Ten pure black black grains with a diameter of one millimeter appeared in front of him.

If you look closely, you can even see that the black grain itself is constantly distorting the surrounding space.

"Oh, in a multidimensional superposition? What an interesting energy construct. "

Shi Wei was a little puzzled, "It is worthy of being the origin of the world. 2B, what does it look like in your eyes? "

2B looked at Shi Wei's body with some doubt, "Shi Wei, what are you talking about?" I didn't perceive something coming up. "

"It seems that the origin of the world can only be visually inspected by god-level lifeforms like me?"

When he began to use the World Origin, he felt that his strength began to appear the possibility of continuing to improve.

That is to say, he has the possibility of ascending again, and even touching the universe outside the universe.

It's like humans being able to observe anime, game characters and even interact with them using the player's identity.

However, anime two-dimensional creatures cannot touch their true ontologies.

"Is this origin of the world so interesting?"

Shi Wei began to look at the introduction of the strength level in the group.

F-class ordinary humans,

The energy in the body of the E-level is enough to cause blade-level destructive power.

D-class axe blade level

Class C bullet class

Grade B broken building grade

A-class blast street level

S-class city destruction, SS-class surface, SSS-class star destroyer

SSS-I. (planetary).

II (1.3 million times the star), III (the giant star is 100 million billion times the size of the Earth).

IV. (nebulae), V. (galaxies), VI (galaxy clusters),

VII. (Supercluster), VIII (Great Wall of Galacies), IX (Observable Universe).

X-1 monomer cosmic class

X-2~X-999 multidimensional cosmic level

"If I look at it this way, I should be at the X-1 level, and I really can't stop learning." Interesting, so interesting. "

Shi Wei continued to use the World Origin to strengthen himself, and after a few breaths, these World Origins had been absorbed into his body by him.

"I didn't expect that I had mastered the power of dimensions. Interesting, so much fun.

In the future, I can also use more funny moves when fighting. "

The power of the dimension has the power to fold and shuttle through the dimension, and later when he fights, he will not only smash the sun over

You can also reduce the dimensionality of the other party into a piece of paper to ravage.

"It's just that Daqin's World Origin has such a good effect, so what about a little more World Origin? I'm really looking forward to when it will come. "

[Shi Wei: "Just now I was thinking about something, if other worlds get strength promotion, I will obtain the world origin.

So if I promote some people in my world, will the world also give back to my world origin? "】

[Hinata Hinata: "Brother Shivi, do you want to take an apprentice in your world? "】

[Shi Wei: "Apprentice? No, I just want to set up a ring in my world and let a lot of beautiful girls compete

I will give a little strength, blessing or something to the champion team every year. "】

[Ying Zheng: "Can you still play like this?"] Oh my goodness. I thought the Wine Pond Meat Forest was a luxury enough! "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Even I feel very envious, isn't it. I also want to remove demons and protect the people, and I don't envy it at all. "】

[Kanae: "Is it a duel-like existence?" In our time, there would also be places where samurai had duels, but they were so bloody that there were often accidents involving broken hands and feet. "】

Shi Wei glanced at the sky outside, he wanted more fun.

He wanted to see more beautiful girls around him.

This is an idea that a normal male would have.

Give those girls a little bit of strength and watch them compete on the same stage. Seems interesting too?

Yes, absolutely interesting!

Shi Wei leaned in front of 2B, "2B helps me hack the global network, can I do it?" "

"Can do it!"

"Good. So start doing it now. "

Shi Wei's body began to grow, and his soul-like body began to gradually grow in the air.

In the blink of an eye, his head was the size of the moon.

At this moment, everyone in Asia looked at the huge and mysterious dragon head in the sky in horror

Mobile phones, computers, tablets, and TVs around the world are forced to lock their lenses in the neon sky as long as they are still online.

"My name: Shivi Aurelian Sol. Women from all over the world, come to the League of Legends Finals!

I will fulfill one wish of the champion. All contestants will receive my blessing and the right to reside in the royal capital.

You won't die, you won't suffer pain, just enjoy the game to the fullest. "

(Netizen A: "What the hell?") What the hell are you talking about? ")

(Netizen B: "Why are only women allowed to participate?") It's not fair! ")

(Shinomiya Kaguya: "Is it true that any wish can be fulfilled?") ")

(Kotori Yurokuka: "Hmph, I want to become the strongest demon king in the world!") Inflict endless hell judgment on the world. ")

The Void Dragon spread out its palms, and an island in the sky above suspended and neon Tokyo appeared.

It is a sprawling, gorgeous empty island that covers an area equivalent to the city of Tokyo alone.

At this moment, 164 pillars of light selected the most beautiful 164 two-dimensional beautiful girls in the entire Blue Star.

Kuroyukihime (Accelerating World) gains the power of the Righteous Angel, and Kotori Yurokuka (Nakaji Sick) gains the power of the Dark Fuhrer.

Ai Hayasaka (Miss Kaguya) gains the power of the Stinging Thorn............

Shi Wei was very satisfied, and the beautiful girls he chose were indeed two-dimensional beautiful girls.

Although they have at most the power of the street explosion, he can also withdraw the blessing given to them at will

But it should be enough to have some fun for him.


Butterfly Kanae looked at her palm in shock, "Imperial Wind Sword Art is the beginning?"

The power of this chat group is really powerful! "

"The breath of flowers only makes outsiders look like they will have the illusion of petals, but this is the power of the real wind."

She knew that her gains came from Mr. Shiwei, and there was only endless gratitude at the moment.

"If I continue to improve my strength, will Mr. Shi Wei also be able to get the feedback of the World Origin?"

So she began to practice seriously.

【Ding! Butterfly Kanae has broken through in strength and has been promoted to Class B. 】

【Ding! Butterfly Kanae comprehends a new power system, and the power of the world begins to upgrade. He has been blessed by the will of the world in which he is located and promoted to the son of luck. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei obtains ten units of World Origin. 】

[Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, that's great. I didn't expect that my improvement of strength can also make you gain, which is really good. "】

Shi Wei was also very happy, the more world origins he obtained, the faster he would be able to ascend to the infinite universe level in the future.

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