Frow at the data panel in front of him.

Above are tens of thousands of props of various types.

Silver eyes, long silver-blue hair, fair skin as smooth and shiny as ivory, and a delicate face carved by God.

Just seeing the face alone will make any normal adult male breathe stagnant.

The girl's upper body is wearing a short half-sleeved jacket and double touching of her chest. Mini micro-shorts with fishnet socks.

The thin waist that was exposed to the air without a trace of fat, the delicate peaks, the tall double strands, and the slender and shiny legs.

If Shi Wei appeared here, he probably didn't know where to look first.

Her small and warm mouth chewed bubble gum, and she looked at the screen in front of her nonchalantly.

"Kafka, you only have ten points now, right? Then there is no need to look at the props with more than ten points.

How about this? Dragon Mage? I only know a little about quantum technology here. I'm still curious about spells. "

"Dragon Mage? Okay, I'll try it first. "

Kafka itself also has good powers, such as speech and spirituality.

And with a high ceiling of spell learning paths in front of her, she naturally had no way to give up.

【Ding! Kafka was redeemed for the Dragon Mage Awakening Scroll. 】

A simple parchment scroll appeared in front of the two.

The silver wolf put on the big glasses on his head, "How is it possible, my quantum monitoring device can't detect the slightest energy fluctuation!"

What kind of magical power is this? "

"Forget it, you still use Kafka. If this chat group really had malicious intentions towards us, we would have died a long time ago. "

The silver wolf sighed, as if resigned to his fate.

Kafka touched the shallow parchment scroll with her purple gauze gloved, and she closed her eyes to appreciate the power.

The parchment scroll slowly turned into ashes in front of her and dissipated into the air.


The scalding magic penetrated Kafka's heart, and the mysterious golden light turned into mysterious patterns carved in various places of Kafka's heart.

The endless magic power is like the power of the star god full of vitality, filling every cell of her.


Kafka subconsciously exclaimed, the feeling that all the cells of the body were breathing was countless times more comfortable than taking a hot bath!

A starry sky dragon with a huge body length of tens of billions of kilometers (30 billion kilometers in the solar system) appeared in front of Kafka's second daughter.

It was a divine power that was more surging than the star god, and a destiny power that was more majestic than the vast universe.

Transcend everything, crush everything, do not look directly, do not speak in vain, do not resist

More star god than star god

The Creator of the Creator who is far beyond the creation gods

True lords of infinite rules, spells, technology, fate, time, space, cause and effect, dimensions.

——————Cast Star Dragon King!

The infinite universe is shocked by its projection, and the so-called star god can only surrender to its feet.

"Kafka. My woman, I bless you. I am the Star Casting Dragon King! "

The vastness of its voice reverberates throughout the universe.

Any living form with a self-concept, such a dragon text appears in their minds.

And automatically understand the meaning.

The projection alone has the power to destroy the nebula, and any creature immediately turns into flying ash the moment of hostility.

Kafka's whole body was soaked with sweat.

Her body was gently filled with the power of the four mage professions.

Awaken the Divine Dragon Mage and successfully switch jobs to activate elemental, blood magic, wind, ice, and dimensional powers.

"Is that the new star god? Or the emperor of the star god? "

The projection of the Star Casting Dragon King slowly dissipated throughout the galaxy, and Kafka looked at the disappearing dragon with a sense of distress.

Obviously, the palm of the divine dragon is bigger than the planet, but the two of them can see the full picture of the Star Casting Dragon King.

It's amazing.

"Why am I blessed? Is it just that the dragon is interested in me? "

"My destiny is gone? Also, I have become your slave. "

Kafka looked at the starry sky in the distance stunned.

[Kafka: "Just now I saw a huge dragon, so powerful! "】

(Shi Wei (private chat mode): "Kafka, I gave you the power just now.

Be my woman and I will give you more strength! Don't worry, I'm not threatening you. Of course, you also have the right to refuse.

It's just that I won't say yes.

Kafka, I have a fancy for you. You can only be my woman. ")

(Kafka (private chat mode): "Do you really like me? What's good about me? ")

(Shi Wei: "I like your figure, your looks, your personality. I love everything about you and know you better than you know yourself.

It doesn't matter, I have an eternal lifespan. Anytime, anywhere, whenever you are in danger, I will appear in an instant.

You can never get rid of me!

Now, I'll give you enough time to get to know me. ")

Kafka had never seen such a powerful and domineering man, looking at Shi Wei's handsome avatar in the chat group.

Her originally nervous mood was also relieved at this moment, and she couldn't help laughing.

The handsome and domineering man said those words to her, which made her feel better.

The silver wolf looked at the cheerful Kafka, a little curious. "Kafka, what's wrong with you? Brains broken?

But you're so charming. This kind of divine dragon, which is more powerful than the star god, actually announced that you are his woman. "

"Silver Wolf, which Star Casting Dragon King just now is the man who uploaded tens of thousands of goods."

She has never been in love, and at this moment she is like a girl who has just received a treasure. Cheers touched by sweet gifts.

"Shiwei, if it's you. It seems to be very good to fall in love~"

(Kafka (private chat): "I remembered a violin song, do you want to listen to it here?" Image jpg"

(Shi Wei (private chat): "Can you drink a cold drink today?") ")

Kafka looked up at the silver wolf, "Silver wolf, what does it mean if you can drink ice drinks?" "

"Stupid! This kind of thing can't be found on the Internet. "

Looking at the forum explanation on the cosmic network, Kafka felt her skin hot and her heart beating faster.

(Kafka: "Yes, of course you can drink today~")

PS: The picture is Silver Wolf

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