Chapter 20

On the way home, Rhode was shocked that he could still see someone performing performance art on the street so late.

A girl who went on a rampage, almost ran forward with her eyes closed.

A thing with upturned limbs and apparently not looking like a normal person is chasing wildly behind.

Rhode thought to himself, how can there be people so energetic on this big night and shoot this kind of performance art small video.

If you don't have a good life, you can bite the lighter.

However, Rhode soon noticed that the thing crawling on the ground was clearly not human.

It's not some curious little video shot by young people.

It's a real attack.

Although it is not clear what happened, Rhode still plans to do a small favor.

When the girl was thrown to the ground by "Spider-Man", Rhode quietly appeared behind the weird.

When Miko was pounced on by the evil spirit, his head was already blank.

The rush just now had drained the last bit of her strength, and now she could only lie on the ground gasping violently, waiting for death to come.

Or, not dying, going through other more terrible things.

After all, Miko had not experienced what happened after being discovered by evil spirits.

But I don't know when it started.

The grotesque, low, hoarse roar like a bellows stopped.

There was no pain for a long time, making Miko think that it was her hallucination just now.

But she didn't dare to open her eyes.

Until I heard a voice.


Rhode reached out and patted the grotesque Spider-Man's shoulder.

Evil inspiration is touched by being touched.

After death, the IQ of becoming an evil spirit plummets, and almost only the simplest biological instincts and pre-life instincts exist.

The evil spirit turned around and saw a man in a black coat.

The dim environment set off his face hazy, as if he could blend into the night at any time.

The evil spirit didn't know what was happening, but he could clearly feel the warm touch that had just touched him.


It's the breath of a living person!

It is far more vigorous vitality than this girl!

Then, like a wild beast, the evil spirit instantly turned the object and rushed towards Rhode.

But the moment it touched Rhode, the evil spirit's entire body burned.

That's right, burning in the physical sense.

The fierce flames instantly spread throughout the body, and in less than three seconds, they disappeared in a wail.

The corners of Rhode's eyes twitched slightly.

What is this new means of touching porcelain?

Touching porcelain to knock yourself out?

Hearing this strange and twisted howl, Miko opened her eyes slightly.

Instantly, there was another exclamation, and on the street where there was no second person, I don't know when a second person appeared.

A person wrapped in an overcoat, dimly lit, with her somewhat myopic and abrasive vision, she couldn't see the other person's face at all.

Although it was pitch black, for some reason, the moment I saw this figure, I inexplicably felt a little relieved?

Then, she saw that behind this figure, an evil spirit with teeth and claws appeared.

It was something that had been following her since she came out of the cinema!

"Be careful!"

As soon as the girl reminded her, Rhode glanced back.

As if because of the intertwined gaze, the body of the evil spirit froze for a moment, and the terrifying and empty eyes became much clearer in this instant.

"Abba Abba Abba ..."

The evil spirit made a sound, as if in... Apologize?

But Rhode didn't care so much, it didn't look like a good stubble directly waved and pinched its neck, slightly hard.

Just like just now, a violent flame burned on its body, and it quickly burned to the ground.

Then, the strange sounds and squirming shadows around the girl's eyes disappeared in an instant, and even the moon appeared from the dark clouds.

“... Even, even ghosts can be killed, you... Are you human? "

Yotsuya Miko hugged her arm, and she was so frightened just now that she stuttered when she spoke.

"So it's a ghost?"

After hearing another new revelation, Rhode's mood was still very stable.

Although he was a staunch atheist and materialist before his rebirth, his past experience is left to rest after the crossing.

At present, the world he traverses does not have any specific worldview, purely highlighting an inclusive inclusiveness.

It's just a weird thing, you can take two steps in a whole way.

Monsters, cannibals, plus ghosts now, what gods and demons Cthulhu and the like will appear in the future, Rhodes said that he was not strange.

It's good that he has power.

Otherwise, as an ordinary person, it is really difficult to live well here.

After all, it may be collected by the abnormality that appeared out of nowhere one day.

"Call a taxi for you?"

Rhode is still quite enthusiastic, and nothing has changed since crossing.

But he also wondered if he should brainwash this girl and make her forget what had just happened.

“... I, I promise I won't say anything! "

It's quite good.

Of course, the brainwashing that Rhode just thought about was also a joke, after all, neither Hypajeton nor the power of light has the ability to brainwash.

"What's your name?"

Rhode asked.

"Four... Miko Yotsutani, yes, is a sophomore at Toyonosaki Gakuen and lives in ..."

The girl shook out all the private information.

Rhode nodded.

It's Miko Yotsuya, no wonder.

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