Chapter 43

Butterfly Shinobu did not obey her sister's orders and hid in the shadows until midnight.

Since childhood, the girl has been an obedient child.

However, only after her parents were killed, Butterfly Shinobu contradicted Kanae's opinion several times.

For example, when she was about to run for the Ghost Killer Team, Kanae didn't want her sister to participate in such a dangerous thing.

However, Butterfly Shinobu secretly participated in the selection behind Kanae's back and became an official member of the Ghost Killing Team.

Now is no exception.

Although he only needed to wait silently until midnight, out of concern for his biological sister, he still let Butterfly Shinobu sneak into the execution ground.

Everything is quiet.

There are no enemies, no ghost squads, and no sisters.

To be fair, Shinobu Butterfly didn't have much experience participating in missions.

Even if she had, with her somewhat weak physical strength, she was assigned simple tasks along with others.

And she is a little bolder than others.

The quiet environment makes the butterflies can't help but think about it.

"Have all the people here been evacuated?"

Butterfly muttered.

At first, she sneaked in carefully, but later when she accidentally kicked a jar and crackled in the quiet environment, and there was still no movement, her courage became slightly bigger.

She followed the signs and searched for the prison underground.

Before he got close to the entrance, he heard a sound that seemed to be a roar.

Butterfly Shinobu was taken aback, clenched the special Nikkawa knife in his hand, and approached in three steps and two steps.

Then she saw an angry scene.

Two ghosts were lying on the body of a man in prison uniform, their sharp claws hollowing out the man's abdomen, tearing the fresh flesh on the corpse with blood-filled palms and devouring it.

Damn it!

Butterflies endure anger.

When will these monsters that eat people die!

Butterfly Shinobu immediately stepped forward.

Although she is the only one, she is also a formal member of the ghost killing team who has passed the selection, plus the careful guidance of her sister, who is usually a pillar, and her strength is much stronger than that of ordinary members.

The tip of the Nikkawa knife cut through the ghost's skin, and under the pain, the ghost reacted, seeing the breath of the living made their faces happy, just wanted to roar and fly over, the wound that was cut through the skin was covered with strange lines, blue and black, making the body a little uncontrollable and became soft.

The butterfly has little endurance and cannot cut the neck of the ghost with a knife like the others.

To make up for the shortcomings, she would apply special wisteria flower poison to the Nikkawa knife.

The two imps fell to the ground weakly, leaving only their fangs closed up and down and shouting, but Butterfly Shinobu quickly stepped forward and killed the two ghosts.

Stepping forward quickly, he found that the man in the prison uniform had long since died.

Unable to be sad, the butterfly ninja continued to go deeper.

The underground was found in a mess, full of human and ghost corpses, and the air smelled of gunsmoke and blood.

Butterfly Shinobu also saw several familiar figures from inside.

But before she could think more, she saw a narrow corridor not far away, a girl dressed in tattered haori, confronting a man dressed in strange and fancy clothes.

An inexplicable cold wind blew underground, as if to subvert the laws of nature, and countless tiny ice flowers bloomed from the void, and then rushed towards the lone girl like bullets.

Kanae, who was at the center of the attack, was besieged by countless ice flowers, and despite her best efforts, the blades in her hands danced, and the scales of defeat poured towards her little by little.


The butterfly couldn't help but exclaim, and immediately rushed forward.

And this is not called okay, as soon as it is called, it immediately attracts the attention of both sides.

Tong Mo turned his head and looked at the figure curiously.

When he found out that the object was a young girl with a graceful figure, a smile of surprise appeared on his pale face: "Look at your face, similar to this woman, is it her sister?" "

"In this way, you two sisters can share bliss this time, and finally become one with me forever."

The so-called "integration" in Tong Mo's mouth is naturally not an unhealthy thing for men and women, but in the physical sense, eating them as food.

Tong Mo launched an attack at Butterfly Shinobu, and ice flowers bloomed from the air, tearing through the atmosphere and roaring.

And how could Kanae tolerate this kind of thing.

Even she is not a Tong Mo opponent, let alone her sister?

Fighting with a wounded move, Kanae forcibly broke through the ice flower encirclement, knocked down the ice flower that attacked Butterfly Shinobu, and firmly protected her sister behind her.

But Tong Mo knows that the ghost killing team is the end of the crossbow.

He only needed a little harder to take them all down.

However, Tong Mo felt that too rough behavior did not fit his aesthetics.

Not to mention such a beautiful sister flower.

"Lay down your arms, and I will let you leave without pain in bliss."

Tong Mo had a miserable white smile on his face.

But at this time.

Butterfly Shinobu, who was originally on the verge of despair, suddenly looked happy, and a few seconds later, he spoke to Tong Mo: "Do you think... Did you win? "

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