Chapter 41

For the ghost killing team's behavior of sneaking directly into the palace, Rhode only had one comment "send to death".

After all, reality is different from anime.

In the anime, Oni Mai Tsuji is purely a crumb boss, and even saw Tanjiro wearing an earring similar to that worn by Jikokuichi was so frightened that he never dared to go out again.

It's like Marvel's countless parallel universes.

In reality, he is not so timid.

In other words, in the decades when he was almost hacked to death by Ji Guoyuan, Wu Mi has been holding back.

It wasn't until the death of Ji Kokuichi that he came out of the mountain to test it, and then learned that the country no longer had a human warrior like Kokuenichi out of control.

It is highly likely that the emperors of the island nations will be controlled by them.

In this way, the military power of the island country also indirectly fell into his hands.

Although the members of the ghost killing team are all superb in martial arts, especially Zhu, they can be said to be talented martial arts masters in martial arts novels.

But a samurai is a samurai after all.

The water flow flame special effects on the TV are all fake, and they can't be grasped in reality.

In the face of the threat of dozens of guns and even artillery, it is strange that they can succeed.

What's more, Wu Mi and the ghosts under his subordinates possess a blood ghost technique that is a real power.

Naruto was able to create "eyeballs" as long as they were scattered around the palace, and the surveillance power was stronger than modern monitoring equipment.

Of course, Rhode can't do much now.

To be honest, even if those people died, Rhode didn't feel anything.

After all, I haven't even seen each other.

However, if there was time, Rhode still did not mind helping them.


"Sister, I have already confirmed with Lord Rhode, as long as it is past midnight, he will definitely come."

Butterfly Shinobu said.

"I trust you and that friend of yours, but... Is there really time in time? "

Butterfly Kanae shook her head.

It's not that she doesn't believe it, it's that time is too short.

Although the notice says that the execution will be carried out at midnight, who can be sure that there will be no moths in the middle?

Butterfly Kanae has been working with others for quite some time.

Although the personalities are different, the people are not bad.

Everyone is working hard to get rid of ghosts.

If you die under the guns of your compatriots in the end, it will be too sad.

"Shinobi, I'll go to the execution site tonight."

Butterfly Kanae made her decision almost immediately.

"Sister! But..."

Butterfly Shinobu knew what she was worried about.

To be fair, she certainly didn't want the other ghost killing squads to be shot, but now the execution ground was obviously a trap.

It is easy to illustrate this without immediately executing the ghost killing squad charged with robberry.

"Even if it's a trap, I can't watch it."

Butterfly Kanae shook her head with a serious expression on her face.

Then, a gentle smile appeared on his face.

"Besides, sister, I'm not going to send it to death, just let the execution site fall into chaos, and then insist on waiting until that friend of yours arrives, isn't it good?"

Hearing this, Butterfly Shinobu also knew that her sister had made up her mind, so she no longer dissuaded her, but she also wanted to follow along.

However, it was stopped by the butterfly Kanae.

She said seriously, "Although I don't know who your friend is, if you want to appear, your safety is also necessary, right?" So you can't go. "

The butterfly endured silence.

Time flies quickly.

After sunset, night quietly falls again.

Today is not a sunny day, and the thick clouds in the sky are even thicker after nightfall.

The streets of Tokyo are crowded and even more lively than ever.

People are celebrating the arrest of the robbers who killed and set fires, and tonight they will be executed with justice.

As everyone knows, those ghosts lurking in the crowd and disguised as ordinary people are excitedly looking for new prey.

Not often.

A light rain fell from the sky.

The rain pounded on the plastic shed and glass, making a faint sound.

The neon light casts a dim glow.

The whole city is shrouded in darkness, and the decoration of rainy nights makes it look bleak.

The raindrops succumbed to gravity and landed on the ground, gradually dyeing the city with more blurry colors, appearing heavy and bleak.

The wind shuttles through the buildings of the city, as if telling its pain and sorrow, but everything is silently borne by the city.

The wind gradually subsided, leaving only the city shrouded in black moisture.

The city does not speak, but it seems to silently express a silent indictment of the world, witnessing betrayal and separation.

Before departure.

Other members of the Ghost Killer Squad also contacted Butterfly Kanae.

Unable to sit idly by while their compatriots were killed, they decided to rob the court together.

After all, since everyone joined the Ghost Killing Team, they have been ready to die at any time.

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