Shi Wei's body broke away from the two universes and quickly looked at the chat group.

[Shi Wei: "I'm awake!" How long has it been now? "】

[Kafka: "One day! Twenty-five hours to be exact. "】

Shi Wei breathed a sigh of relief, "It's just good to sleep for a day, it's time to go back and continue to enjoy." "

For the universe linked by his promotion strength, he had a guess in his heart.

Can he link certain lifan worlds, or game worlds? Of course, as he moves up the level, there may be a difference in the worlds he can link to.

Shi Wei: "I can now link and control three other universes, which is interesting!" "

Tony: "Are there any characteristics of the other two universes?" "

Shi Wei: "There are probably at least hundreds of millions of civilized planets in each universe, and there are star god-level existences similar to what Kafka said.


Where are soul-devouring succubius, nightmares, planet-devouring void creatures and the like.

Do you want to communicate with the gods who are shattering the galaxy? "

Tony: "... No. "

Regxi: "Speaking of succubus, I think I can." "

Asuka: "Regxi! Harvest the taste! There are a lot of girls in the group. "

There are indeed many star spirits, ascenders and the like in the Rune Land.

The literal translation of LOL in English is the alliance of legends and legends.

Any strange creature abroad can be called a hero, such as the evil god Leviathan, void creatures, succubus, and so on.

As for the other world, forget it. Where is his back garden, and where will he go to be dashing in the future when he has time.


The world of comics

The first League of Heroes has entered 16 to 8, and Yuki Asuna's squad has easily gained the advantage.

Her own fusion is the matchless sword Ji, enchanting and elegant dance steps, sharp flaw attacks, just like the ultimate elegance blooming rose.

Her teammate Wanzhi fuses the power of the Desert Emperor, and the sand soldiers around her execute all her deployments with fierceness and grace.

The sand soldiers cannot be touched, but can only dodge or block. Her opponent was embarrassed for a while.

"Yes, that's it. As the game continues, everyone has now experienced countless battles, and their skill proficiency and game awareness have been greatly enhanced. "

"Coupled with the support of the national think-tank behind them, every adolescent girl will receive the most professional training." What a fun! Stimulate. "

Shi Wei savored the taste of this power.

It's like a world-class rich man tipping a female anchor for tens of thousands of yuan, which can make the other party scream and take the initiative to give him a hug.

Or raise dozens or hundreds of maids at home and enjoy imperial treatment.

Now he is just a word. The world's top hundreds of beautiful girls, and the national think tanks behind them, will rack their brains to please him.

If you want to play games, then billions of people around the world will play with him.

This is what power tastes like.

Countless people feared him, countless people worshiped him, countless people believed in him.

Because he is the Star Casting Dragon King! Shivi Aurelian Sol.

The ultimate power and power is intoxicating, making people tremble, and people are addicted.

The ultimate royal power, no one dares to disobey, no one dares to refuse.

The monstrous power, destruction and reshaping of the universe was between his thoughts.

"No, I'm not just the Star Casting Dragon King, I'm still Shiwei."

Shi Wei didn't want to lose his humanity, he raised his head, and 2B stayed by his side silently.

"2B, you will always be with me. It is eternal with me. "


Shi Wei took her hand and pulled her into his arms.

The sofa under him suddenly sank a lot because of the weight of three hundred pounds.

He held 2B's hand and smiled on his face.

2B tilted his head a little suspiciously, got up to face Shi Wei, sat in his arms and looked at the other party.

"Master, are hands fun?"


【Ding! The chat group activity has increased, and new members are now invited. 】

【Ding! (Sea King) Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) join the chat! 】

【Ding! (spy Guo's family) Jolfujie (Mrs. Joel) join the chat group! 】

【Ding! Violet Evegarden joins the chat! 】

Jorfuje: "What is this?" Again a new hallucinogen for exotic spies? Damn,

You moths who endanger the country, damn it! "

Jorfujie's avatar is a beautiful girl with black hair and red eyes.

Delicate face, fair skin that can be broken by blowing, eyes like red crystal, thin eyebrows.

All the time said to the group that this is another amazing super beauty.

Violet: "Is there a rejection of the two-arm prosthesis?" It hurts, who will give me the order.

Who am I going to kill? I can do it very well, please keep giving me orders! "

Violet's avatar is a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes

That kind of weak expression was distressing, and the pure metal prosthetics of the arms shocked the group members present.

Whitebeard (Edward Newgate): "Cool la-la, daddy, did I drink too much?" How there are words flashing in the brain.

Obviously I have never read the text, why can I understand what it means? "

Megumi Kana: "This is a super dimensional chat group

It is a platform for everyone in the infinite universe space-time to exchange resources and information with each other..."

Today's ghost killing team is not only looking for ghost news such as ghost dance, but also has water groups in daily training.

Kanae, on the other hand, only needs water and daily training, so she also likes to chat with group members and solve problems with new members.

A moment of effort.

Whitebeard: "So that's the case, the old man can be considered to understand." It's really interesting for an old-time remnant like me. "

Jorfujie: "I feel that the people in the group are so powerful, and ordinary people like me seem to be too weak." "

Kanae: "What's wrong with weakness?" Except for Mr. Shi Wei, who was born a dragon, many of them are ordinary people. "

Shi Wei was also interested at this time, looking at the avatar of the ultimate beauty of Ansan, Jolfujie, he was very happy now.

This is one of his favorite two-dimensional wives.

"Miss Joel, I don't think you are an ordinary person who can kill a bull in an instant and beat volleyball at supersonic speed."

Asuka: "Who can kill a bull in a second by ordinary people!" And what kind of arm strength can throw a supersonic volleyball?

Do you have any misconceptions about ordinary people? "

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