"Senior brother, take care. I will continue to escort the body to the royal tomb. "

Thousand Crane Daoist bowed seriously to Lin Fengjiao. "Senior brother's life-saving grace is remembered in his heart, and he will definitely visit him in person afterwards."

"Junior Brother, please take care in the future!"

Lin Fengjiao thought about it in three and remembered Shi Wei's words. Anyone who has justice in the center of this country can get his true biography.

So, Lin Fengjiao directly handed the Divine Dragon Asura Awakening Scroll that the Divine Dragon Swordsman turned to the other party to.

"Junior Brother, this true transmission can only be passed on to the loyal and righteous. Otherwise, the heavens and the earth will be destroyed, and I will personally go to the killing! "

Being able to give the family practice at the bottom of the pressing box to the other party, the eyes of the Chizuru Daoist were red and tears rolled. "I swear here that I will only teach this practice to the faithful, otherwise the heavens and the earth will be destroyed, and the spirit will disappear!"

Zhong Fabai activated the parchment scroll of the Divine Dragon Asura Awakening in front of Lin Fengjiao, and the golden mysterious pattern on his right arm continued to flicker, and then burrowed into his arm.

At the same time, Zhong's white eyes were permanently closed.

"I choose to be blind, so that my skills should improve rapidly. Great grace without thanks, senior brother, goodbye. "

At the moment when he chose to be blind, he also felt the power of fluctuations....

Humans, the fluctuating color of animals, the fluctuating color of stones, the fluctuating color of trees and weeds, the fluctuating color of everything began to appear around him.

This mysterious and mysterious realm shocked him.


Lin Fengjiao said goodbye to her junior brother Qianhe Dao, and quickly rushed towards the Maoshan Cave Mansion alone.

"I need to quickly improve my strength first, so that I can help more people in distress."

Chizuru has saved countless people in his life, and is loyal and courageous. This kind of person gave him the method of cultivation, and he thought there was nothing wrong with it.

After all, he is also a genius of a generation, and so is his junior brother.

In Lin Fengjiao's opinion, his current Qin Chuan apprentice, Wen Cai Qiusheng, was not qualified to inherit Mr. Shi Wei's exercises.

Their talent is really poor, and they are not hardworking and hard-working personalities.

He came to the Maoshan Cave Mansion and left a thousand taels of silver directly in the division. Then he transcribed all the true biography of the Seventy-two Techniques of the Hellfire Technique.

In order to transcribe the true biography of Maoshan, he also took off his blindfold.

Under the shocked gazes of many masters and apprentices in the division, he left easily.

"It's amazing, Lin Fengjiao is so talented. This time, he directly handed over so much gold and silver for Maoshan.

We uncles of the same generation can earn ten taels a year. "

【Ding! Lin Fengjiao uploaded the fragment of "Seventy-two Techniques of Earth" and received 1 million group points. 】

[Lin Fengjiao: "This is already the last foundation of our Maoshan, and I have already drained my ancestor's savings. "】

[Ying Zheng: "Lin Fengjiao, since there are seventy-two techniques of the earth, is there a fragment of the spell of Tiangang or something? "】

Lin Fengjiao was stunned, "I don't know if there is any, after all, there is a shortage of spiritual energy today."

I was able to meet a few ghosts before, and I was already a genius.

By the generation of my apprentices, they could only draw talismans, and they couldn't condense a single bit of spiritual power in their bodies. The Thirty-Six Laws of Tiangang may have long been lost. "

Shi Wei saw the spell uploaded by Lin Fengjiao, and he was also curious.

The more he learned, the more he found that he needed to learn. He now has a large reserve of basic knowledge.

These spells are like application techniques, and after understanding the basics, he can cast these application techniques (spells) down to the design size at will.

【Ding! Shi Wei revised and supplemented the Seventy-two Techniques of Hellfire (fragments), and uploaded the full version of the Seventy-two Techniques of Hellfire].

【Ding! Shiwei received 10 million group points. 】

"Just seventy-two techniques are worth so many points, it's really powerful."

Shi Wei secretly thought that Lin Fengjiao's world should be in the era of the last law. The cultivators of which era he was in would only get harder and harder.

In contrast, those zombies will become weaker and weaker due to the lack of aura.

[Asuka: "As the ace of the European Air Force, I only have four hundred points in my hand, so I don't know what I should buy to strengthen myself."] "】

[Shi Wei: "Do you want to try a magician or mechanic?" "】

Asuka's eyes lit up, yes. "I like mechanics! Thank you so much, Shiwei! "

Asuka is a beautiful girl with blond hair and big waves, she is 157 tall and weighs 45 kg. Has a strong curiosity and a hot temper.

"After changing this profession, I can continue to strengthen my apostle!"

The girl is now lying on the bed in her bedroom, her beautiful curves are amazingly curved by the futon.

She carefully looked at Shi Wei's handsome head, and her sapphire-like eyes were full of Shi Wei's appearance.

"Shi Wei, who are you? Why are you so handsome? Why is everyone hanging names, but yours is so long? "

[Asuka: "Why is your name so long?" Listen to a group of friends say that you are a dragon? "】

Shi Wei nodded, he didn't know why this sister cared about his group name.

According to his guess, this is because of the honorific title of the Eternal God in the Super Dimension Chat Group, after all, his current strength has reached X-2.

That is, to achieve the power of gods who can play with two universes at will.

[Shi Wei: "Maybe it's because I'm a dragon, which is different from everyone's race." But my aesthetic is still human.

So the beautiful girls in the group are all my wives. None of you can run! "】

Asuka didn't know if the other party was joking, but her perfect face was already bloody and her heart was racing.

[Asuka: "Wife, huh?"] With so many wives, can you eat well? "】

Shi Wei showed an evil smile: "Any time, any place, unlimited ammunition!"

Never get tired! "

PS1: The picture is Asuka

PS2: The Seventy-Two Techniques of Hellfire are as follows——

Pass the shadows to drive away the gods, carry the forbidden water of the mountains, and use the wind to spread the fog to pray for sunshine and rain

Sit on the fire into the water to cover the sun, the wind boils, the stone spit the flame, swallow the knife pot day

God walks, walks with a water rod, solves the doppelganger, continues to make a head, and cuts the demon

Ask the immortal to chase the soul, take the clouds, take the moon, carry the wedding dream, and break it

The rod is broken, the disaster is solved, and the yellow and white sword art is shot over the earth

The star number array false spray refers to the corpse dissolution and the scene is recruited

Expelling the gathering of beasts and adjusting the bird's qi is forbidden, vigorously penetrating the stone and light barrier

The guide serves to eat the open wall, jump the rock, climb the head, board the copy, drink the water, lie in the snow

Tyranny Pill Fushui Medicine knowingly opened the valley and prayed

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