Chapter 32

Although he has not transformed, Rhode is still different from the human body in those tokusatsu plots.

After all, those were his powers.

Super power, super speed, and it's not too easy to send a wave or something.

And his current situation is similar to that of Obu Ultraman's human body Red Kai.

After all, people can block the attacks of monsters in the way of human bodies without giganticism, and they can stay in a frozen car at minus tens of degrees for several hours, and there is no.

This made Rhode always wonder if under Ob's holster was the gigantic red kai.

But if you think about it, it's not right, after all, the expressiveness has become weaker.

In contrast, the human body in other tokusatsu dramas is simply a weak chicken.

Rhode's current situation is similar to that of Hong Kai.

In a way, he's even stronger.

Rhode's actions, the shrine crumbled, and the mountain god was completely angry.

Because as he said, the mountain god here is not an orthodox god, but a powerful evil spirit pinned on an object.

And that object is the head of the girl who was sacrificed alive here.

Although it is only a white bone today, it is an important sustenance for the appearance of the mountain god.

The Sanhudani Shrine originally did not have a mountain god, or the former mountain god was also a ghost.

However, after the girl was sacrificed alive, her own resentment and the aura obtained through the offering became the "evil spirit" that entrenched here to seal the true mountain god, and she lived here in the name of the mountain god.

But at the end of the day, a ghost is a ghost.

The demon wind is great, and the mountain god has also revealed his true face.

It was a fox-like creature with a mixture of pale white and black, just the momentum, and the evil spirits in the city were not at the same level.

"Those who offend the mountain gods and disrespect will be punished!"

I don't know when.

After the appearance of the fox-like mountain god, two short-haired girls dressed in witch costumes also haunted by an ominous aura appeared on the left and right sides of the shrine.

His skin was as pale as snow, but his eyes were covered by a layer of black light, hollow and godless.

But the expression on his face was distorted and angry.

Rhode knew that the two girls were the gods of the fox mountain god, and they were also humans who had been taken away from their lives after making a wish to the mountain god in the past.

After becoming a mountain god, he served for hundreds of years.

If Miko Yotsutani had no one to help her in the original work, it would have become like this.

"Alas? Miscellaneous... What's the situation? "

Yotsuya was panicked.

But Rhode just got her on the side.

At this moment, the fox god also revealed a more distorted form.

The body splits from the middle of the skull and expands from the inside.

The body soon became larger than the shrine, and the appearance that looked a bit like a mountain god continued to split, and countless black hairs scattered on the huge skull, like two strings of bells hanging from the ends of two fox ears.

The face is as terrifying as a ghost, and under the neck is a long animal-like spine, covered with white hair, but dozens of arms grow out of the abdomen, showing a clustered shape, and the inside of the arms are countless bells.

Further back are the thick hind hooves and the tail-like thing that grows barbs.

Miko Yotsuya looked at the monster in front of her with her mouth open.

Thoughts raced in my head.

What kind of evil spirit is this?

How come you've never seen it before?

Is this a mountain god?

I don't know....

I'm probably going to die, right?

Strong fear spread from her heart, as if the stimulating scene directly made her sit on the ground with her legs limp.

His eyes were black, and he almost fainted.

After completing the transformation, the mountain god let out a roar towards Rhode, and the slender woman-like palm on his abdomen stretched out towards Rhode.

And then.

It was directly stunned.

The humans who were originally here have disappeared.

The next moment.

Under the dim moonlight, a huge shadow descended, shrouding the figure of the mountain god.

The mountain god subconsciously turned his head, and his originally hideous and terrifying expression was instantly stunned.

Because she saw a behemoth.

It was bigger than those tall buildings, bigger than her body.

The mountain god's head suddenly went blank.

She had lived here for hundreds of years and had never seen such a creature.

Then, the mountain god's body suddenly froze.

She suddenly remembered that the heavenly thing that had descended from heaven not long ago and killed a monster in seconds.

And she never imagined that she could finally meet a human who came to make a wish, but encountered such a terrifying existence.


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