Unexpectedly, Cana gained the power of faith of the hero unit, and he would obtain so many world origins.

It was so much fun, it was fantastic.

According to the memory of the past life, there are at least hundreds of heroic units in this world.

Then he can at least obtain thousands of world origins in this world.

Such a rich world origin may be enough for him to be promoted to the X-4 level.

Then he will be able to link and control a new universe again!

Jace, as well as Heimerdinger, their souls and beliefs are very high-quality existences.

As a orderly person of pleasure, Shi Wei will only act according to his own interests.

"Jace, huh? Your Hextech is pretty good, but you still need to keep trying. "

Jace provided him with ten units of world origin, and he didn't mind directly giving the other party some knowledge of Hextech. "Nine Ninety-Seven"

Shi Wei spread out his hand and sent two white lights into the minds of Jace and Heimerdinger, "Do it well, not only the knowledge of Hex's technology, but also the knowledge of magic."

Enough for you to cure Viktor's disease! "

"Then, I elect Jace to be the new Leather City Councillor, and the seven councilors here become eight, who is for and who is against?"

"I approve!" X8

Many of the parliamentarians present were in favor, and they were all very voluntary.

Shi Wei was satisfied, and he snapped his fingers. "Magic is not terrible, Hextech, science is not terrible.

To discover, to learn, to master, and then to use wisely.

Heimerdinger, help me promote the Cana religion. Jace, continue to develop the power of Hex and magic. "

Shi Wei snapped his fingers, and a light blue energy shroud instantly enveloped the entire Council Temple building.

"This shield protects you from outside attacks, see you next time."

Jace was shocked to find that he could now sense the flow of mana, and he stared wide-eyed at Shiwei, who had completely disappeared.

"Sir, I will definitely do my best to develop the power of Hex's technology and magic!"

Heimerdinger patted the table, "Then the meeting continues, now let's start fundraising."

We must do this Cana God Cult thing beautifully. Pi City, Zuan will have her temple!

Increase publicity! "

"Good! My family is willing to contribute! "

"I'm also willing to contribute..."

"I'm also willing to contribute..."

"I'm also willing to contribute..."


Cana stood incognito on Shiwei's shoulders, and she now felt plenty of energy when she was in a state of sleep and rest.

"Shiwei, you're great. I now have the power of faith for two more hero units!

It's amazing, I've been able to transform into human form for two hours now! "

Cana was very happy, and she directly hugged Shi Wei's side face and kissed it.

Such a cute little elf began to chirp around Shi Wei and said pleasant words.

Within a super-dimensional chat group

Shi Wei looked at the group interface with interest.

As the number of group members increases, this chat group has a large number of interesting group messages every day.

For example, beautiful girls share outfits, Regency shares astringency, Tony shares his pool party and so on

[Shi Wei: "Today I saved a god Oh, she is the wind spirit of the Runeland, the goddess of storms-Cana.

Of course, she is also my wife (Cana Pictures) .jpg"] (Read violent novels, just go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

[Tony: "Oh my God, can you even save God?"] "】

[Kanae: "Wow, this sister Cana is so beautiful."] If only I could be so beautiful. "】

[Hinata: "It seems to be a bit similar to the Six Dao Immortals in the ancient legend or something, Brother Shiwei, what power does she have?" "】

Shi Weile continued to explain. , "This Cana is a good god,

She will protect the good and righteous and give them the power to face evil.

Anyway, don't want money, believe a little. This is the doctrine of Cana, how? "

[Asuka: "Such an interesting doctrine, then I will believe in you too!"] Cana! "】

【Ding! Cana gains the power of faith in a heroic unit! You have earned 10 units of World Origin. 】

【Ding! Cana gains the power of faith in a heroic unit! You have earned 10 units of World Origin. 】

【Ding! Cana gains the power of faith in a heroic unit! You have earned 10 units of World Origin. 】


As the group began to believe in Cana, Shi Wei once again received 120 units of World Origin

[Kanae: "Wow, I just believed in it, but I didn't expect that a cyan bird really appeared in front of me....

It is about ten centimeters in size, and it is as beautiful as the legendary phoenix! So cute, so beautiful. "】

Not only that, Whitebeard and the others were promoted because of their strength of 200,000 points, and he once again received a lot of World Origin feedback.

This allowed him to add hundreds of units of World Origin again.

"Sure enough, this is a benign investment feedback, I invest in these group members, the strength of the group members is promoted, and then feedback my world origin again."

[Tony Stark: "Why is it that she really gives back when she just thinks about believing in the goddess Cana."] What exactly is this principle? "】

Regxi: "It's all magic, and it's reasonable to believe in the goddess and get feedback, right?" "

Kanae: "Brother Shiwei, Qingniao told me that she can find the whereabouts of Ghost Dance!" I'm going to take the Ghost Slayer to wipe them out!" "

Shi Wei: "Okay! Ghost Dance is not miserable, if your ghost killing team can't solve it, or if you encounter danger, contact me directly. "

Kanae: "Well, I definitely will." "

Violet: "Master, the external armor that can speed up time is very useful.

It can speed up my own time by a factor of one to a hundred.

The data for cyberprosthetics is also very good. Weapons test - Zuan punishes robbers. .MP4

In the picture, Violet crossed a distance of ten meters in less than a thousandth of a second.

Then the light flashed in his hand, and three people died.

As soon as the 0.7 screen came out, the group members were stunned.

[Tony: "Mach thirty? Such a terrifying speed? Oh my goodness. What's inside your suitcase? "】

Violet: "It's just regular speed, I'm now an awakened mechanic for LV50.

Inside the backpack is nano armor, which is about 17 meters high. It can unleash the conventional firepower of the city destroying class. "】

[Asuka: "Ah, the conventional firepower of the city destroying class? My Apostle Mech released the AT force field, I don't know if I can block it. It's terrible!

Obviously I am also a mechanic, why do I feel so far from Violet's mechanic? "】

[Regxi: "Sister-in-law, the powerful is Miss Violet, she is more talented than you and more diligent in learning scientific and technological knowledge.

Most importantly, isn't Big Brother Shi Wei, who can invent the mechanic class scroll, a true genius? "】。

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