Chapter 39

Night came quickly.

Butterfly Shinobu watched the people of the Ghost Killing Team organize equipment, or explain the aftermath, and was powerless and unable to stop it.

"Are you really not thinking about it anymore? Just wait another day, a day. "

Butterfly Kanae also wants to keep.

Because she saw death in their eyes.

"Time does not wait for anyone, waiting one more day will have many more variables, and before they are fully vigilant, they can only kill the ghost king as quickly as possible, and we are not at all worried about handing over the future to someone we have never seen before."

The elderly Taki Zuo said seriously.

"Hmph! Anyway, if you continue like this, it won't take a few years to live, it's a big deal to die in the hands of ghosts! "

Immortal Kawa Shiya spoke very cheerfully.

But his hands were shaking slightly.

After all, he still has a reassuring brother in this world.

A man with a headscarf and diamonds and pearls on his headscarf, Ulu Tianyuan patted him on the shoulder.

"As long as the ghosts live for one day, our descendants have no future, I have three wives and children, I don't want them to live in a world full of ghosts after they are born."


The rock pillar was sad, and tears flowed from the corners of his eyes.

There was a sad expression on his humble face.

Making this decision is not easy for everyone.

The road to revenge on ghosts is full of hardships and dangers, not to mention the obstruction of fellow human beings.

But no one is afraid, because everyone knows that they are not alone.


After a while.

A group of people dressed up as local residents, while the nikki knife was hidden in their arms or wrapped in cloth, and left in batches.

Although the vision is poor at night, the members of the Ghost Killer Team have already figured out how to move around at night.

Compared with the officers and soldiers who are greedy for life and afraid of death, and ghosts are together.

That is, the difference between ordinary adults and special forces.

Therefore, the ghost killing team easily bypassed the patrols and eyeliner of officers and soldiers, and some of them were directly stunned and tied up if they couldn't get around.

For these compatriots who are still human beings, they still can't bear to die.

Soon, they went around the Imperial Palace, where the Emperor lived.

In this era, there is no surveillance, and there is no infrared alarm, all with a pair of eyes, at most plus the dog's sense of smell.

As long as they bypass the officers and soldiers who are patrolling normally, the ghost killing team is simply like entering a no-man's land inside, with their martial arts.

Although it seems strange, it is impossible to withdraw at the moment.

Deep inside the palace, there were few guards inside, only a few dozing servants.

"How do I feel that something is not quite right in the palace?"

The deeper I go, the more strange it gets.

Ulu Tianyuan looked at the intricate cloister in front of him.

The palace looks quite large from the outside, but the places they pass by each time are quite narrow, occasionally passing some rooms, and the decoration inside is extremely simple.

This is a royal palace, not a commoner's home.

After walking hundreds of steps, everyone finally came to a spacious room.

The room is the size of three or four basketball courts, and the brightly lit environment makes it clear that it is more like a luxurious garden than a room.

Flower beds rockeries, ponds and willows.

Immortal Kawa Shiya and Uru Tengen exchanged glances, and then back to back, pulled out the Nikki knife and carefully walked in.

Suddenly, there was a noise not far away.

They looked warily.

With the opening of the tatami wooden door, a familiar figure of the two walked in.

It's the rest of the Ghost Slayer.

Not only that.

One after another, people walked out from other exits, and all their companions who came out from all directions showed surprised expressions.

After entering the palace, they split up and tried to find the Ghost King's trace as quickly as possible.

But looking for it, how did you come across a piece again?


A low and mocking laugh sounded in the empty scene.

"It's really thanks to you that you were able to find here, originally I wanted to go to you, but I didn't expect you to really send it to the door yourself, should I say that you are unscrupulous? Or is it too courageous? "

Along with the source of the sound, everyone saw a handsome man wearing a suit with two small pinch of curly hair on the sideburns on the left and right sides.

The man's appearance looked very young, and he looked no more than about twenty years old.

A smile appeared in the corner of his eye.

Although he was laughing, the smile only made people feel terrified and cold.

Although he had never seen the true face of the Ghost King before, he could guess his identity just by looking at his status surrounded by a kind of upper and lower string ghosts.

The ghost king Oni Mai Tsuji is not miserable!

Did this man, who had expected the plan of the Ghost Killing Squad early on, was waiting for them here?!

It can even be said.

After they entered the palace, they were always monitored by the ghost king, and then they were specially led from different places to the same place.

"It seems that everyone has not all arrived yet."

Wu Mian stood on the stands, looking down at the figure of the ghost killing team condescendingly, his eyes were cold, as if he was looking at a dead person.

Although there may be fish that have slipped through the net, it doesn't matter.

The backbone of the Ghost Killer Team has all gathered here, as long as they are killed and the inheritance of the Ghost Killing Team is buried, this country will no longer be able to resist his power.

As for the Isayashiki family.

After using the power of the government, it is not worth mentioning at all.

This country will eventually become...

No, it's already in his pocket.

Even the current emperor and ministers are his pawns, what else can he not do?


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