At present, the three new group members have roughly understood what a super-dimensional chat group is under the popular science situation of the group members.

The three of them immediately checked in in as a group, and it was no surprise that they all received ten system points.

Tony directly uploaded the design drawings of his company's large-scale controllable nuclear fusion reactor to the group mall.

Tony Stark: "How is it possible, why can such an advanced design only sell for 300 points?"

It's a long way from 100,000 points. "

[Shiwei: "Tony, what's your timeline now?" Did you admit to being Iron Man? "】

【Ding! Tony uploaded a suitcase-type Mark 5 suitor. Earn system points 200.].

【Ding! Tony uploads the Mark 2 jersey and earns 250 system points. 】

【Ding! Tony uploaded the Mark 3 jersey and earned 380 system points. 】

Tony: "Can you really predict the future?" Yes, I am the famous Iron Man. The richest man in the world! The world's number one scientist! "

Shi Wei thought for a while, just looking at the other party's avatar could not understand the specific situation of the other party.

Shi Wei: "Have you developed a pollution-free ark reactor now?" You're not still using a reactor that produces palladium toxins, are you?

Isn't this kind of reactor more poisoned the more you use it? "

Looking at the messages in the chat group, Tony helplessly drank all the five hundred milliliters of emerald green vegetable juice in front of him.

"I, Tony Stark, am a genius scientist, and with enough time I can create whatever technology I want! The reactor is one with me!

I will definitely not dismantle the reactor on my body! "

Kafka: "Palladium poisoning? Why palladium poisoning? It is difficult for normal people to be infected with this toxin, right? "

Shiwei began to share the functional diagram of the reactor to the group file.

"Tony has shrapnel in his heart, so he needs a reactor to suck the iron sheet to prevent his heart from being torn and burst by the iron sheet.

Tony, is there a possibility! I mean probably.

Why don't you replace the reactor on your body with an ultra-low-power one, as long as it can suck shrapnel.

Obviously, you should be able to install a reactor on your suit, right? "

Tony's eyes lit up, yes, why didn't he think about this.

"Thank you, man! I must have been forced by palladium poisoning! Does the chat group have a traversal feature? Okay man, how about I get a pool party here? "

Shi Wei was a little uncomfortable when he thought of two men with all fruits among the many beauties.

"Tony, I don't like second-hand goods. No matter how beautiful she is. "

"First-hand goods, I can buy them. The beauties of this world can be contacted even if they are first-hand goods, as long as they have money. I can find a truly brand new car through Jarvis.

Thank you for saving my life. I'll give you 6% of the company's shares.

In this way, you are also rich! "

In just half an hour, Tony built an ultra-low-power ark reactor and installed it in his chest.

He excitedly danced a crotch dance in place, and cheered vigorously. "Come alive! This is what it feels like to be alive! Shiwei man, you are so smart! "

Pepper appeared just at this time, and she watched Tony's movements stunned in place.

It's not just under the chili. She was flanked by her secretary, Natasha, and a shiny black bald hooded man.

"Tony, Tony. Are you drunk? The brine egg you said is coming to you again. "

Tony stretched out his index finger and shook it a few times, "Help me refuse, I don't need him anymore." "

The S.H.I.E.L.D. brine chief came to the front of the glass door, "Tony, I'm here to talk about conditions. "

Damn it.

Out of helplessness, Tony finally chose to meet the guest. After all, people have already come to the door.

"Is something wrong? I'm working and I have a lot of great ideas waiting to come true! "

"I have a research and development solution for new elements that can save your life, a clean, pollution-free and more powerful research and development solution."

Tony lifted his collar and looked like he was dragging him to the sky.

"Ultra-low power reactors that do not contain any toxins. Just change the battery every week.

As for the clean and pollution-free reactor you say? As long as I have time, I can definitely build it! More power? It's a big deal if I have a few more reactors in my armor. "

The brine director felt that the strength of the whole body was drained, how did this Tony come up with it?

All the hole cards are restrained by the opponent, and there is no way to blackmail the opponent into joining S.H.I.E.L.D.?

"Tony, don't you want to get your father's inheritance back? That's a truly controllable, pollution-free new element of cleanliness! "

"Just a little more power, no need to replace the battery? I'm not very lacking either. "

Tony looked at the brine director with an unkind expression, "Use my father's inheritance to blackmail me, brine." You really want to face. "

Black Widow Natasha appeared in front of Tony, "Tony, do you know that the weapons you made have killed thousands of people.

Don't you feel a little guilty in your heart? Those innocent children, paralyzed in a vegetative state in a hospital bed. Orphans who lost their parents in civilian areas! "


Tony's eyes turned scarlet and blood covered his eyes. His neck and temples were full of blood vessels, and his face was red!

His fist slammed into the surface of the table, "Bang! The sound quickly echoed through the room.

"Pepper, drop off. You guys will come back the day after tomorrow, and then we will talk about it properly! "

"Tony, you'll regret it!"

"Black brine, I'm Iron Man!"

The brine chief had never seen such an angry Tony, and he hurriedly left with Natasha.

Miscalculated, what exactly happened to Tony. Thankfully, Natasha's tricks worked, and Tony still had the possibility of joining them.


The silver wolf, who was playing a game, was held in Kafka's arms and began to rub her head, which made her very unhappy.

After all, Kafka's giant peak is too big, and her own is many times smaller than the other party. This is really a lore!

"Stop messing around, Kafka. I'm playing games. Is there something going on? "

Kafka nodded, "Yes. I've just joined a new chat group with lots of amazing features and even spatial teleportation. "

At that moment, she directly relayed the message of the chat group to the silver wolf.

"Silver Wolf, what do you think we should do now? These five basic professions all look good. It seems that it is good to choose which one? "

Silver Wolf began to look at the information given by Kafka, and already had an idea in his heart.

"No hurry, you first relay all the goods in the group store."

PS: The picture is Kafka

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