Chapter 19

Because only by completely ignoring the existence of evil spirits and not making any abnormal actions because of this can you guarantee the safety of your life.

Of course.

These are the girl's own guesses.

She didn't dare to verify it, and she didn't want to verify it.

Now she just wants to go home as soon as possible, go back to her warm bed, close her eyes and don't think about anything.

Even in her home, evil spirits have always existed.

It's just that although the girl's psychological quality is good, because of the empty streets, there is no half of a figure, coupled with the mist caused by light rain at night, the surrounding buildings and street lamps show a more terrifying silhouette.

In this case, the girl who had already seen evil spirits could not stop her fantasy at all.

However, the sky did not go against his wishes.

Often when something is particularly undesirable to happen, that event has a high probability of happening.

Because in her downcast gaze.

Under the street lamp that seemed to be swaying in the wind and rain, there was a man standing with his back to him, accompanied by a leisurely whimpering sound.

Under the silent night sky, pull extremely far.

The girl instinctively wanted to detour and leave, but the sound of footsteps gradually coming from behind her made her stop the pace of turning.

Because she knows that the more she is at such times, the more she has to make sure that she looks like a "normal person".

Once the evil spirits discover their differences.

Then it was her time to die.

The girl gripped her clothes and bags tightly, trying to make her body warmer, while also speeding up her pace.

After all, when it rains, even if you trot, it's normal.

The distance quickly closer.

The girl also saw the silhouette of the figure.

It seemed to be a little girl, wearing a schoolboy's school uniform with a double ponytail, and the slight whimpering sound came from her.

Want to take a look?

The intense curiosity and kindness made the girl can't help but think.

After all, children of this age are indeed easy to get lost, and if they are true, they cannot be left alone.

But the possibility of fake is also very high.

After all, it's so late, how many children will be left in such a place? So how big should a parent's heart be?

When there were still five or six meters left, the girl finally couldn't bypass her kindness and decided to ask what was going on.

After all, after getting closer, she did not find any traces of evil spirits from the little girl's body.

After all, she had seen a lot of evil spirits.

Basically, they are all blackened and risk the existence of ominous resentment.

But the little girl was still standing under the street lamp, and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Hello, little sister, are you lost with your family?"

The girl asked boldly.


That faint whimper disappeared.

The little girl with her back also lowered her hands that had been placed on her eyes, and fell down smoothly.

"Hello, little sister?"

The girl was a little puzzled.

But perceptive she soon discovered something strange.

That is, the girl's body did not look the slightest wet by the rain.

At this time, no matter how stupid she was, she could still react to what was going on.

"Big sister, can you... Can you see me? "

The little girl slowly turned around, and at the same time turned around with black resentment that burned like flames, and twisted the strange shape at a speed visible to the naked eye, instantly crushing the girl's sanity.

A great sense of fear struck, and although her whole body was shaking, the will to survive made her turn her head and run with all her strength.

"Big sister, you can see me..."

A grotesque and husky voice came from behind.

Even if the girl didn't look back, she knew that the evil spirit disguised as a human was rushing after her.

And that's exactly what happened.

It is no longer the appearance of a cute little girl, and is rushing towards the fleeing girl with her belly twisted and reversed in the way her limbs twisted and reversed.

It's like a crawling land spider.

Feeling the sound of getting closer and closer behind her, and the rancid and damp smell that was getting closer and closer, the girl's sanity had completely collapsed, and the strength of her whole body could only be used to run forward, and she didn't even know what direction she should run.

She was careful for so many years, but she didn't expect to encounter an evil spirit that could disguise herself as a human.

Her previous experience was completely useless.

For, when evil spirits discover that they can see them, whatever they do will help.

The ground was flooded by the rain, and even a shoe flew when fleeing for his life. 、

I don't know when.

The footsteps behind him stopped.

A few minutes of silence made her wonder if it was an illusion of her own appearance.

After all, walking at night can really make people nervous.

But this thought disappeared in an instant in the head that fell in front of him.

Unable to control herself, she let out her sharpest scream ever, her body fell backwards uncontrollably, and for the last second before closing her eyes, she only saw the evil spirit smiling and pounced on her.

Then, there is no then.

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