As a modern person, Asuka naturally understood the meaning of the other party, and her face, which was already covered with red light, directly turned into a ripe red apple at this moment!

"Stinky rascal! Shame on you! "

"Shiwei, you really hate ~!"

In the end, Asuka used her points to activate the career scrolls of sharpshooters and mechanics, and countless occult powers and knowledge filled Asuka's mind.

At this moment, Asuka has more electromagnetic power in her body. Although this energy is not strong, it has been able to control the mobile phone suspended in the air.

At this moment, she suddenly felt that the electromagnetic force in her body was becoming more and more easy to control.

You can even control your phone to make calls, type, and more.

"I got a university degree in physics at the age of fourteen, and now with this memory and electromagnetic force, I must come on!"

Shiwei, thank you so much! "

Asuka began to look at the EVA airframe manufacturing drawings, and what was originally obscure was now extremely simple.

【Ding! Kafka has comprehended a new system of power and has become the child of luck in the world. Shi Wei obtained ten copies of the Star Iron Universe World Origin. 】

【Ding! Asuka comprehends a new power system and has become the child of luck in the world. Shi Wei obtained ten copies of the Star Iron Universe World Origin. 】

Shi Wei felt that the world origin power in his body was increasing.

"This feeling is awesome! As I absorbed the origin of the world, I found myself more and more able to do what games can do. "

Shi Wei brewed this power in his heart, and then combined with the Tongyu Exorcism God in the Seventy-Two Techniques of the Earth and the LOL Equipment Bar, the new power was condensed by him.

【Ding! Shi Wei comprehended the Guardian Spirit/Pet Space Manufacturing Method. 】

【Ding! Shiwei made the space ring. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei created a skill - Spirit Summoning! 】

The random condensation power, the LOL equipment bar that should exist in the novel, as well as the space ring common in online game novels, and even game skills are easily created by him.

He casually used the exorcism power in front of him, and the mysterious golden patterns condensed into a magic array on the ground not far away.

The souls of human beings who have died in the past thousands of years and tens of thousands of years are constantly flickering in the Dharma Array, some of them are not clothed, and some are wearing splendid robes.

All the dead humans on Earth appear within the scope of His calling.

"It's a pity that there are no gods in this world, and myths and legends are all false. It was also useless for these ancients to summon them. "

Let those who are already dead continue to sleep.

"Huh? Summon dead souls and resurrect them? It seems that it is completely possible to do it in the world of Hokage! And it means a lot to the ninja world! "

【Ding! Shiwei uploaded the equipment column X100 and received 1 million points. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the space ring and received 20,000 points. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the skill book - Spirit Summon X100 and received 400,000 points. 】

【Ding! Shi Wei uploaded the Guardian Spirit Space X100 and received 2 million points. 】

"Each of these space rings has a kilometer in length, width and height, and you can buy a few for logistics.

If you think the price is still a bit high, I'll get a few smaller ones later. "

Shi Wei casually created nine thirty cubic meters in size space rings in his hand.

【Ding! Shiwei sent an equal red packet. 】

Shi Wei: "This kind of space is relatively small, and it should be enough for everyone to use it for daily use." "

Regxi: "Rub, big brother!" This kind of space ring is really powerful! And it's so fragrant to use. "

Butterfly Kanae: "Thank you, Mr. Shiwei, this ring is so good." "

Kafka: "Is this an engagement ring for me?" Will progress between us be too fast? "

Machima: "Master, are you free today?" I made delicious meals. "

Tony Stark: "Oh my God, Space Ring?" This kind of thing can really be achieved.

What kind of magical quantum space is this? How can you parse the energy in it? I'm so curious!

Ah, I'm starting to study now!

Shi Wei, as a genius scientist, I will definitely catch up with you. "

Lin Fengjiao was even more shocked in her heart at the moment, after he uploaded the seventy-two changes of the earth, who knew that in a few minutes, Wei would be able to complete the entire spell power.

This comprehension is truly amazing.

And, this space ring. The fluctuations contained in this magic weapon were so strong and there was no danger.

Could it be that Mr. Shi Wei is really a god?

Asuka's heart is full of gratitude for Shiwei, and humans can now only use the EVA body to fight against the apostles.

But after she has the power of this mechanic, she can develop more technological equipment in the future, and even want to crack the AT force field is no longer a pipe dream!

[Asuka: "Thank you, Shiwei. After having the power of a mechanic, I already had a lot of ideas for new EVA airframe equipment in my mind. "】

Hinata Hinata had a sense of crisis in her heart, as the group increased. It seems that many women have shown a good impression of Shiwei.

Her mood is very anxious, and it seems that she must also take the initiative to embrace her happiness.

But she wanted to continue chatting with Shi Wei, when an alarm sounded in the village.

Upon asking, it became clear that the tenth squad, which was patrolling outside the village, had already made contact with the enemy and began to engage.

[Hinata Hinata: "Brother Shivi, I'm going to support the tenth class. The enemy is Xiao, very powerful. "】

Shi Wei's memory flickered in his mind, and soon he thought of the plot in the Hokage.

[Shi Wei: "Hinata, now agree to my crossing application, there is a person in Xiaoli who can almost kill ninjas in the ninja world. "】

Out of worry, Shi Wei immediately uploaded the intelligence of the flying segment in the group.

Hiduan is a ninja who believes in evil gods, and as long as he gets the target's blood, he can directly curse the target.

If Fei Duan manipulates all humans to suck blood such as mosquitoes, then if he kills with one spell, almost all humans will be killed by him.

Hinata's heart is very happy, because Brother Shivi is finally coming to her world.

Although she had known Shi Wei for a few days, Shi Wei's impression had been deeply engraved in her mind in the past few days.

【Ding! Hinata Hinata opened the permanent world to Shiwei. 】

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