Chapter 38


Butterfly Kanae's eyes became pleasantly surprised.

She didn't actually know who Rhode was.

It's just that one day, Butterfly Shinobu suddenly tells her that a man named Rhode will lead them to solve the Ghost King soon.

Although I don't know why, Butterfly Kanae has 100% trust in her sister.

It is precisely because of this that she persuaded the other pillars and lords to propose to search for Ghost Mai Tsuji without a trace of misery.

Otherwise, if the butterfly alone endures a person, no one will believe it at all.

"Of course it's true!"

Butterfly nodded seriously.

Rhode said so definitely in the group, she would not doubt whether the other party would come.

After all, this was proposed by Rhode himself.

Later, Butterfly Kanae looked at the others in the basement.

"Everyone, you have all heard Shinobu's words, that man named Rhode will come over in two days."

"Also, Lord Rhode also said that the plan to search for the Ghost King can also be terminated to prevent further casualties in our Ghost Killing Team."

Shinobu Butterfly added.

Hearing this, some people looked happy, but others looked worried, and at the same time held deep doubts and disdain.

"Do you still believe what she says? How can one person change the current state of the country?! "

Rough voices echoed through the room.

People were looking at him.

Immortal Kawa Miya, the wind pillar in the ghost killing team, is good at the breath of the wind.

However, compared to the gentle butterfly Kanae, he is prone to anger and has a rough personality.

Seeing him open his mouth to refute, everyone was also expected.

But Immortal Kawa Minoru is also right.

According to Butterfly Shinobu's words, they will only welcome one helper.

And what can a person do?

Not to mention killing the ghost king, even the guards of the official palace can't get by.

And most of the people in the ghost killing team agreed to the plan to directly find the traces of the ghost king because the ghost killing team was just as desperate if it continued.

It's better to just give it a go, search for no misery, and come up with a decapitation tactic.

For the thoughts of Butterfly Shinobu and Butterfly Kanae, the vast majority of the people in the Ghost Killer Team simply listen to it as a joke.

Can you alone carry a ghost, but can you carry the spears and cannons of the government?

"The person in charge of logistics before has already come to inform us, and soon after, the people from the government will search our place, we can't hide forever, only by taking the initiative to find the whereabouts of the ghost king as soon as possible, we can completely end this dark age!"

Immortal Kawa said very loudly.

"You have to hide from yourselves, and at night I will go out alone to find it!" As the ghost king, it is impossible for him to hide in the houses of civilians, and the whole of Tokyo, only the Imperial Palace, we have not searched! "

"No, the palace is heavily guarded, and it is too dangerous to enter rashly."

Butterfly Kanae couldn't help but say.

Who doesn't know that the ghost king is most likely hiding inside the palace?

But the palace has officers and soldiers patrolling twenty-four hours a day, plus that place must be full of ghost eyeliner, rushing in is simply sending death!

"We will create a commotion outside, lure away some of the ghosts and officers and soldiers, and leave the rest to you young people."

This time it was the previous water column Taki Taki who opened his mouth.

And standing beside him were the previous generation Ming Pillar and the previous generation Yan Pillar.

Because of the desperate decision of the Ghost Killer Team, the former pillars who retired from the front line in the past were also invited out of the mountain.

In order to kill the ghost king, they are also ready to sacrifice at any time.

"Even you..."

Butterfly Kanae was shocked.

She didn't expect that in the end, only she was kept in the dark.

"I'm sorry, Kanae, if it were you, you wouldn't agree to our plan, and then tell Lord Lord to stop us."

This time it was a giant man with short hair in a cassock.

The name is Sorrowful Yu Xingyu, and in the past, he saved the butterfly sister flower from the hands of the ghost.

Butterfly Kanae also did not expect that this man, who has always been honest, also learned to deceive.

Now that the plan has been finalized, it makes no sense to tell the owner of the household.

This is also the first time that the people of the Ghost Killing Team have bypassed the decision made by the Lord so far.

Butterfly Kanae dissuaded, but knew that she could not stop them.

Until the end, even I couldn't feel at ease and wanted to act with them.

However, it was stopped by Sorrowful Yu Xingxing.

"You can't go with us, whether the plan succeeds or not, we must keep the last of the fire, and if you don't see us back by noon tomorrow, then leave Tokyo with the rest of you, and go as far as possible."

"It is better to leave the country with everyone and, if possible, tell the rulers of other countries about the current state of the island nation."

Butterfly Shinobu on the side silently watched his sister argue with them.

All are already determined to die.

And her heart became more and more anxious, praying that the day after tomorrow would come soon.

After all, that's all butterfly Shinobi can do.

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