Chapter 26

Before this, she didn't seem to have seen this girl coming.

Although he saw that the other party was wearing work clothes, Kasumi Zhiqiu subconsciously asked: "Are you an employee here?" "


Yotsuya nodded, though a little strange why she would ask that.

If you are not an employee, how can you wear work clothes here?

"I've never seen you before."

Kasumigaoka said.

"Because I just joined today, it's normal that I haven't seen me before, are my classmates regulars at the café?"

Miko Yotsuya asked.

The girl's face was a little familiar, and she guessed if she had seen it somewhere, but she was not very impressed.

"Sort of, I'm familiar with your boss."

Somehow, Kasumigaoka Shiyu talked about his relationship with Rhode.

"That's how it is."

While making coffee, Yotsuya Miko felt in her heart that the girl Rhode knew was really beautiful.

Compared with her, he has no advantage at all.

However, he is an employee of the boss's family, and he spends the longest time with Mr. Rhodes every day!


Why did I suddenly think that?

"What about Mr. Rhodes?"

Kasumigaoka Shiwa asked casually.

"Should be in the back kitchen... Right? "

While saying this, the two women just saw Rhode, who was wearing a store manager's uniform, walking out from the direction of the back kitchen.

Of course, Rhode didn't really go to the kitchen to cook, but went to the basement for training.

In the materials of Baxter and the Land of Light, there is a lot of training related to fighting skills.

In addition, there are some miniaturized props, and there may be some unexpected surprises if you look at the information.

After leaving the basement and seeing Shiyu Kasumigaoka, Rhode smiled: "Today is also here?" "

Seeing Rhode, Kasumigaoka Shiyu finally no longer had a somewhat cold expression, but revealed a bored look that seemed to be revealed when he was with friends.

She lay on the bar a little weakly, and her whole body exuded a decadent atmosphere.

Rhode glanced at her: "The new book pounced again?" "

Hearing this, Kasumi Hills Shiyu instantly blushed.

"You... Who did you listen to? I'm currently taking materials, and even the book has not been officially serialized, how can I call it pounce again? "

In this regard, Rhode chuckled: "Is your other pen name called Xia Shiyu?" That romance novel serialized on the Internet has been serialized for several chapters, and the data is very low, and it has not been updated since yesterday, right? Cut? "

Hearing this, Kasumigaoka Shiyu's face turned even redder: "The matter of writing a novel, can that be called cut?" I... I just took a book to practice my hands first, and the book that has not yet been officially published stops serializing, how can it be called cut? "

Rhode continued to look at him with a faint smile.

And Kasumigaoka Shiyu was soon raised the white flag under Rhode's eyes that saw through everything.

"That... That's because the market is different from before, a few years ago, when love light novels were popular, I could be popular by writing casually, and now the wind has suddenly changed, so I thought about changing the theme..."

"Or Mr. Rhodes, you don't tell me the truth?!"

Good guy, is it still on my head?

Rhode shrugged: "You just demand too much of yourself, although you can't reach your previous height, but you are very good compared to others." "

Kasumigaoka Shiyu's experience can't help but remind Rhode of a novel author he knew before crossing over.

After graduating from college, after quitting his job for a year, he wandered around the house and fantasized all day that he was a writer.

Although I have always been at home, I have been nestled in my bedroom all day without going out of the door, knocking on the computer, but the things knocked out are completely unseen, but I still feel good about myself.

Rhode also visited occasionally.

Every time I passed, I found that the other party was playing a game, and when I said that the novel had been updated for a few chapters, I was looking for inspiration.

After saying it a few times, I still played a game.

After that, Rhodes crossed.

I don't know how his friend is, and whether anyone has seen what he knocked out.

Hearing Rhode's comfort, Kasumigaoka Shiha's expression softened a lot, and then glanced at Shiko Yotsutani, who seemed to be eavesdropping next to him.

A casual chat.

"When did you hire employees?"

"Oh, just yesterday." Glancing at the girl who pretended to be diligent, "She should be considered officially at work today, why, you also want to come?" "

Hearing this, Kasumi Hills immediately wanted to agree.

But thinking carefully about his own situation, he could only shake his head.

Before parting, Shiwa Kasumigaoka left a sentence of "I will come often in the future" and left.

And Rhode also knew what was going on.

I looked at my face in the mirror, and then fell into deep helplessness.

Isn't your current self a little too handsome?

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