Chapter 31

"Here... Mountain god? "

Shitsuya Miko thought she had misheard.

I have always been evil spirits and ghosts before, how did the mountain god suddenly appear.

Taking in the girl's expression, Rhode smiled: "Although it is true that it is a mountain god, doesn't the local culture like to worship some mountain spirits as gods?" There are serious gods, only the high heaven plain god system, so the mountain gods here are at most powerful monsters and evil spirits. "

Rhode remembers the Three Fox Valley Shrine, and there was a story in the past.

The ancients were ignorant, and in order to get the wind and rain smooth, they adopted the method of living sacrifice and cut off the head of a young girl and worshiped it here.

Since then, the resentment of the young girl who was a living sacrifice has accumulated over the years, and the villagers have come to worship it, and over time she has become an evil spirit.

However, compared to other evil spirits who will actively attack humans, the mountain gods here are considered neutral.

There is no experience of actively hurting people in the plot of the original work.

And after the heroine made a wish, she had three opportunities to get shelter from the evil spirits.

But after three passes, "whatever price" needs to be paid.

The price is the lives of Miko Yotsuya and Hana Yurikawa.

Of course, this price cannot be promised.

After all, if the heroine dies, the following story cannot be filmed.

So the other psychic beings united to save the girl, and after destroying the token placed by the mountain god, she was defeated.

Think about it.

In the original work, Miko Yotsuya can also be regarded as crossing the river and demolishing the bridge.

Being sheltered by the mountain god three times is equivalent to three more lives, but in the end, it is scattered.

Of course.

The contract signed by the mountain god was also a fraudulent contract, after all, the heroine did not understand it at that time.

But it doesn't matter now.

"The strength of the mountain gods here is not bad, and it is more than enough to deal with ordinary ghosts."

In fact, Rhode's original intention was to teach Jianzi some of the means of removing spirits on TV.

But his power is himself, and there is really no way to teach it.

In desperation, I can only choose a lucky one at random.

He wanted to go over and catch a powerful ghost, but considering that the ghost could not listen to people and was uncontrollable, he could only pick one who could understand people's words and was controllable.

And the mountain god is the lucky one who was chosen by Rhode.

Although Yotsuya Miko felt a little outrageous, after all, it was an open mouth, so she closed her eyes and made a wish after dropping a coin in the drop box.

As for what Xu was, because Rhode didn't say anything, the girl casually said something like "ask the gods to bless" and the like.


The girl felt the wind gradually blowing around her.

At the same time, it seems that I can faintly hear the wind mixed with sounds that seem to be someone talking.

The other side.

After the girl made her wish, Rhode also sensed that something had emerged from the shrine.

It was a chaotic and blurry mist that gradually formed the image of a fox's head.

Yotsuya Miko also saw this scene and opened her mouth in surprise.

It turns out that what Mr. Rhode said is true that there are mountain gods here!

But if there are gods in this world, why do you let evil spirits everywhere?

The fox glanced at the girl, and then looked deeply at Rhode, with a different color in his eyes.

If there is a human face, it will show a longing salivation.

This man's life energy is the purest existence it has seen in thousands of years.

If it can swallow this human life energy, it will no longer have to be bound here.

So, it turned to the girl and said, "I will shelter you three times, and after three times, I will take you and the man next to you as a price." "

In the eyes of the girl, it was just the sound of the wind.

But on the side of the mountain god, he was directly ready to sign the contract.

However, just before the contract was formed.

A sense of presence that could not be ignored emerged from the man.

The strange feeling of sudden arrival made the mountain god look over again.

And it was such a simple look at each other that made the mountain god notice, this man was actually looking at himself?

He... Can you actually see me?

But it doesn't matter, as long as the contract is signed, it will come to collect the lives of the two at that time.

But before that.

Rhode's face suddenly changed: "What grade are you, you actually dare to look at me like this?" "

Originally, he also wanted to salute first and then soldier, so that the mountain god obediently became an employee benefit of the café.

But now, he actually wants to sign a fraudulent contract, and by the way, he treats Rhodes as a tribute?

Then there is nothing to say.

Rhode waved casually, and the pure power made the wind blow and make the shrine crumbling.


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