[Lin Fengjiao: "I didn't expect that the group friends in the group were so savvy one by one? I turned out to be the bottom of the list. "】

Hinata: "Actually, I'm at the bottom of the bottom, but this thing is really powerful. "】

[Kanae: "Thank you so much Mr. Shiwei, I have taught your swordsmanship to everyone in the Ghost Killing Team, and I hope that their strength improvement can continue to provide you with the origin of the world. "】

[Ying Zheng: "My side has also begun to arrange soldiers to start promoting swordsmanship. "】

The Star Dragon King transformed by Shi Wei continued to shrink at this moment, and finally turned into a humanoid dragon with heavy armor sitting on a huge city throne.

[Shi Wei: "Looking forward to your next performance, don't be too anxious. Just follow everyone's normal rhythm.

I'm glad that Kanae can break through, but don't force yourself too much.

I condensed a floating city in the sky of my house and selected more than a hundred people to come here to compete. It should be interesting. "】

Ying Zheng felt as if something was suppressed in his heart.

He thought that he had overestimated Mr. Shi Wei enough, who knew that the other party could continue to create so many surprises.

[Ying Zheng: "Condensing the floating city? Condensing A-grade alchemy equipment is amazing enough, what is this floating city. Are you a fairy? "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Mr. Shi Wei is really a good means, I thought you were a legendary god who could create all things"


[Shi Wei: "I'm just a dragon who can create small things. "】

[Ying Zheng: "Dragon? Mr. Shi Wei turned out to be a dragon! The widow was really stunned. How is it possible, it seems to be really possible. It turns out that Mr. Shi Wei turned out to be a dragon?

That would explain why it has such terrifying power. "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "It turned out to be a fairy, no wonder. I am already here in the era of the last law, and the so-called immortal art is already a masterpiece.

But what kind of dragon is Mr. Shiwei? "】

Shi Wei thought for a while, "Although I have never hidden my identity, they always know the day."

Then it's still a little bit of reveal, give everyone a little bit of acceptance time.

It's really funny to watch the shocked looks of the friends."

[Shi Wei: "I am a very ordinary dragon, similar in image to an oriental dragon. Then you have a hundred million spells and a lot of knowledge. "】

The crowd fell silent, seemingly digesting the shocking news.

[Kanae: "Damn, I met a very disgusting ghost, wait for a chat.] "】

【Ding! The chat group activates the traversal function, and only needs the consent of the group to travel through the world. There is no need to consume group points. 】

[Shiwei: "Wait a minute, Kanae. Let me go straight to your world. "】


Tong Mo: "That's it, I didn't expect that I would encounter such a strong column!" That's great! "

The dust that accompanied the flower poison spread around, and these poisons began to run towards Kanae's nose.

Who knew that at this time, the invisible shield blocked Kanae's surroundings.

"What is it?"

"It's so strong! Mr. Shi Wei's equipment turned out to be so good! "

At this time, Kanae was wearing the same exhilarating armor that Shi Wei had lent her, and her feet were wearing mercury shoes.

Because they are all alchemy equipment from Shiwei, they have no weight at all, and they are completely immune to Tong Mo's poisonous mist attacks.

After seeing that Tong Mo's attack was completely ineffective, she also breathed a sigh of relief, "Huh? Was Mr. Shi Wei actually able to cross? I'd love to meet him too. "

【Ding! Kanae agreed to Shiwei's request to cross. 】

The black vortex unfolded in front of Kanae's body, and a handsome man dressed in gorgeous dragon-patterned heavy armor appeared in front of one person and one ghost.

"Kanae, huh? Finally see you. "

Shi Wei leaned in front of Kanae and carefully looked at this gentle and beautiful girl with moisturized skin and a bumpy figure.

"Mr. Shiwei, danger!"

Several ice puppets with a height of nine meters launched an attack on Shi Wei's back.

Who knew that in the next second, the space seemed to be frozen. All the ice puppets in front of Tong Mo could not move.

In the next second, the space where all the ice golems were located was crushed into something like a piece of paper, and then turned into countless debris.

Tong Mo looked at everything with his mouth wide open, and the sudden change was beyond his comprehension.

"What happened? Tell me! "

Shi Wei patted Kanae's shoulder very familiarly, "Look, you don't have to worry at all, right?" I'm a dragon, how can I be afraid of such a thing as ghosts. "

"Tell me what's going on!"


Kanae watched everything around Tong Mo go into a state of stagnation, and her whole body began to become flat like paper.

"What kind of magic is this, it's amazing."

"A power that distorts dimensions, very ordinary."

"Distorted dimension, ordinary?"

Kanae can no longer understand what ordinary is.

Shi Wei threw the drawing paper that Tong Mo turned into on the ground, "Don't be afraid, you won't die yet." Oh, I allow you to speak. "

"Please let me go."

"Huh? Leave you alone? You've eaten so many women, what are you doing when they beg for mercy?

Don't worry, when you die, I will also grab my soul and continue to play with it.

I want you to enjoy the experience of gradual annihilation! "

Shi Wei spread out his hand, and a chainsaw sword with a diameter of 100 meters appeared out of thin air, and then the chainsaw rotated at great speed while cutting the paper that Tong Mill turned into little by little.

"Let's cut it for a hundred days first."

The huge chainsaw sword was also sealed in a new dimension, constantly cutting through the body and soul of the child.

Kanae bowed to Shiwei, "Thank you, Mr. Shiwei." These demons must have been tormented in the lower level. "

"Yes, punishing evil spirits is also fun."

[Ying Zheng uploaded the clever Xuanbing and received 0.1 points. 】

[Ying Zheng uploaded the D-grade alchemy technique and obtained one point. 】

"Yes, you can also get a lot of points by selling exercises to the store."

[Shi Wei uploaded the A-level qigong master transfer paper and obtained 6,600 points. 】

[Shi Wei uploaded the S-grade Wuji Kendo (Exercises) and obtained 36,000 points. 】

[Shi Wei uploaded the S-class Mad Tiger Emperor (Class Scroll) and obtained 66,000 points. 】

Shiwei was thinking of Hinata Hinata in the chat group, and if she wanted to go further, she could try this scroll.

When SS level, you can use Nian Huang.

[Shi Wei: "Hinata, is it convenient for me to come to your house as a guest recently?"] I want to eat and stay for a few days.

If I'm satisfied, I'll send you the most suitable qigong master scroll. "】

When she thought of what Shi Wei had said about looking at herself, she felt her face flush.

However, it is not for the scroll, but just to see what kind of person Mr. Shi Wei is.

[Hinata Hinata: "Brother Shivi, you can come whenever you want.] I'll tell my family. "】

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