After hearing Violet's speech, and seeing the other party's incomparable beauty group avatar.

Shi Wei was shocked. So beautiful!

This beautiful and quiet girl like a doll has milky white skin and bright and attractive red lips.

The sapphire-like eyes covered with golden eyelashes seem to have a glow from the bottom of the sea.

A girl with a flawless face and as bright as a full moon.

This beautiful girl, like a violet that is about to wither, arouses his desire to protect.

Shi Wei felt touched in his heart, and he specifically asked Violet in private.

This weak girl should have been guarded by him!

((Private chat) Shi Wei: "Violet, I need you. Come and serve me. ")

Violet: "Yes! ")

Without too much hesitation, just looking at the handsome man, a sense of trust arose in her heart. As if taken for granted.

Obviously, no one wants to trust her at all, everyone is afraid of her skills, and everyone is afraid of her name.

Violet has excellent individual combat ability, and is even feared by soldiers because she is too good.

She alone can play the tactical effect of a company of hundreds of people, sometimes far exceeding the record of an entire company.

It can kill hundreds of enemy lives without any mental burden, and even if the body is stained with blood and sludge, it can still continue to hunt expressionlessly.

As long as she is there, even if there are thousands of enemy troops in front, she can tear the opponent's battle line.

She is like the Grim Reaper, and the heavy axe that even an adult male cannot pick up is as easy in her hands as a toy12.

She is the ghost of the battlefield, ending the lives of all enemies!

This kind of doll-like personality with ghost-like combat effectiveness that is very different from ordinary people makes all the soldiers around her fear her and reject her.

Facing Violet was like facing an extreme killing weapon, and her body seemed to be about to smell of extreme blood at any time.

Except for using her for military operations, no one dares to come close to this bloody flower that seems to come from hell.

As a result, Violet was desperately needed. She just wants to show her worth, she just wants a place to live, she just wants to be recognized by others.

Why is it that the more she kills, the more she is feared by humans?

How many soldiers did she kill? Eight hundred or eight thousand or tens of thousands?

The portal of space teleportation opened, and a weak beautiful girl covered in dirt and blood appeared at the other end of the portal.

Her hands were cold mechanical prosthetics, and her body was bloodstained military uniform that could not be washed.

She had a blade hidden in the soles of her shoes, a pistol hidden in her sleeve and spare bullets strapped to the side of her legs. The inside of the military boot also hides a sharp dagger.

Even the hairpin on her head had steel pins pinned to it.

Obviously, any target with evil intentions towards her will not live more than three seconds, but looking at the man in front of her who is also attracted to her beauty.

But she couldn't kill intent.

"Former army scout, weapon No. 007 salutes you, please give your order."

"From today, your name is Violet Evegarden"


Shi Wei returned to his hero city with the girl.


In the chat group, the new group members quickly became familiar with the old group members.

Jorfuje; "But I'm really just an ordinary person, just a little bit of skill."

Shi Wei: "There is also an ordinary person next to me, who does not have any superpowers, but can destroy an army of thousands of people alone." "

Asuka: "What the hell is this, how can it be so terrifying?" I can fly a fighter, I can hit three and I am already a special pilot, okay! "

Jorfujie: "Able to fly a fighter one-on-three? It's really very elite. "

Shi Wei: "Pirates Four Emperors Whitebeard, right?" Was Fire Fist Ace arrested over there? "

Whitebeard was stunned, if what the group members said was true, then how did Shi Wei know the news from his side?

"I remember you weren't supposed to be in my world, right? I'm actually going to save my son Ace in a few days. "

"Quite simply, I have the power to know and be omnipotent. Well, then you will be attacked by the big swirling spider and then killed by Blackbeard.

Ace will die at the hands of the red dog for saving his brother Luffy. What are you going to do? "

The amazing overlord-colored domineering rose from Whitebeard's body into the sky, "This! How can it be! "

"Shi Wei, how would you know about this kind of thing?"

"I said I know everything and can do it, believe it or not."

Whitebeard thought for a long time, and the amazing momentum on his body weakened. "Mr. Shiwei, thank you.

I'll pay attention, but I still want my son to be fine. "

Shi Wei smiled, it was already very good that he was willing to remind Whitebeard a little. After all, he is a pirate.

Some of his men are not very clean.

In comparison, he was still more interested in girls.

"Miss Joel, may I ask your true age?"

"What's wrong with 23?"

Before young girls are in their third year, they are not age-sensitive.

Looking at the perfect face that is obviously more tender and green than in the original work, Shi Wei's mood is indeed better.

"Miss Joel, now use the sign-in points to buy some of the latest Basic Career Awakening scrolls. The five basic classes are a big bonus for you now. "

Now the latest career awakening scrolls provided by Shi Wei are consistent in the upper limit, after all, they will all turn to the power of magic or qi in the end.

As a Star Casting Dragon King, the power of magic or qi is naturally fully mastered.

"So powerful, martial artist, gunslinger, magician, swordsman, sacrifice. It's hard to choose. "

Whitebeard: "The old man just bought a bottle of alchemy potion, it's amazing." The old injuries have all been restored! "


Zombie world

Lin Fengjiao looked at the temple in front of him with satisfaction at the moment, which was the newly built temple next to his Yizhuang.

The figure of Shiwei inside is surrounded by a dragon-like divine dragon.

The whole body is carved from smooth marble, bringing it to life.

[Lin Fengjiao: "Mr. Shi Wei, do you want to come to me to take a look?" We have also built a lot of statues and temples for you. "】

[Shi Wei: "This way, yes. It just so happens that your world I also want to remake.

It is clear that he is the descendant of the dragon, why is it so bitter one by one? "】

[Lin Fengjiao: "Thank you, thank you very much Mr. Shi Wei. (Read violent novels, just go on Feilu Novel Network!) )

Lin Fengjiao trembled with joy, her whole body was like a spring breeze in the hot summer, her hands and feet were cold, and her body and mind were comfortable.

He was not only happy for himself, but also for the people of the entire Dragon Kingdom.

After Mr. Shi Wei's transformation, he knew that his dragon kingdom would usher in a real new life.

[Shi Wei opened the group live broadcast, and Lin Fengjiao turned on the group live broadcast. ] 】


Between heaven and earth, auspicious rui constantly appears, and the rainbow rises.

The air became fresh, and expensive medicinal herbs began to grow on the ordinary roadside.

At this moment, in the sky of the Dragon Kingdom, the boundless clouds were torn open a big hole.

The huge divine dragon tore through the clouds and mist and descended on the zombie world.

At this moment, the great dragon god showed his temperament.

All the humans on the planet can meet their gods at this moment.

"My name is Violelian Sol, I allow your audience and worship."

Countless humans felt their legs go soft when they saw dragons in the sky with dragons with larger dragons than planets.

"Yaga! That's fake! "

"Dead, dead, you drip, you drip down to work!"

Someone on the neon dared to bark at his dog.

Shi Wei's gaze glanced at the neon island. "Small bug!"

He hooked his finger, and all the humans of the zombie world saw a huge comet falling towards the neon.

The dazzling comet carried amazing kinetic energy and slammed into the entire neon island.

Neon Island directly began to collapse completely, and the terrifying shock wave overturned countless buildings and destroyed countless lives.

So the whole island sank completely, sinking into the deep ocean.

People all over the world are directly kneeling at this moment, and if they don't kneel, they can't do it. The dragon god casually became angry and directly destroyed a country.

The dragon god descended beside Lin Fengjiao and turned into a human form.

"Lin Fengjiao, now I order you to build a star city lord for this world, and give you Wuji Sword Dao Heart Method, Hex Technology, and Magic Inheritance."

"All those who have justice in their hearts and are strong-willed can ask Lin Fengjiao to accept disciples through trials."

After Shi Wei finished speaking, the diameter of the huge Star Building City once again exceeded a hundred kilometers, and a large number of magic runes appeared around it.

"Whoever does evil in this life will suffer endless hell karmic fire!"

As his words fell, a large number of evil thugs in this world were once again burned and entered the hell of reincarnation.

"Lin Fengjiao has a job in building god statues, and the righteous people of the Dragon Kingdom are disease-free and disaster-free, and they are physically strong."

Countless people of the Dragon Kingdom fell golden rain of light at this moment, and these rains of light only fell on the bodies of shining righteous people.

The next moment, a large number of disabled and sick people's bodies began to recover at this moment.

"Thank you, thank you."

A large number of ordinary people kowtowed in the direction of the Dragon God at this moment, and a large amount of faith power penetrated into Shi Wei's body.

【Ding! You have gained 90 million powers of faith. 】

Shi Wei looked at Lin Fengjiao. "Lin Fengjiao, help me manage this world, and unify the whole world by the way.

Everything that scum can clean up is cleaned up. "

Lin Fengjiao's shoulder was patted by Shi Wei, that is, this pat.

His own strength was immediately upgraded from C-level bullet level to S-level city annihilation level.

Even Lin Dao, who already looked forty or fifty years old, had changed his physical state to a young appearance in his early twenties at this moment.

After all, his woman Hinata has been promoted to SSS level by him, but it seems a little unreasonable to promote Lin Daojiang to A.


Lin Fengjiao's eyes widened, "I will definitely do my best to help Mr. Shi Wei and safeguard world justice." "

Shi Wei nodded and coughed.

"Anyone who can climb more than a thousand meters can become Lin Fengjiao's outer disciple.

If you step into two kilometers, you can become an inner disciple.

Climb to the top of 3333 meters to become a personal disciple. "

"Comply with Mr. Shiwei's request."

Shi Wei nodded, "Those Great Qing royal families and those landlords or something, don't be polite, all the property is confiscated."

Those who are guilty should be killed and killed. The three trillion magic runes above my Star Building City are enough for you. "


The new members of the chat group have already begun to be shocked.

[Whitebeard: "Summoned a meteorite in an instant to destroy such a large continent? No one on my side can do it! Neither can I! "】

[Jorfujie: "That's great, Mr. Shiwei."] No, should I call you Shenlong Tianzun?"

[Shi Wei: "No need, the name is a code name. How simple and convenient how to come. "】

[Tony: "No matter how many times I watch it, I'll be shocked, oh my God. Mr. Shi Wei is really stronger than God. "】

Shi Wei smiled, "Indeed, I am a hundred million points stronger than many people in Tony's world. "

Asuka: "The bottom of the group trembles"

Kanae: "Shivering. "

Joel: "Shivering. "。

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