Kafka's mood was a little flustered, just like a pure girl on a first date.

(Ding!) Kafka has enabled permanent teleportation permissions for Shiwei. )

The system tone that only Shi Wei and Kafka knew sounded at this moment.

Shi Wei looked at the teleportation channel in front of him and walked directly in.

"Kafka, what kind of emotions would you show in front of me? I'm curious. "

The vast Star Iron Universe, among a certain spaceship.

Inside the black space teleportation cover, a handsome man with a height of 190 appeared from it.

He has medium silver hair, and his handsome appearance and perfect body in clothes attract the attention of the second daughter as soon as he appears.

Shi Wei wore a dark black shirt, high-waisted and loose-fitting dark gray stretch trousers, two white Y-shaped button straps, and a pair of black Chelsea boots.

A white armband tied the sleeve above his elbow, and a dark gold scarf engraved with mysterious runes wrapped around his collar.

Draped in a beige coat behind him, he walked towards the second daughter.

"I know you, Kafka, Silver Wolf."

Shi Wei said as he walked towards Kafka.

"I'm the Star Casting Dragon King, it's a pleasure to meet you."

The silver wolf subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and a layer of red involuntarily appeared on his face.

Kafka had never seen such a man full of male charm.

Especially the pair of eyes full of aggression, it seems that she wants to completely eat her whole person.

Like a little sheep being targeted by a wolf, Kafka had the illusion that she was completely unable to resist for the first time.

Shi Wei carefully looked at the beautiful girl in front of him

When a man is handsome enough, even walking on the street will attract the intentate gaze of countless young girls.

Even if you get close, your heart will beat faster immediately, and it is difficult to control yourself.

And now, he has now been transformed into the Star Casting Dragon King, and even his human form is full of infinite charm.

Shi Wei gently placed his coat on the hanger next to him, and his well-cut sleeves set off his male dog waist, bat back, shark muscles, and eight-pack abs.

Kafka involuntarily took a step back.

Shi Wei immediately took a step forward and stretched out his hand to take the other party's small hand wearing purple translucent silk gloves.

"Watch your feet, Kafka."

Shi Wei walked lightly to a distance of about half a meter from Kafka, carefully looking at the other party's every look.

The purple hair was silky and scattered, and under the purple thin eyebrows, the purple crystal-like touching eyes were uneasy and I didn't know whether to look at the man in front of him or stare somewhere else.

The bridge of her upturned nose is like the finest white jade, smooth and without any defects.

Her cheeks are so smooth and delicate. Even every inch of skin is like a handicraft.

Kafka's cheeks fluttered on her cheeks, and she bit her rosy lips lightly, and accidentally took a step back again.

Her chest rose and fell continuously, and her enchanting striking curves also attracted Shi Wei's attention simultaneously.

"Don't worry, I'm just going to eat you."

Shi Wei held Kafka's hand with one hand, and kissed the other's chin with the other.

"Like I said before, you've become my prey.

I'll give you plenty of time to get to know me, but you'll never be able to leave me. Kafka. "

Shi Wei approached each other again.

"What do you want to do?"

Kafka didn't know why, there was an indelible vitality in the other party's body. It seems that the life of the other party is endless.

Why would such a man, such an existence, fancy her?

However, looking at the other party's demeanor, he seemed to be serious!

Why? Why? Why?

She has never been in love, and has spent her life robbing and stealing the star core, which is enough to destroy stars.

At this moment, I also felt that I wanted to fall in love.

"Cut, stop spilling dog food, okay? I've been fed! "

Silver Wolf looked at the atmosphere between the two, she didn't know why she was very annoyed!

Even the psychology gave birth to the idea of wanting to take the man in front of him for himself!

"Okay, don't spill dog food."

Shi Wei rubbed the head of the silver wolf who came in front of the two, "Kafka, didn't you say you wanted to play the violin for me?" I wanted to listen. "


Kafka hurried towards her bedroom, looking embarrassed to leave.

But in Shiwei's eyes, it is so cute.

"You are the Star Casting Dragon King? Was that projection from before really you? "

"It's me."

Shi Wei transformed back into his true body in front of the silver wolf, the Star Casting Dragon King.

That vast power, mysterious and elegant aura directly caused the silver wolf to roar and revolve around Shi Wei's body.

"Wow, that's amazing. You can change size anywhere, if only I could do the same. "

"I wish you could change your lines, I don't defecate anywhere!"

Shi Wei gave the girl a brain break, then turned to look at Kafka. "Here, I'm already starting to miss you."

Kafka was stunned for a moment, and after sensing the familiar mysterious aura, her face was full of smiles.

"So that's the case, group member Shiwei · Aurelion Sol: This is who you are. "

Shi Wei walked towards the other party, and his body turned into human form little by little.

"The human form I need the same sense of restraint as a human clenching his fists all the time, but I prefer this form."

Kafka put the violin on her shoulder and began to bring her emotions to the tune.

At the end of the song, Shi Wei felt the resonance of his soul.

Kafka deserves to be the woman he fancy. "You know what? I woke up from the endless river of stars and I don't know how long I slept

I don't know where my home is.

I haven't slept for more than a month, and I'm afraid that it will take a hundred thousand years to wake up again.

I want to have a family, I want to find some wife to accompany me through the eternal years.

Kafka, be my woman. "


Kafka was a little overwhelmed, even though the man in front of her made her heartbeat, but the reservedness in her heart made her afraid.

She is afraid that the other party is too colorful, and she is afraid that the other party is not colorful!

Both worried that the other party will not look at her, and worried that she will be eaten by the other party and thrown away.

"If you hesitate, that is acceptance!"

Shi Wei picked Kafka up, got into Kafka's room and closed the door!

PS: The picture is Kafka

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