Regxi: "Welcome newcomers!" "

Lin Fengjiao: "Welcome newcomers!" "

Megumi Kana: "Welcome newcomers!" "

Shi Wei's side also came to the spirit, and the three people who came this time are all celebrities.

Tony Stark: "Where is this?" Jarvis helps me find out who is using the brainwave transmitter?

At the same time, help me reverse trace the hacker's IP. "

Kafka: "Silver Wolf? Is this your prank again? However, it seems that this chat group is very lively. "

Asuka: "Verbose! I'm doing a simulation! Image, jpg"

On the picture, there is a cockpit full of science fiction atmosphere, and many pedestrian mechs on the cockpit screen.

Regsy: "It's a familiar feeling, right. This was the case when I first joined a chat group. "

Yingzheng: "If the widow is not mistaken, Asuka is driving a weapon that is countless times more advanced than the clever Xuan soldiers under my command." That's awesome. "

Tony Stark: "Why drive a gigantic mech, it's not scientific at all!"

The large mech is just a huge target, is such a large impact surface clearly telling the enemy to hit here? Laugh me to death, hahaha.

Jarvis, help me analyze the rationality of this Asuka picture. "

Butterfly Kanae began to explain patiently:

"Here is the super-dimensional chat QUN that connects the infinite universe and the dimensional world, where everyone can share experience and resources with each other and make progress together."

Shi Wei also began to introduce himself to the group friends at this time.

[Shi Wei: "Tony, a genius scientist in the Marvel universe, a playboy. The world's famous super rich!

Kafka, Star Core Hunter of the Star Iron World. Their names are very well-known throughout the Star Iron universe.

Asuka, the ace apostle driver of the EVA Apostle World, is a heroic and unyielding warrior in the face of the apostles who want to exterminate humanity. "】

Asuka also ended the simulation training at this time: "Shiwei, thank you." I didn't expect you to know so much. This girl is in a good mood, please drink ice and music! "

Shi Wei raised his eyebrows. Took the exclusive red envelope in the chat group.

"It tastes good!"

Tony looked at the group mall in the chat group with interest.

"Huh? How could anyone still use this rag? Clever soldiers? Even if this kind of old-fashioned thing is used as a rocker for babies, isn't it a little rustic? "

Ying Zheng was originally in a good mood, but he was a little irritable at this time.

"This is a fine product created by all the skilled craftsmen of Daqin for decades. You actually said that, it seems that you don't want the elixir anymore! "

"Elixir? Victory? Are you Qin Shi Huang? "

Originally, Tony Stark hadn't thought about it in detail, but after seeing everyone's group avatars and just uploading an apple.

He gradually believed.

This special device that cannot be captured is definitely a technology that is difficult for him to understand. It would be great if you could master it thoroughly!

Megumi Kana: "Mr. Tony.

This is the former Qin Shi Huang of the Dragon Kingdom, I think you still have to be a little basic polite to him. "

In front of Tony, Jarvis immediately appeared about Qin Shi Huang's life achievements.

"Good guys, this group is really powerful. Unify the six countries, unify the script. Qin Shi Huang, you are such a cow!

What about Vi then, why are you so familiar with me? "

Shi Wei: "Actually, because I have a lot of knowledge, I was born to know. Or you look at the group store. "

Tony subconsciously clicked on the mall of the chat group

Then I was stunned by the tens of thousands of goods inside, especially the remarks of these products also have the uploader - Shiwei!

"You actually uploaded so many good things! It's not scientific. Why?

What is the principle of these equipment and these exercises? Is this an advanced course in some quantum mechanics?

Why do these props contain such terrifying energy? Oh my God! "

Shi Wei looked at the message sent by Tony and felt a little funny.

"What's wrong, Tony. Aren't you a man cursed by knowledge? Why don't you try to find a way to reverse study all this equipment? "

Somewhere in space.

The purple-haired giant peak beauty smiled at the corner of her mouth at the moment, quietly looking at the distance in a daze.

She wore tiny sunglasses on her head and a well-cut white shirt with a black coat draped over her shoulders.

She wears black boots and purple stockings.

A graceful devil figure, a gentle angel face like water.

If Shi Wei stood here at this moment, he might be unable to extricate himself and be willing to immerse himself in the gentle countryside for many years.

"Elio didn't predict such a thing, so the decision-making power on this matter can only be left to me to judge?"

"So, what should I do?"

"Silver Wolf, what would you do if it were you? Maybe this is the choice of fate? "


Ying Zheng had already sent the medicinal materials of the elixir to Shi Wei through red envelopes.

"Mr. Shi Wei, now I also ask you to help refine the elixir, I only need half of it."

Shi Wei replied.

Immediately, the mysterious divine power directly shrouded the medicinal herbs in front of him, almost in the blink of an eye.

The Longevity Pill was directly condensed by Shi Wei, "I have condensed a total of twenty grains, and the effect can increase the life of ordinary people by 10,000 years. Ying Zheng will give you ten grains, and I will upload all the rest to the group mall. "

Shi Wei could feel the terrifying power contained in it, and immediately swallowed it.

What does it feel like to add 10,000 years to your eternal lifespan?

Well, nothing to feel. Shi Wei began to analyze the medicinal properties that had reached his stomach and quickly decomposed.

The terrifying power contained in these elixirs is enough to increase the lifespan of an ordinary human being to ten thousand years.

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded nine longevity pills, each priced at 100,000 system points. It can add 10,000 years to the life span of the group members. 】

Ying Zheng directly made a wave of fat, looking at the ten longevity pills in his hand, he was very excited.

"Widows finally don't have to worry about longevity anymore! Great, this oligarchy looks at which remnant of the Six Nations still dares to have a different heart!

Kill them all! "

Kafka: "Longevity Dan? Increase lifespan by 10,000 years? Can it be stronger than some of the immortal species in Luofu Immortal Continent? This chat group is so mysterious! "

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