Chapter 42

Rainy night.

The remaining ghost killers changed into night clothes, their faces under the masks showing urgency and determination.

Everyone knows what they're going to face next.

The spears and cannons from their compatriots, and the monsters that hide in the shadows and choose people to eat.

The guards near the execution site were much weaker than the palace.

A group of people, led by Butterfly Kanae, easily entered the interior of the execution ground.

What I don't know.

All their movements were captured by living eyeballs scattered in midair.

Through these eyeballs, Naruto of Oni Mai Tsuji's unmiserable subordinate has been reporting the activity trajectory of the remnants of the Ghost Killing Team in real time.

Everything from their infiltration into prisons, assassination of jailers, searches in dungeons.

"It's really stupid."

Ghost Mai Tsuji leaned leisurely on the Taishi chair, and his proper suit set him off as handsome as a male star, but the coldness and cruelty that occasionally leaked out of his eyes and expressions told the difference between him and normal people.

Having said that, there was an indescribable pride on Wu Wu's face.

The Ghost Killer Squad would choose to assassinate him, he had already guessed.

Moreover, in order to prevent other unexpected situations, after the death of the old man of Kokuenichi, he immediately approached the shogun at that time, and used the temptation of "eternal life" to pull all the clans into the water little by little.

Until hundreds of years have passed.

Both the emperor and the prime minister became pawns in his hands.

And he became the ruler of the country behind the scenes, in the de facto sense.

After that, Wu Mi also enjoyed the happiness brought by power.

The ban on swords marks samurai who learn breathing methods as robbers, throws all the crimes committed by the ghosts under his command on the heads of the ghost killing team, and then uses the power of the government to mobilize human power to surround and suppress the members of the ghost killing team.

This process does not require him to shoot at all.

Just stay in the palace, control the emperor and ministers, and issue his orders.

That's why.

After the ghost killing team appeared, it was still leisurely.

As long as you enter Tokyo's territory, it is impossible to escape.

After planning for a hundred years, this group of people who have fought against themselves will finally come to an end today.

"The end of the Ghost Killer Squad has also arrived."

Wu Miserable sneered.

He had expected this day, so he did not show much joy.

After all, even if they don't come, the collapse of the Ghost Killer Team is only a matter of time.

"Block all entrances and exits so they don't see the sun tomorrow."

No cruel and indifferent orders.

Even at the last moment of the Ghost Killer Team, there was no need for him to go over and show himself.

And with the order of the miserable issued.

The ghosts who were ambushed in the execution ground also took action.

The other side.

Butterfly Kanae and her party also successfully found their captured companions in the dungeon.

But the situation is not optimistic.

Everyone was injected with special toxins, not to mention fighting, even standing up on their own was a problem.

"You guys go, this is... Traps..."

The rock pillar said weakly to the people who came to rescue him.

Kanae certainly knew it was a trap.

But Butterfly's words gave her great hope.

As long as you can hold out until midnight.

Otherwise, Kanae would also fall into despair, so she left Tokyo with the others in discouragement and lived incognito.

But no matter what, the Ghost Slayer will lose its future.

Right at this moment.

Inside the eerie dungeon, there were countless crackling noises.

This was followed by a dense burst of gunfire.

A dense rain of bullets came on, those who reacted quickly avoided the trend, and those who reacted slowly were directly beaten into a sieve by projectiles.

About a dozen ghosts appeared where they came, holding bolted rifles.

Against the Ghost Slayer, this thing is much better than claws!

However, the disadvantage is that these things cannot be used by some low-IQ ghosts, so after a volley, the gun basically becomes a fire stick in their hands.

The ghost squad soon began to fight back, and the demons also roared and rushed, fighting in the narrow room.

"Oh, I didn't expect that the last one would be such a beautiful fish."

In the noisy shouting, a calm and soft voice sounded.

The black shadow came out of the darkness.

Kanae lifted her spirits and looked at the comer.

Like a white oak hair color, the pupil color resembles a rainbow of eyes, and the words "winding" and "two" are engraved in the left and right pupils.

His skin was bloody pale, and he wore a red blouse and loose trousers.

The visitor made Butterfly Kanae's mood sink to the bottom.

There are twelve ghost moons under the Ghost King.

Divided into upper and lower chords.

Winding starts with the number, the smaller the stronger.

The ghost named Tōmo, stared directly at the body of the butterfly Kanae with his eyes hooked, and his rainbow-like eyes showed a thirst for the things he loved.

"It's really fascinating my body, merge with me as soon as possible, and I will let you taste the world of bliss."

After Tong Mo finished speaking, Butterfly Kanae attacked.


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