Shareholder Office of Duowei Technology Company.

Yukinoshita Yukino sat opposite Shiwei and watched the game inside.

In the first round of 164 to 82, although all the players have completed the competition, everyone's skills have been fully revealed.

But because it is a preliminary round, everyone's strength has not improved much.

But in the 82-41 competition, most of the girls have improved significantly!

Even some maidens have already appeared wonderful operations! Because the game is not only about winning or losing, but also about everyone's level of operation.

Heads, assists, deaths, mutilations, skill hits, hit rate, dodge skills, tower destruction, and more.

All the data is imported into the official website in detail, and their every move is under the attention of the world.

Men, as well as transgenders and other oddities, others can only see beautiful girls fighting in tightly wrapped armor

Normal women look at the graceful postures of the girls and the wonderful combat moves.

As for the high-level officials of various countries, at this moment, they are still in the midst of various discussions such as panic, currying favor, and opposition.

The only order that was executed was to follow the Dragon God Great God, and as for the other measures, they could not be carried out one by one.

Because their enemies are gods, gods who decompose the earth in a single thought!

And these humans are like weak women facing a mob, and the girl can only use a knife to commit suicide to avoid being forced.

("Congratulations to the Nakano Five sisters for winning this round, they are one step closer to asking Ryujin to grant their wishes!")

This team game requires tacit cooperation and complementarity between classes.

Let's cheer for the winners! Each of them will receive certain match points, as well as a total of 5 million Huaxia Coin equivalent hero credits calculated from the operation score!

These credits can be exchanged for the same amount of Huaxia coins, and can also pay for various expenses of the hero city! ")

Shi Wei sat in Xue Nai and looked at each other carefully.

Today, Xue Nai has gained Galen's power because of Shiwei's blessing. The girl's body was dressed in gold and silver heavy armor

The Storm Great Sword was shrunk and contained in the magic of her veins.

Her long black hair flutters, and her crystal clear white skin looks like a sculpture of a god of beauty in the sunlight outside the window.

The perfect angel face turned to Shi Wei in front of him at this moment, "Have you figured it out?" "

"Figured it out."

Feeling this, Yukino's tense expression eased somewhat.

Shi Wei looked at Yukinoshita Yukina in front of him with interest, "But what I mean by figuring it out is that you come to be my woman."


Yukino, the entire eight billion people on the earth are trembling because of the dragon god. Everyone's attention is drawn to this game!

Even your Yukinoshita family's assets have also increased, right? "

"How interesting, in one competition, all the participating girls skyrocketed in value, attracting worldwide attention and incomparably dazzling!"

Shi Wei spread out his hand, "Yukino, be my woman."

I will share part of my glory with you! "

"I refuse! I mean simply, you come to our house! "

Yukino stood up directly and came to Shi Wei's body.

Looking at the imposing Xue Nai, Shi Wei kissed her directly.

Yukino's face turned completely red, and then covered her face and fled.

"What a pure and interesting reaction."

Just after seeing off Yukino, his phone rang again.

It was a call from Nino of the five Nakano sisters.

"Shiwei! Where are you? I'll tell you, I just won. Our five sisters are the best!

Also, now we each have a million credits. There are so many goodies in Hero City.

What do you want to eat? I'll bring more of it down to play with you, right? "

In fact, the entire hero city was created by Shiwei, and Nakano Jinai is still happy because of the small victory.

"As long as you are willing to come and play with me!"

"Where are you? Shall I come directly to you? "

Shi Wei was about to say something, when 2B walked in with another mobile phone.

The above call was from Gui Yanye (Yue on campus).

"Play with me? Shouldn't you play well? Life in the future will become less and less peaceful.

Hurry up and fuse your heroes to have the possibility of mastering your destiny!

Someone called me and hung up first. "


Shi Wei quickly connected Gui Yanye's phone.

After waking up, he met a lot of beautiful girls in Neon!

So, he is very busy every day!

"Shiwei, where are you? My cat misses you a lot. "

"So, does your cat do backflips?"

"Ah~, yes, it will do anything."

"Well, I just watched your game. It doesn't matter, it's normal to lose. After all, your team has some problems with the lineup. "

"And, most importantly, there's a social terror in your ranks, Shiro. Suddenly appearing in the eyes of global humans, her psychology should be under unimaginable pressure. "

Gui Yanye on the other end of the phone was in a somewhat bad mood.

"So, does Shi Wei care about Bai very much? Then shall I bring her to meet you? "

Shi Wei suddenly felt that he had said the wrong thing, how could he mention other beautiful girls in front of beautiful girls.

"Actually, you can come by yourself, I really like your cooking!" It was delicious. "

"Then you wait, I'll be able to come to you soon!"

2B picked up another phone.

Kuroyukihime is calling

"I'm afraid not today, Gui Yanye, can you bear with me first?

To think about our future, I also have a job. "

Shi Wei arranged a magic spell around him

Soon there were many contracts and documents on the table.

Then Shi Wei took a picture of the shareholder office on his side, "I have now become a shareholder of Duowei Technology, and there are many things to do

I'll talk to you later. "

"Shi Wei, what are you doing?"

"I'm working?"

Shi Wei didn't expect how it could be so coincidental. So many girls called him at the same time, asking him to eat or something.

That being the case, you have to find a way to arrange the schedule.

He wants to become a master of time management, even if it is super peach blossom luck, he can completely hold it~!

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