hands are so itchy. "

"Then I don't touch it?"

"No, please keep touching."

[Shi Wei: "Ah, this kind of acrobatics you want to teach others?" Okay, if you send it, you can naturally pass it on to others

However, except for Hinata, who can only be used by himself, Kanae can only pass on to the Ghost Killer Team, and the brave people recognized by your Ghost Killing Team.

As long as it is a Daqin person, Lin Fengjiao's words should be passed on to the righteous people of the Dragon Kingdom.

I don't know how long I've been asleep, but now I want to have fun and be a pure fun. "】

[Qin Shi Huang: "Who knows what Lezi people mean, the oligarchs can't understand these new things. "】

[Shi Wei: "Happy people are a hedonistic life, no matter what is interesting, go to the fun." "】

[Qin Shi Huang: "In this way, my musician troupe has a lot of new words, shall I send it to you?" "】

[Shi Wei: "Yes, the cultural relics of Daqin are quite interesting to decorate in my home." Let's do Braille again.

Yes, you let the painters of your country give Bai Qi, you, Meng Tian, Sima Guo, Wang Bian, Meng Qiao, Wang Yi and other famous generals and ministers come to braille and draw

In my time, who had your calligraphy and paintings, the portrait was really awesome. "】

Hearing this, Qin Shi Huang's eyes lit up, "I didn't expect Mr. Shi Wei to be interested in these, it's great!" "

Qin Shi Huang directly summoned Meng Tian, Wang Bian.

"Your Majesty!"

"First, wait and send a few well-known painters to paint some portraits of our famous courtiers and famous generals and dead Bai Qidu."

"Yes. Your Majesty. "

"Second, send people to build temples across the country, first build a thousand!"

"Third, do you want to learn the sword?"

Qin Shi Huang drew his long sword from Meng Tian's waist, and as His Majesty's favorite general, he blessed them with a soldier to face the saint.

The power of the wind began to circulate on the blade of the sword.

"Chop Steel Flash!"

A sword sound resounded through the palace treasure hall, and the dazzling sword light directly cut open the wall dozens of steps away, a large hole enough for three cavalry to gallop.


"There are assassins! Protect Your Majesty! "

"Protect Your Majesty!"

In an instant, thousands of inner guards appeared around the palace, and they looked at the long sword in His Majesty's hand that was full of sword qi roaring, and one by one, their mouths were wide open.

Even some of the inner guards were so shocked that the blades in their hands fell to the ground.

Isn't His Majesty not qualified to practice martial arts? They still thought that Wang Ban wanted to assassinate His Majesty?

After all, that was only Wang Bian, Meng Tian, a super first-class martial general who had practiced martial arts for decades and had strong internal strength.

A sense of vanity rose in Ying Zheng's heart.

"The widow fell asleep last night and was instructed by an immortal and learned a half-move Imperial Wind Sword Art. His name is Shiwei, you remember.

I don't know if there are any patriotic warriors who want to let the people of Daqin live a good life willing to learn?

The widow wants the country of Daqin to be prosperous and peaceful, so that the people can eat three meals a day and meat every week..."

"Your Majesty! Ministers willing! "

"Your Majesty! Ministers willing! "

"Your Majesty! Willing to die for Daqin Bai without regret! "

Ying Zheng laughed. "Wind, wind, wind!"

The generals in front of him followed suit and shouted, "Wind! Wind! Wind! "

Ying Zheng looked at the fanatical eyes of the soldiers around him, and he also felt his blood boiling.

At this moment he stood on the edge of epiphany, "Wind, wind, wind!" "

A tornado about 100 meters high cut out of the blade of Yingzheng's sword and flew into the air.

"Hahaha, you all remembered! That immortal is called Shiwei!

All remembered by the widows! "

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

【Ding! The chat group member Ying Zheng had an epiphany of the Imperial Wind Sword Art, and the world he was in was promoted from the low-martial world to the middle-martial world.

He has gained the attention of the will of the world in which he lives, and has been promoted to the son of qi luck, and qi luck has been greatly enhanced. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei, a member of the chat group, has received the attention of the world will where Ying Zheng is located, and has obtained feedback from ten units of world origin].

PS: The picture is 2B

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