Chapter 24

The picture is fairly clear and there is no distortion at all.

What surprised Rhode a little was that although Raiden was currently in a spirit state, his appearance was basically no different from when he was alive.

A dark purple gradient knee-length hair slipped from the back, like a tassel, and the closer to the end, the lighter the color of the hair became.

This long hair is braided with a few pink cords, and the left side of the head is decorated like a folding fan.

The picture showing only the upper body shows the girl wearing a white-purple kimono with a personal pattern embroidered on the sleeves, a red belt with a hem that cuts off at the thighs, and a purple oil-paper umbrella in her hands, giving the impression of being both ethereal and gentle.

Rhode sighed with some emotion.

Although the appearance of Raiden Zhen and Lei's movie are almost identical, Raiden Zhen is much gentler than Lei's movie no matter what angle it looks like.

This was followed by Amelia's talk to Erina.

Neither is a selfie, though.

A picture of a beautiful flower was published, with the caption: Practice hard today.

The other is the picture of the dim sum, with the text: The production of the new dish is a little lacking in sweetness, try hard next time!

Butterfly patience is nothing to do.

Rhode thought about it, and originally wanted to send a picture of a ghost with Daliu, but when he wanted to post it, he found that he didn't have time to take pictures at that time.

There was nothing to send, and Rhode gave everyone a thumbs up.


There are also new messages from the chat group.

Lei Dian Zhen: "@薙切绘里奈, can I eat the snack that failed to make it?" "

Erina: "This... It's not impossible, but after all, it's a failure, and I'm going to invite everyone to taste it after successfully developing a new product. "

Raiden Jin: "I don't mind. "

Amelia: "Can I eat it too?" "

Rhodes: "Give me a whole one, and I didn't eat in the morning." "

Butterfly Shinobu: "Ah... I've eaten them all. "

Lei Dianzhen: "It doesn't matter if you have eaten, there is another one in the stomach of the girl who packs dessert." "

Feeling difficult, Erinai could only send out the "failures" she made as red envelopes.

A saucer appeared in Rhode's hand, on which was placed a white rim and a pale pink pastry in the middle.

It was very small, and Rhode threw it directly into his mouth, and then his eyes lit up.

Snacks are generally made of flour, eggs and cream.

What else is inside, Rhode does not know, but it is delicious.

Sweet but not greasy, and even a little refreshing.

Raiden Zhen: "It's also so delicious, better than any dim sum I've ever eaten in my life!" "

Amelia: "How can something so delicious be a failure?" This kind of taste cannot be eaten even by aristocratic families. "

Amelia lived in the mansion of the Earl of the Frontier.

The treatment is of the highest standard, and the dishes and snacks are enough.

But compared to the "failure" in Erina's mouth, the previous thing is simply chewing wax.

Butterfly Shinobu: "It's delicious!" Delicious almost crying! "

The ghost killing team was already living quite hard because of the collusion between the island government and Wu Wu.

The usual dishes are clear soup and low water, as long as it can fill the stomach.

Being able to eat meat once a week is quite satisfying.

I didn't even think about desserts.

Erina: "It's not... That's really a failure, and the taste still has a lot to improve. "

Although Erina, Takekiri, was very happy, she herself was really not very satisfied.

Erina: "But if you like it, I'll try to do more in the future." "

A few more small talks.

Amelia: "@蝴蝶忍, how is the situation over there, are you okay?" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "The government found another stronghold of ours, and although everyone escaped in time, the situation is becoming more and more unfavorable for us." "

Lei Dengzhen: "How is the points collection?" I have close to seven hundred points on my side. "

Amelia: "I have six hundred on my side." "

Erina: "I only have more than two hundred. "

Butterfly Shinobu: "I have less than five hundred." "

Amelia: "It only adds up to two thousand, and it's a thousand different from three thousand." "

Butterfly Shinobu: "It's okay, after I talked to the leader and my sister yesterday, they have agreed to my proposal to launch a general attack, and at present, basically everyone has dispersed to Kyoto, disguised as an ordinary refugee to investigate without traces of misery, it will take a while to find him, and by then, it should be fine." "

Rod: "Pay attention to safety, if something happens to you, you will lose your previous achievements." "

Butterfly Shinobu: "I know, I will protect myself before you arrive." "

After that, Rhode chatted in the group for a while, and heard the movement from the attic, before he exited the group chat and looked at the girl who was holding the stairs down.

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