When a huge peak of more than 6,000 meters suddenly rose behind the Shiki House, residents within a radius of 100 kilometers felt a violent earthquake.

And those who are relatively far away can see steep peaks like Excalibur suddenly appear on the neon land.

This is the means of the gods, moving mountains and reclaiming the sea to create all things.

So which god is the action?

Countless neon people either feared or expected to focus their attention on the mountain range that suddenly appeared like Excalibur.

Ghost Destroy the World, the next day.

Shi Wei takes the butterfly Kanae and returns from the Cave Heaven Stone in the peak.

The members of the Ghost Brake team had already started their morning exercises, and they already knew in their hearts when they saw the girl who returned with Shi Wei.

"Good morning, Mr. Shiwei, leader Kanae."

Isayashiki greeted the two warmly, he obviously didn't say anything, but he seemed to say everything.

It is very normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines in this world, and if there are not enough heirs, there may be a situation of extinction in this era.

So what happened between the two last night, they didn't bring it up again.

Watching everyone's training, Shi Wei wandered around boredly, and he sent Kanae into a bedroom.

, Kanae is now moving unchanged, it seems that she is more tired mentally, and her physical strength has recovered, but it is obviously better to lie down.

Shiwei has a means of turning back time237, which can transform Kanae into the physical state of a day or more ago.

So that he could be a groom night and night, of course, he just thought about it and did not do it.

After all, it is still very painful for women at first.

"Kanae's mountain words still seem to be a little cold, why not add two nursing home thunder beasts to her mountain?"

Just do what he says, Shi Wei condenses the creation divine power, and dazzling magic patterns echo around him.

So two thunderbolts sounded in the sky, and a dazzling hundred-meter thunder beast descended on the gate of the house, and the aura of not being angry and threatening was enough to make everyone's hearts jump.

I'm afraid that the strength of these divine beasts can easily destroy the entire city with one blow, right?

For a while, the eyes of all the ghost killing teams once again focused on Shi Wei's side.

"That's awesome! Is this one of the magical powers of Lord Ryujin? "

"My God, our breathing method may not even be comparable to ants in front of this divine beast."

"It's so strong! I want to challenge those two thunder beasts! "

Purgatory Kyojuro was about to move him, his voice unusually loud. Just as fiery as his fiery red hair.

"Kyoshiro! Don't die! "

The pillar gate, which was still training, heard the movement at this moment, and they all climbed over the wall, watching Shi Wei's movements from a distance.

Is this the power of God?

Then, the two hundred-meter thunder beasts began to shrink in size and changed into two cute female side herders.

"Isn't it? Is this kind of divine beast actually just looking after the nursing home? I envy it. "

Lianzhu is already envious of her at the moment, if only these two cute dogs could often play with her.

Lian Zhu came over at this moment, "Mr. Shi Wei, can I rub them?" So cute. "

"Yes, as long as they want to."

Before one of them could react, he was already held in his arms by Lianzhu,

Or that he is acting out his own poor reflexes. "Don't, don't touch."

Although this side herding thunder beast said no, its tail still wagged happily.

"Don't stop~!"

The other side herding thunder beast snorted coldly, "Hmph, the mouth says no, the body is quite honest." "

"From now on, the two of you will be specifically responsible for guarding the mountain peak in front of you, as well as the Dongtian God Stone at the top of the mountain.

Butterfly Kanae is your new master. "

Kanae's magical image appeared in front of the two thunder beasts, making them completely memorized in their minds.

"Yes! Lord Ryujin! "

Throughout the day, Shi Wei walked around the delivery house with a love pillar and two dog chains.

After the evening banquet, Shi Wei prepared to return to the inside of the Dongtian God Stone, where the top of Sword Mountain was located.

Honey Li of the Love Pillar Ganlu Temple came over, her expression was a little twisted, and her face turned crimson.

The plump and strikingly curved body attracted Shi Wei's attention at this moment.

"Mr. Shi Wei, are you free tonight?"


It was useless to say more, and the two teleported back to the inside of the Cave Heaven God Stone through the space opened by Shi Wei...

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Shi Wei walked out of the room refreshed again, and he had had a lot of fun in the past two days.

[Asuka: "Shi Wei hasn't been in the group to chat for two days, and it seems that they have a lot of fun this time. I don't know if Kanae can stand it.

Kanae, did you wake up? I have some medicine here to relieve the weakness of the waist, to make up for it? "】

[Kafka: "Is there a live broadcast?"] I just want to refer to the war situation a little bit and learn from the experience. "】

[Violet: "Live? Would you like to watch the host live? I now have a basic understanding of modern networks.

It's just that why do you want to look at the body of the master? "】

Butterfly Kanae was obviously a little embarrassed, but after all, there was no face to face. Therefore, no matter how embarrassed her expression is, she will not be discovered by others.

[Kanae: "What do you say, nothing happened between us, okay. You know, we just ate together very purely, and then we went shopping normally or something.

Really, how can a mind be so unhealthy. "】

Shi Wei: "The group friends are really active, it seems that everyone is very energetic."

Miss Joel, is your full-time scroll appropriate? "

Jorfujie: "Very good to use!" I'm using the Dark Templar's Career Scroll right now.

In this world, because only I have changed jobs, I am now unstoppable! "

Asuka: "Mr. Shiwei, I am going to build you a temple." Would it be convenient for you to come here then? "

"I remember that your world was not often attacked by apostles? Built a temple? "

Asuka was a little proud, "That's natural, I originally developed the building AT force field neutralizing bomb, only need a large-scale assembly line to produce firepower equipment, you can directly kill any apostle!" "

Shi Wei's eyes lit up, "Then you can go to your world to see, and when the temple over there is built, I will go over and take a look." "

Soon new messages appeared in the chat group.

Kanae uploaded a photo of her Dongtenjin Stone, which is only a mysterious stone about ten centimeters in diameter, and the interior is a huge space roughly the size of the entire Neon Country.

There are mountains and waters, light and night control.

Kanae: "It looks good, this is the Cave God Stone that Mr. Shiwei gave me before."

Every grass and tree here is very beautiful. It's so happy. "

Kafka: "Envy! I also want to have such a big Cave God Stone. But just think about it. "

Asuka: "I envy too"

Jolforte: "Me too, I'm so envious." "

Violet: "I don't envy, as long as I can always work for the master, I will be satisfied with being by his side."

Regesy: "This sister-in-law, you don't have to be so humble, the eldest brother will love every beautiful girl fairly!"

Especially a beautiful girl like you, he will definitely give each of his women the ultimate treatment. "

Shi Wei saw that the group members were envious, so he was still a little busy.

As the brilliance in his hand flickered, several Cave Heavenly God Stones also condensed in his hand.

"Hinata, put it away."

Shi Wei: "It's okay, I'll give it to you and you will accept it." "

Hinata also has a huge Cave God Stone in his hand that can hold the entire neon. Her careful liver also beat faster.

She has obviously become a woman, but she is still extremely shy.

Although I don't know what other people think, Hinata is very sweet now.

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