In ancient times, more than ninety percent of human beings believed that there were gods and ghosts in the world, and they could not see it only because they did not have access to contact channels.

Just like a famous quote from the "Zuo Chuan" that has been passed down for thousands of years:

The great affairs of the country are in the worship of Rong.

Rong is military and war, and worship is sacrifice and ritual law.

Worship the heavens and ask the ancestors, God (Haotian God/Jade Emperor) gods to bless you.

Therefore, the power of faith in the Daqin world is much richer than the world of Machima.

【Ding! Daqin World World Evolution takes place and gives you 900 units of World Origin. 】

【Ding! You have obtained the power of faith in 50 million standard units of the Daqin world. 】

This was followed by another 50 million standard units of the power of faith.

Shi Wei's eyes lit up, fifty million. That's more than 20 million standard units in the world of Machima!

A strong sense of sleepiness struck, and he had never felt such a strong sleepiness since he woke up.

Shi Wei looked at Huan Zheng, [Shi Wei: "I'm going to promote X-3 and fell into a deep sleep, I hope you are still alive next time I wake up. "】

Ying Zheng on the ground was stared at by the dragon head of the planet's even larger dragon, "Mr. Shi Wei, you want to sleep for a long time?" Good dreams. "

Shi Wei slowly closed his eyes, and his body, which was larger than the solar system, also turned into a state of nothingness, which no one could find and no one could touch.

[Yingzheng: "X-3? I just looked at the X-3 level, which actually refers to having a triple multidimensional universe level and completely controlling all the rules in the three universes.

It's just that why did Mr. Shi Wei say that he hoped that he would be alive when he woke up?

But it has a lifespan of 10,000 years. "】

The group exploded again and a heated discussion began.

The precision electrical circuit in Tony's hand caught fire directly, and then was blown out with liquid nitrogen by the intelligent robotic arm.

[Tony: "X-level refers to the cosmic level, and the X-3 multidimensional universe level can link and control three universes? What level of power is this! It's terrifying! "】

[Kafka: "It feels much stronger than the star god, and our star god destroys a galaxy with one blow?" Or a galaxy?

Anyway, the universe cannot be completely destroyed. "】

[Machima: "I don't know how long Shi Wei will sleep. "】

[Regesi: "Mr. Yingzheng, what does Brother Shi Wei mean when he just said that he hopes you are still alive? "】

Lin Fengjiao pinched her fingers and breathed a slight sigh of relief.

[Lin Fengjiao: "Mr. Shi Wei is an immortal species, and sleeping is likely to be a day or a year or hundreds of years, or even tens of thousands of years.

This time he should wake up soon. "】

[Hinata: "I will continue to work hard to cultivate, and I will always accompany Brother Shiwei!" 】

The minds of everyone in the group became active, and at this moment they also felt their own insignificance.

They are different from the Shiwei species.

What if when Mr. Shi Wei woke up, they were all old and dead?

Is this the difference in race? The lifespan they tried their best to maintain was just a time for the dragon god to sleep?

[Kanae: "I haven't repaid the favor yet, I also have to cultivate hard!"] "】

[Ying Zheng: "There is still an elixir here, I will upload it to the group file first. Let's work hard together to cultivate and make yourself live longer. "】

[Tony: "Hey! Isn't it immortality? I will do my best to develop better longevity technology! "】

Unknowingly, Shiwei has become the pillar of the entire chat group.

Usually, even if Shi Wei does not speak, everyone can be happy, but after Shi Wei said the sleeping words, everyone began to feel lost.

It seems to be a close friend, and the sadness that the loved one is likely to say goodbye forever lingers throughout the chat group.


Two dazzling universes appeared in front of Shi Wei's eyes, and he first looked at one of them.

Mysterious rune energy filled the entire planet.

There are Ionia, the kingdom of Demacia, and the existence of countries such as Birgivot and Zuan.

"This is the planet of the continent of Valoran! That is, the background world of LOL. "

His gaze turned to Zuan, where there was a cute little girl with blue hair, Jinx.

"Who are you?"

Little Lori, who was originally studying bombs in a simple room, can now see the dragon in the sky through the ceiling.

"Jinx, I order you to become a Divine Dragon Venerable and master the knowledge of Hex Technology."

"Jinx, you don't want to keep holding your sister back, do you?"

"Really? I can do anything as long as I can help my sister! "

"Then believe in me and give me your loyalty and soul forever."

The divine dragon in the sky seemed to smile, feeling the surging divine power in his body

Jinx nodded quickly. "I do! Lord Ryujin! "

Jinx quickly looked at the huge divine dragon in the sky that only she could see.

That's not a dragon, but a loong

The golden light on her right arm flashes, and these golden lights gradually unravel the knowledge of Hextech sealed in it with age.

In the next few years, Jinx will continue to shuttle into the temple of time and space, where he will accelerate the development of the body and increase intelligence and knowledge.

Until the other party's body develops to the age of eighteen and completely freezes the body time.

Shi Wei's gaze shifted again, looking at another universe.

His gaze swept towards the universe, and under a random scan, he saw a planet where life and civilization existed.

He saw the beautiful wheat-skinned elf queen, saw the kingdom made purely of elven maidens, and saw the lovely witch lady.

"This planet is the Black Beast World!"

Shi Wei once again blessed the Dark Elf Queen with his powers, hoping that this time her fate would change.

Then it will be up to him to pick the fruit.

The Elf Queen discovered the golden light pattern on her right arm, and there was an outrageously powerful divine power in her body.

She looked up at the divine dragon in the starry sky, "Who are you?" "

"Star Casting Dragon King, Shivi Aurelian Sol! Give you divine power and believe in me.

Give me your loyalty, life, body, soul! "

"My God is glorious and eternal!"

After feeling blessed with unparalleled power, she knew that this was an existence she could not resist.

In order to avoid angering the dragon and causing the destruction of the country, she must submit.

Watching the Elf Queen kneel to him in submission, Shi Wei left satisfied.

This time, the Night Elf Queen will never be able to use magic, right?

Any target blessed by him, he can always perceive the state of the other party. "When I encounter an unsolvable problem, I think my name directly in my heart."


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