End Valley

Sasuke opened his kaleidoscope chakra eyes, and the hideous Amaterasu Black Flame armor covered the body of the nine-headed humanoid dragon in the Dragon Cave Immortal Mode.

The long sword condensed by the pitch-black Amaterasu flame appeared in the hands of the dragon, and the thunder power contained in Ratchet also began to flicker on the black Amaterasu flame.

"Naruko Uzumaki, suffer death!"

Sasuke's eyes left blood and tears, and the monstrous killing intent made the sky cloudy!

The other side


Naruko Uzumaki sighed, and above the huge humanoid Nine Tails, the Immortal Mode Chakra armor of Myoki Mountain covered the Nine Tails.

The spiral pill condensed by the nine-tailed chakra instantly turned into a wind escape spiral shuriken.

The Wind Spiral Shuriken and Amaterasu Ratchet suddenly collided together, and the sky was cloudy.

The unicorn formed by the thunder emerged from the dark clouds

"I didn't expect it, this is my killing move!"


The dazzling Thunder Qilin's entire body had become even larger than the Nine Tails, and its body length even exceeded two hundred meters.


Naruko's right index finger and middle finger came together, stabbing under him, and a large sword hundreds of meters long suddenly condensed in the sky.

His body shone with golden light, and in an instant, the Thunder Qilin was cut in half.

"Silence!" Naruko Uzumaki manipulated the Nine-Tails to get in front of Sasuke and smashed his fist into the opponent's head.

The Amaterasu Black Flame and Immortal Mode on Uchiha Sasuke's body instantly disintegrated, and he also fainted in front of him.

"Sasuke, I won."

Naruko carried Sasuke on her back and walked towards Konoha Village.


Hokage World, Tsukushi City

In a week, the entire Hokage world ushered in a true sense of unity.

Shi Wei took advantage of the boredom and came to Tsukuseijo City again to meet Hinata.

Because of the watering of love, Hinata now has more beauty of a woman, which is completely the feeling of purity and desire.

"Hinata, are you still busy?"

"Not busy? I'm free anytime! "

Hinata stood up from the many documents and trotted over to Shiwei.

Shi Wei took the girl into his arms, "The problems of people's livelihood are all pushed to Shikamaru and his father.

Power is not very important. All you need is overwhelming force. "

"Well, now I've allocated land to the entire Ninja Star, including our Hyuga family."

Shi Wei looked at the crystal screen not far away, and on it was the general situation of the entire Ninja Star.

In addition to the big five, there are many other countries.

However, now that all five major countries have been captured, the other small countries will soon be completely unified.

"As long as the distribution system is controlled and everyone has room to promote, the whole planet will begin to prosper."

"Are you going back today? Shall I make you something delicious? "

Seeing Shi Wei come here, Hinata felt very happy. Because she has already had intimate communication, she is now a little more relaxed than when she first made contact.

"Don't, it's still daytime."

"I don't care!"

Shi Wei carried the other party into a certain bedroom at Hinata's exclamation.

After the storm, Hinata fell asleep directly.

Shi Wei picked up the freshly soiled sheet and snapped his fingers, and the stains on it were completely removed.

Idle and bored, he began to wander around his Star Building City.

Hinata, Hinata, and their wives were gathering to inspect the entire fruit orchard.

"Lord Dragon God!" The four quickly bowed ninety degrees towards each other.

"Excuse me."

Shi Wei looked at the professional equipment on them, as well as the dirt on their hands and feet.

It seems that he is indeed diligently surveying the entire orchard.

"Growing and maintaining magical crops is very energy-consuming."

"The Hyuga family will do their best to complete this job!"

Shi Wei nodded, "Do it well." When you have saved enough resurrection points, you will be easy.

After that, there will be a global public basic magic class, so you can listen to it if you are interested. "


[Machima: "Where is Shiwei?" Come to me to play? "】

[Shi Wei: "I'm busy. "】

Shi Wei circled around Veronica, and after visiting the entire Star Building City, he returned to the City Lord's Mansion.

Hinata was still sleeping, but she had been exhausted before.

At this moment, after receiving Veronica, it is natural to have a good time.

"Hey, this toy is pretty interesting

Can the original structure be optimized in this way? "

"Good, very good."

Shi Wei said while continuing to look at the device in front of him.

[Shiwei: "Tony, your Veronica idea is quite funny.

I now know that such a rudimentary basic theory can still play such a brilliant idea. "】

[Tony: "It always feels like you're saying that my level of scientific and technological knowledge is too poor. "】

[Shi Wei: "Indeed, you are really a genius to be able to use the knowledge of the parent star 0.7 civilization to create this cleverly conceived toy." "】

Shi Wei then appeared vibranium from his hand, which is only a fantasy metal that exists with the Marvel world, and has now been thoroughly analyzed by Shi Wei.

Any substance can be created without restriction as long as it has a sample and is successfully parsed.

The Star Casting Dragon King as a creation god is so outrageous, endless creation omnipotent, able to create any creation that wants to be created.

[Shi Wei: "I will first create 10,000 cubic meters of vibranium casually, and your own ideas will not be stolen." "】

Tony's side quickly flew into a huge underground warehouse.

A full 10,000 cubic meters of fantasy metal appeared in his warehouse.

Tony's blushing with excitement and a thick neck, "It's so cool!" Mr. Shi Wei. You are really good! Do you want a tender model? It's all first-hand. "


Shi Wei looked at the hundreds of photos sent by Tony, and he was suddenly bored.

[Shi Wei: "That's it? Tony, the taste of these first-hand goods you are looking for is still a little worse. "】

It's not that Tony's aesthetic is a little worse, but Shiwei's vision is already very picky now.

Just talking about appearance, it must be the top, not to mention other personalities, personalities and other aspects.

Shi Wei's mind moved, and a large number of vibranium veins immediately appeared in the entire Star Building City of the Fire Shadow World.

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