On the rich and gorgeous streets of Picheng, children play happily on the streets.

At this moment, a hundred meters near the splendid and solemn temple building of the Council, no one other than the soldiers on patrol could approach.

Violet, a quiet and beautiful girl like a girl, came to the vicinity of the temple building with a small and heavy-looking suitcase at this moment.

[Violet: "Master, I sense that some members of the parliament have not completely surrendered to you in their hearts.

They also have malice towards you in their hearts. "】

Of course, Shi Wei knew what they were thinking, so he moved in front of Violet.

"Violet, what do you want to do?"

"I want to deter them by force in the name of testing scientific and technological equipment."

Shi Wei raised his eyebrows and looked at the Council Temple not far away, "Okay, let me say hello to them first." "

The translucent space screen unfolded at this moment, and many members who were still in the meeting immediately stopped moving.

Heimerdinger and the others immediately bowed towards Shi Wei. "My lord..."

"This is my maid of 13, Violet. She has some little inventions that can test the strength of the shield of the current temple of Parliament.

Her own equipment also needs to be fully tested. "

"Adult? How about we get out of this shield first? "

Many councillors immediately turned pale, and they seemed to feel Violet's unreserved killing intent hundreds of meters away.

That killing intent seemed to tear their souls apart.


As the members of parliament and the others left, Violet gently put down her suitcase and then took off her gloves.

The nano armor hidden in the body belt and other places covered the girl's whole body at this moment, and the cool nano armor was gathered at this moment.

"Incendiary cannon!"

The girl's hands closed in front of her, and then a terrifying flame with a temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees erupted from her arms, and the incineration cannon that was obviously enough to level the street for several kilometers completely lost its effect at this moment.

The rune patterns that had just been engraved on the surface of the Council Temple began to flicker, and the light blue energy shield directly blocked this attack completely.

"So strong!"

Jace and the others looked at Violet's actions in shock, just now, it was necessary to come a few more times, and the entire Pi City was about to be destroyed, right?

The next moment, Violet's whole person flashed away. Her countless phantoms appeared directly in midair.

Moving at high speeds dozens of times the speed of sound, the parliamentarians present simply could not capture her movements.

There was still no ripple in the building shield of the Temple of Parliament.

The thrusters on the girl's back, palms, and soles of her feet continued to eject energy at this moment.

The suitcase that was originally placed on the ground instantly transformed into a cool seventeen-meter mecha gundam.

Amazing artillery fire bombarded the entire Temple of Parliament in all directions without reservation.

Immediately afterwards, Violet flashed into the cockpit of the mech. All kinds of shells, chopping knives, high-speed bombing without money.

The mecha also carried Violet with a high-speed movement of tens of Mach, flashing.

The destructive power that can destroy the city with one blow has already bombarded the entire council temple shield for a full minute at this moment.

The girl manipulated the mech back to Shi Wei's side, and then the mech disintegrated into nanoparticles and condensed into a suitcase in the girl's hand.

The nano armor on Violet's body also dissipated at this moment, reforming the ornaments on the girl's body.

"Master, the test is complete."

"Well, let's go."

The members of parliament originally wanted to use Shiwei's reputation to accumulate a little wealth or something,

These are really a little action that I dare not do.

Even if any adult is too lazy to pay attention, but this Violet will come to assassinate them, right? (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The people of Picheng were shocked, and countless couples, couples, guests and ladies who were communicating deeply stopped in fright.

The students in class approached the window,

The workers stopped the life-threatening assembly line action, with shocked and frightened expressions on their faces, and then continued to work numbly on the assembly line.

They all heard amazing explosions, dazzling brilliance, and even closer to see the extremely sophisticated Gundam mechs.

The people of Zuan were also shocked, and the dazzling pillar of light rising from the center of Pi City directly illuminated half of the sky.

Doesn't Phi City represent a symbol of peace? It is obviously a first-class rich place in the Rune Land, why does this happen?


[Tony: "How is Violet so strong?" Why do I look like an idiot compared to everyone?

So unwilling! "】

Shi Wei: "As long as you join this group, everyone's fate will have a high probability of changing."

Not to mention that Violet got some of my true biography. Worthy of being my maid and wife. "

Violet, who continued to carry out justice sanctions in Pi City, blushed with rare shame.

[Violet: "Master, can I really be your woman?"] "】

The corners of Shi Wei's mouth were crooked, "What's not to do?" I'm a dragon. What's wrong with liking a lot of beautiful girls? "

Kafka didn't know why she was a little upset, this excellent man was really too careful.

Obviously they have already cared about her, why are they still hooking up with so many beautiful girls so unrestrained?

"Hinata, why don't you care about your man?"

Hinata: "I don't seem to be able to control Brother Shi Wei, and I think it's normal for Brother Shi Wei to want more women."

After all, I didn't give birth to a child for him, so Brother Shi Wei should be anxious to have a few babies.

How about how many babies does Brother Vi have when Sister Kafka helps her? "

Machima: "Shi Wei come to me, I will try to give you several babies." I also want to experience what it's like to be pregnant and have a baby. "

The wind direction in the group seems to have changed at this moment, and the female group members have begun to openly express their interest in Shi Wei in the group.

Jorfujie: "Thank you, Mr. Shiwei. I have activated 850 Dark Templar (DNF Female Devil May Cry) Awakening Scroll. You are right, only assassination will not resolve the contradictions between countries.

So I am ready to rule my country, and the best way to make world peace is naturally to unify the world. At that time, the main contradiction in the world will be small problems such as public security, people's livelihood, and resource allocation. "

[Asuka: "Haha, I'm already a mechanic now!"] Although not as gorgeous as Violet, I now also have the power to destroy the city with one blow!

Even the AT force field, I have already developed neutralizing guns.

In addition to the Apostle mech, humans can also penetrate the Apostle's AT force field with neutralizing cannons. "】

Shi Wei: "Is it so fast?" I thought you were going to study it for a long time. "

Asuka: "I snatched 20,000 points before, and the mechanic only needed 10,000 points for a scroll." In addition, the experience points of killing the apostles are particularly large,

Even studying technology can increase experience points, and points can speed up the upgrade. So I directly rocketed to level fifty! "

Butterfly Kanae: "Mr. Shiwei, do you want to come to our celebration banquet?" By the way, take a look at the idols that our Ghost Slayer built for you?

Ghost Dance has been completely killed, and we all want to thank you personally. "

Regxi: "Sister-in-law, is your thanksgiving serious?" "


After Shi Wei finished speaking, he directly crossed into the Ghost Destruction World.

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