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It was clear that he had only been separated from Shi Wei for a few days, but seeing that the girls in the group were beginning to be interested in Shi Wei, Kafka also forced a smile.

"Why do you all like Shi Wei so much, it's really annoying!"

"Angry, but keep smiling."

"Now, Star has boarded the Trailblazer's train, right? Kid, hopefully you can go further. "

[Kafka: "Miss Kanae, whether you are ready to have a baby or not, remember to take hygiene measures. "】

[Asuka: "Why do you all like Mr. Shiwei so much,

Isn't he a little handsome, a little more talented, a little stronger, and a little more masculine."

[Ying Zheng: "Actually, I think it's very normal to want more women,

Just like me. As the emperor of a country. If I mean if I die, then my son will at least continue to keep the country running if he is still there. "】

[Tony: "Actually, I'm just, I'm honest. Such as beach parties, pool parties.

I just wanted to experience different beauties. I have already realized that Westerners and Easterners have certain differences in aesthetics, so Mr. Shi Wei will not look at my sister here.

Of course, I also want to have a few children. But I don't know if I'm ready now, I don't know if I can give her the best future. "】

Asuka: "Tony, have you ever thought that it's actually because your aesthetic is too bad. The beautiful girls selected by Brother Shi Wei are all the most extreme beauty in appearance.

The skin is very good, the face is delicate, the personality and temperament are distinctive, and the body is also different. Not at all your kind of artificial beauty with a scalpel on her face? "

Regesi: "I really envy Big Brother Shiwei, the carnivorous beasts on our side can't give birth to children with vegetarian beasts casually, otherwise there will be a lot of ethical problems."

But Big Brother Shi Wei has no problem at all, he can combine with any female race and give birth to various offspring!

As long as he can see it! "

The group members were silent again, apparently Regxi's perverted words that caused a critical blow to the group members.

Regxi: "Why don't you talk anymore?" Miss Asuka, do you like Big Brother Shiwei? I can give you a few more good words in front of your eldest brother.

Helping the eldest brother find a sister-in-law is also something the younger brother should do. Many children and many blessings.

With the strength of the eldest brother, I think even if there are 10,000 wives, the children do not have to worry about their children's employment, bride price, marriage room and other problems, right? "


Ghost Destroy the World.

Butterfly Kanae's words were completely speechless for Regesi's words, how could it say so many embarrassing topics in the group.

Although she did like Mr. Shi Wei, she was very embarrassed to be poked and thought about so carefully.

"Sister, your face is so red."

Butterfly Shinobu leaned over to Kanae's side and then put her hand on her sister's forehead. "Sister, do you have a fever.?"

Butterfly Shinobu is a beautiful girl with purple hair and purple eyes, in addition to her smooth and fair and beautiful face, she also has the ultimate body curve of Ansan.

Simply natural... Well, ahem. Don't say too carefully, savor it slowly.

"No, I'm just a little hot. Do not worry. "

"Mr. Shi Wei will come over in a moment, you go and inform the Lord and the members of the Ghost Killing Team."

"Hmph╭(╯^╰)╮, I see you just want to have more contact with Mr. Shi Wei, that's why you split me."

Butterfly Kanae was a little embarrassed, and her fair and beautiful face fluttered her cheeks.

At this time, a black vortex appeared in front of the two.

A handsome-looking and strong man emerges from it.

Shi Wei walked up to the second daughter, "I'm Shi Wei, you are Kanae and Butterfly Shinobu, right?" "

A bright smile appeared on Kanae's face, and she came to Shi Wei: "Mr. Shi Wei, it's great to see you." I'll take you to see the Lord. "

Butterfly Shinobu came behind the two and followed them to the delivery house.

A lot of thoughts have appeared in the girl's heart:

It turns out that this is the dragon god that my sister often chants?

It's just that this dragon god is really handsome, so tall and strong, it will be very reassuring to stay by his side.

If only I could stay by his side all the time.

Soon, the three of them had arrived in the main courtyard of the Isayashiki house.

Because I ate the magic grapes that Shi Wei gave me, and my body has recovered to a healthy birthhouse,

At this time, he was also training with the members of the Ghost Killing Team.

"Mr. Shiwei?"

Because the members of the Ghost Killing Team have seen Shiwei's portrait through Kanae before,

Therefore, at this moment, the pillars of the ghost killing team who were training collectively had also stopped training and approached Shi Wei's side.

"It's really Mr. Shi Wei! That's great! "

"Mr. Shiwei! Really appreciate your help.

Our ghost killing team can completely kill the ghost dance without misery.

That bastard has already caused so much killing in this world, and it's really good that our generation can end it. "

Purgatory Kyojuro's voice was so loud that even the leaves in the courtyard were shaken by his voice.

"Very good, very spirited."

Shi Wei looked at the members of these ghost killing teams one by one, (read violent novels, just go to Feilu Novel Network!) )

"My support is nothing, because you are all fighting evil spirits with your lives, and all of you are righteous and kind.

So what's wrong with me giving you some funding? "

"Don't say it's me, even if it's a villain, they like to be friends with good people, because good people don't assassinate them behind their backs."

"Suggest everyone's good performance, then I will give you some small gifts."

After that, Shiwei directly performed a magical blessing near the Shiki House of the Birthhouse, and the entire courtyard was greatly enhanced.

The fruit trees in the courtyard immediately became leafy and mysteriously tall.

Even the branches blossom directly at this moment, and the aroma of fruits rich in magic and nutrients permeates the entire interior of the delivery house.

Then Shi Wei waved his hand, and golden divine power rain fell from mid-air and shrouded the interior of the entire delivery house.

Both these pillars and the members of the ghost killing team who stayed in the Isayashiki house were washed by the golden rain.

The dark wounds on their bodies also disappeared at this moment, and those golden colors containing rich life force fell on their bodies, making them full of mental and physical strength, and those dark wounds also disappeared at this moment.

The members of the Ghost Killing Team looked at Shi Wei in shock, and infinite reverence rose in their hearts:

So strong and powerful, is this the power of Mr. Dragon God? Why can he achieve this level, this is completely more terrifying existence than God Amaterasu, why is he so powerful?

Everyone looked at him with wide eyes, and the boss with his mouth open, all stunned.

Ganlu Temple Miri whispered with some pity, "It's a pity, it would be better if these raindrops could be collected, and there are many members of our Ghost Killing Team who have to retire due to illness and disability."

If they could also be caught in this kind of rainforest, they would no longer be afflicted by illness, right? "

Hearing the girl's muttering, Shi Wei thought for a moment.

"It's good that you have this idea, so let's give the water ghosts in these courtyards to the retired team members."

After they eat it, their injuries will recover, and if they take it for a long time, even if they are disabled, they can be reborn. "

The members of the Ghost Killing Team, who were already in extreme shock and had slightly recovered their unmanageable expressions, once again grew their mouths wide at this moment.

At this moment, they all widened their eyes and opened their mouths, and their bodies looked at Shi Wei stiffly.

was noticed by many members of the ghost killing team with such exaggerated expressions,

Shi Wei also felt a little funny, but what was uncomfortable did not exist. He was used to the limelight.

Then he took a photo of Kanae's ugly appearance and posted it in the group.

[Shi Wei: "Take a look at the freshest, funny photo .jpg of Kanae

Did you see that? Kanahui's real expression is so interesting. "】

【Butterfly Kanae. "Brother Shi Wei! What are you doing, shame! ╭(╯^╰)! "】

The group members laughed directly after seeing Shi Weifa's photo,

[Tony: "Hahahaha, I didn't expect Kanae to be so funny, her emoji is really too interesting. "】

Ganlu Temple Honey Li also approached Shi Wei in front of him at this moment, and she looked at each other curiously with sparkling eyes.

"Sir, you are really powerful, what kind of magical power is this?"

Shi Wei rubbed the other party's head, (Wang Lihao) This is just a very ordinary life magic, Spring Rain Recovery Technique. "

He turned around and came to the body of Butterfly Kanae, and in his hand condensed a brilliant ball of light with a diameter of ten centimeters at this moment.

"Kanae, I hope you can help me manage this small world.

The space inside is about the size of a neon country.

I hope Isayashiki you can assist Kanae to manage the entire Ghost Killing Squad,

Then recruit righteous and kind people all over the world, pass on your swordsmanship and wind swordsmanship, and maintain world peace. "

Shi Wei threw the ball of light into the barren forest outside the courtyard, and the forest immediately changed.

The majestic mountains of more than 6,000 meters rise at this moment, and the summit is the entire area of the city of Tokyo. The ball of light is suspended in it.

"Megumi Kana, come with me to see the inside of which ball of light?"

"It's so private."

In the ball of light is another beautiful scenery, with mountains and waters, the scenery is beautiful and spectacular, and only the two of them stay in this space of more than 400,000 square kilometers.

"Kanae, can you eat spicy today?"

"Spicy food?"

Kanae nodded, her face and skin flushed. "I can."

Then the two entered the luxurious room that took shape in an instant,

In close contact.............

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