Chapter 27

In the afternoon, Rhode asked Miko to leave work early.

The girl changed into dried clothes and left step by step.

After getting on the bus and staying some distance away from the café, Yotsuya Miko saw the ghosts with twisted limbs and resentment all over again.

They roam the streets aimlessly.

At the same time, he walked in front of passers-by "with pleasure" and kept saying things like "can you see me, can you see me".

Miko lowered her head and played with her phone before she was targeted by the ghost.

Sure enough, only in the vicinity where Mr. Rhodes lived, those evil spirits would not appear.

Thinking of this, the girl had the idea of moving.



After a few days, everything was calm.

The news of the fire in the suburbs gradually lost its popularity, just like the previous monster infestation.

Still, Rhodes can occasionally see on the TV news that someone is missing or other gas leaks.

Of course, none of that happened in the city, otherwise he would have had to investigate.

If he can catch a few big fish from behind the scenes, his experience points will not worry.

However, I don't know if it's because his two appearances have gone too far, causing some villains to dare not show their heads.

Therefore, in the past few days, after closing at night, Rhode will also find the places where some evil spirits mentioned in Yotsutaniko's mouth gather more, and then put them all away.

However, the "ghost" who is strong in animation is too weak in Rhode's eyes.

Even some huge ghosts who looked unusual couldn't hold up a few of Rhode's eyes.

A little more serious, and it burned straight to itself.

Thanks to him, after cleaning up those ghosts, Rhode gained little experience points.

The power of light has hardly improved.

Not even as much as he had saved Yotsuya Miko before.

Rhode thought to himself, this is probably because no one is there.

After all, no matter which tokusatsu worldview, human beings are Ultraman's biggest charging treasure, even more outrageous than the sun.

Of course, cleaning up the ghosts won't make a difference.

Take the words of Shitani Miko, on the way to and from school, she even dared to glance around, unlike before, she only dared to play with her mobile phone with her head down, for fear of looking at the ghost.

But a few days later, Yotsuya Miko told Rhode nervously that she had encountered several evil spirits on her way to school before.

Rhode guessed that the ghosts were probably naturally generated.

After all, people die every minute and every second in this world, whether it is an accident, illness or natural death, there is a certain chance of becoming an evil spirit.

Rhodes has been in this city since he came into this world.

But if you think about other cities, the situation will only be worse than this one.

Fortunately, the ghost is limited by the rules and cannot take the initiative to harm people, otherwise, the world would have been out of order.

Rhode told Yotsuya Miko his conjecture.

The girl tried to guess for a while, and then couldn't help but shiver.

If there were no rules, the social order would have collapsed long ago.

At the same time, the idea of moving to the vicinity of Rhodes' house became stronger!

Rhode also thought about this consequence.

The probability is the situation in the novel "mysterious recovery", and at every turn it is collective death, or a city becomes a dead city.

Fortunately, he wasn't afraid.

But looking at the frightened girl, he thought that as a boss, should he seek benefits for his own employees?

Miko Yotsuya is now barely half of his own, and when it comes to the holidays, not only does he work hard, but he also clocks in early every time he goes to work, which also increases his revenue from this café.

After all, Yotsuya Miko's craftsmanship is quite good, so when she is working, she also makes some limited-time dishes for sale.

Such a good employee, if he suddenly encounters an accident while walking on the road, won't he be able to touch the fish in the future?

Thinking of this, Rhode called Shitani Miko, who was cleaning the table.

The girl in the clerk's uniform looks full of vitality and no longer as mournful as in the anime, which is probably the original character of Shitani Miko.

"Mr. Rhodes, is there anything I need to do?"

Shitsuya Miko asked a little restrainedly.

Rod handed the girl a contract printed on A4 paper.

"The probationary period has passed, from today you will be my regular employee here, enjoy five insurances and one housing fund for normal company employees, work two days a week, and calculate holidays separately."

Yotsuya Miko glanced at it a little confused.

When she saw her monthly salary, her eyes widened instantly.

She didn't know what the contract was, but she knew what the zeros behind the numbers represented.

300,000 yen per month!

This does not include insurance as well as bonuses.

What is this concept?

Although not a lot compared to the employees of those big companies, the important thing is that she only needs to work two days a week!

"This... That's too much, Mr. Rhodes, I don't think so! "

Yotsuya Miko is not a wealthy family, plus he lives alone, so he has a clear understanding of money.

This is completely the boss pouring money!

Wrapped up?

The word popped out of Yotsuya Miko's head.

Then she glanced at Rhode in confusion, and immediately shook her head fiercely.

Even if she is raised by the boss, it is a big profit for her.

What's more, she wanted to come to work to avoid evil spirits.

"Mr. Rhodes, you have given too much..."

Yotsuya Miko overcomes her lust for money and strongly demands that Rhode transfer her salary.

This made Rhodes a little uncomfortable.

Although he also knows that he is high, Rhode has completed wealth freedom in this life, and even if the café is not well operated in the future, he can run to the territory of gangsters or other underworld forces to get money.

However, at the strong insistence of Miko Yotsutani, Rhode eventually lowered her salary.

It is set at 100,000 yen per month, and 200,000 yen per day during winter and summer vacations, and overtime is counted separately.

Seeing that his salary was lowered, Yotsuya Miko was relieved.

"By the way, after work tonight, you accompany me to a place."

Rhodes said.

Hearing this, Yotsuya Miko reacted for a few seconds, and he didn't know what he thought, and his face turned red in an instant.

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