Chapter 44


Hearing this, Tong Mo's forward body was in shape.

I don't know why, I have to die to the end, and that beautiful girl will say such words.

They are all forced to do this, and they are still thinking about how to defuse the situation?

I have to say that the girl's optimism made Tong Mo laugh.

But the more he did, the happier he became.

If it is too painful, the girl's flesh will also become tight and not delicious.

Like this girl, who still holds hope until the end, the taste of flesh and blood is the best delicacy.

Tong Mo once again urged the Blood Demon Technique.

From the filthy blood scattered outside, a huge ice lotus condensed, and on top of the ice lotus was born an icy and jade Buddha statue, and two thick ice vines snaked around it.

Whether it was the ceiling, the floor, or the corpses scattered on the ground, they were covered with a layer of white frost.

Just in an instant, the girls were surrounded by Tong Mo and fell into a dead end.

It's just that he hasn't waited for Tong Mo to make a move.

In the strange environment covered in silver, a faint breeze sweeps through.

As the gentle wind blowing from the other world passed, a black-haired young man in a trench coat appeared in the realm of ice and flowers.

Tong Mo's eyes changed slightly.

The rainbow-like eyes stared closely at the figure that suddenly appeared, and countless memories welled up in his mind.

But in the end, he didn't know where the other party appeared from.

"Who are you?"

Strong doubts blurted out, and a huge question mark flashed in Tong Mo's mind.

"Why is it happening..."

But before he finished speaking.

The surrounding ice lotuses and vines crackled into powder, and azure brilliance suddenly burst out from the man's hand, like a lightsaber that could cut off the sky, breaking the ground, ice Buddha, and night in one fell swoop.

Those red-eyed demons were evaporated the moment they came into contact, and they didn't even have their last words before death.

Finally, the azure lightsaber slashed smoothly from top to bottom, and pressed against Tong Mo's face door.

Tong Mo's eyes opened to the limit, a strong sense of crisis burst out in his heart, and the blood demon technique was desperately splashed outward as if he was not dead.

At the same time, the body also wants to move, but the body does not listen to the brain's call at all, and can only open its eyes and watch the blue streamer press.

At last.

In the fear that erupted for the first time in this life, the body of the winding two evaporated in the light, completely disappearing.

Rhode appeared within a few seconds, and all the evil spirits in the execution site were destroyed.

And Butterfly Kanae and some survivors still maintain their pre-battle posture.

Looking at the site that had been swept clean in an instant, and the moonlight projected from the cracks in the split rock formation, he was completely frozen in place.

Even Butterfly Shinobu froze.

However, compared to the others, she reacted quickly, and then tentatively asked about the figure in front of her.

"Excuse me... Is it Lord Rhodes? "

"It's me."

Rhode turned and smiled and nodded, and then came to Butterfly Shinobu.

"But try not to add adults to my name in the future."

As a celestial and modern person, reality still sounds a little awkward.


Butterfly nodded.

Then there was surprise in his eyes.

"It's great that you came in time, otherwise..."

"It's true, but it's also related to the fact that you didn't listen to me."

Rhode glanced into the dungeon.

In addition to the corpses of ghosts, there are also human corpses.

Rhode didn't know them, but there was no doubt that some of them had shown their faces in the Ghost Slayer Blade anime.

The Ghost Killer Team has courage but no strategy.

In a situation where the island government is dominated without tragedy, courage alone cannot change anything.

Hearing this, Kanae lowered her head.

Butterfly Shinobu also said a little sadly: "I advised them..."

"You guys arrange the others first."

Rhode spoke.

They are coming, and they are not in a hurry.

As a result, Butterfly Shinobu and the other survivors began to gather the pillars who were not dead, but who had been captured before but were injected with toxins and lost their combat effectiveness.

Rhode came out of the crack in the ground that he shot open, looking far over the city slightly stained by neon lights.

But in his eyes, it was a completely different scene.

The whole city was surrounded by great darkness, the souls and grievances of countless tragic deaths.

Countless grievances made Rhode unable to lock the position of the Ghost King at all.

But it's normal to think about it.

Wu ruthlessly held the government for hundreds of years, and the corpses buried in the ground of Tokyo can be piled up into a hill.

But in the end, all this blame will be blamed on the head of the ghost killing squad.

"The country is no longer saved."

Rhode did not have the noble idea of wanting to save the world.

Of course, ghosts still have to be killed.

After all, Wu Miserable is a walking humanoid experience pack.

As the biggest boss in the Ghost Destroying World, slaughtering him will definitely be able to gain a lot of experience and increase his strength.

The light that shattered Tong Mo before was the Spichum ray that Rhode used the power of light after the upgrade to emit from his body.

Although the ghost is almost immortal, the minimum temperature of Spichum's light can exceed 100,000 degrees Celsius, and Rhode can't think of how the ghost of the flesh and blood creature can resist this high temperature.

It didn't take long for Butterfly Shinobu to run over and tell him that everything was taken care of.

And Rhode also told him that reinforcements from the government had also arrived.

All transformed ghosts are closely related to Innocence.

Not to mention that Tong Mo is the second to the winding.

His death was enough to shake Wu Miserable.

This, coupled with Naruto's eyeballs, allowed him to know what was happening here.

The results were not surprising either.

A large number of soldiers completely surrounded the scene.

At the same time, there is no need for war speeches, grenades with a caliber of 150 mm continue to fall as if raining.


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