Chapter 25

Instead of a bathrobe, Yotsuya Miko changed into yesterday's uniform, which was a little loose, but a little more decent.

The girl glanced up at the news on the TV and said casually: "I feel that fires happen a lot." "

Yotsutaniko's reaction was flat.

For those who live in this city.

There was a fire at two ends in three days, and gas leaks and the like were commonplace.

But only Rhode knew.

How many of these catastrophic events are real?

"I heated breakfast in the microwave, but there was only bread and milk, so if you want something else, order takeaway."

After eating, the girl sat at the table in front of the bar like last night.

Until now, she was still not used to how to get along with Rhode.

But it's normal to think about it.

In the past, she was a little more cheerful, but since she had spiritual vision, the number of exchanges with other people plummeted, and there was no need to talk about the contact with boys, and so far there was only Yuri Chuanhua, the only confidant friend.

"Feel free to stay here if you want, but I think you'd better get home before evening."

After all, Rhodes is not a refugee shelter.

Yesterday, I just fished out a handful of girls, and I let her stay overnight.

What's more, Yotsuya Miko is not a kitten that was discarded by anyone.

"Well... Good. "

Shitsuya Miko nodded.

Although the sense of security from the bottom of her heart made her want to stay here, it was not appropriate for reason.

Forcibly asking to stay here would cause Mr. Rhodes a lot of trouble.

Of course.

The girl didn't want to just walk away.

After all, she was really scared to pee last night.

If she encounters a ghost who can disguise herself as a human in the future, I am afraid that it will really be her festival.

After all, she couldn't be lucky enough to meet Mr. Rhode every time.

"That, Mr. Rhodes, I... I actually have something I want to say to you..."

"What's wrong?"

Rhode looked at the girl.

He could probably guess what was going on in Miko's mind.

If it were himself, he would definitely not want to leave his life-saving straw.

"I... Can I do odd jobs in your shop? Yotsuya pursed her lips, wanting to look but not daring to look at Rhode, "I don't need to be paid very much, the hourly wage is the lowest... No, it doesn't matter if you don't give it to me, so is that okay? "

Hearing this, Rhode fell into deep thought.

He hadn't thought that Miko would make such a request.


As a waiter.

After speaking, the black-haired girl slowly raised her head and looked at Rhode with an expectant and worried expression, but in fact, she did not have much hope in her heart.

After all, Mr. Rhodes must have guessed her thoughts.

I don't really want to work, I just want to seek a shelter.

"Yes, yes."

Sure enough....

The girl's expression was a little bitter, how could she agree to this somewhat rude request?


Wait a minute.

"But is your family okay?"

"Didn't... No problem! My mother has always been working outside the home, father... I also died a long time ago, and I was usually alone at home, no... No, there are many, many ghosts, big, medium, and small everywhere, usually even taking a bath, going to the toilet can meet ghosts and talk to me..."

Rhode was a little puzzled.

He remembers that in the plot, Shitsuya Miko also has a younger brother.

But he didn't care about such a trifle.

The younger brother is gone, it doesn't hurt.

Although Rhodes had not posted a job advertisement before, sometimes the business in the store was too good, and he was a little busy alone.

One more person is just enough to help deliver food to guests, do some back-up cooking and so on.

And when you cross into the world of group members in the future, you don't have to close the door directly.

After Rhode promised Yotsuya Miko, the girl was instantly overjoyed, and almost cried out directly excitedly.

Then, without Rhode's own request, the girl tightened her belt and began to get busy, and also set a "trial period" for herself.

If there is any dissatisfaction, Rhode can fire her at any time.

The girl's volunteerism made Rhode smile.

With the spur of such a thing as "ghost", even if Rhode manages it loosely, Yotsuya Miko will definitely work quite hard.


A young customer was welcomed to the store again.

Shiwa Kasumigaoka, wearing a pale white dress and small leather shoes, appeared in the store.

With the light ringing of the bell on the door, Kasumigaoka naturally sat on the chair in front of the bar and spoke: "Mr. Rhode, have a latte, put more milk and less sugar." "

"This guest, please wait."

Hearing the unexpected sound, Kasumi Zhiqiu frowned slightly.

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