Chapter 60

The demon seemed to froze.

It didn't expect that the man to say nothing, and directly launched an attack in front of him.

Of course, even if it is expected, there is nothing you can do.

Because that rushing beam of light contained extremely terrifying power.

And it is just a subordinate demon, where has he seen such an exaggerated situation?

Oh, when I was still wandering in the abyss before, I had seen some fights between demons and ghosts, but what did that have to do with it?

The world is weak, even a little demon like it can live freely.

But I didn't expect that after leaving the abyss, I could still see this powerful light in the world.

At the last moment of its death, only such a thought flashed in its mind.

It's terrifying in the world! I want to go back to the abyss!

Then, there is no then

Corrected and forced, Spicum rushed deeper into the casino, shattering the walls, vaporizing even the alloy safe where the gambling debts were stored, and finally plunged into the foundation, causing a chain explosion.

Rubble dust and smoke filled the air.

Casino rooms that lost support collapsed one after another.

At Rhode's arm, starlight-like particles slowly disappeared and left the place before the basement collapsed.

Not far away.

Rhode, disguised as a crowd, followed the crowd to watch nearby.

Where the foundation collapsed, even the surrounding buildings also tilted, but fortunately, there were merchants around, so no innocent people were injured.

As for the converted gamblers, Rhode could only say sorry.

Although he is Ultraman, he can't save everyone.

Watching the arrival of fire trucks and ambulances, Rhodes also squeezed out the crowd and walked the rainy streets.

He regretted it slightly.

Regret killing that demon so quickly.

If he had a way to catch it, he might be able to ask something he didn't know.

The appearance of demons makes the truth of this world even more confusing.

And Rhodes also fell into thought.

Draw inferences.

If there are demons, will there be such things as hell in this world?

Moreover, the purpose of these demons to harm ordinary people also made Rhode care.

If it was a demon in his understanding, he should only sign a contract with humans and then make trouble in secret.

And not almost fanfare that they are here, as they are now.

On the other hand.

After these several incidents, Rhode also found that the extraordinary strength of this world was lower and pitiful.

Needless to say, the first monsters.

They don't even seem to be able to deal with "ghosts".

Coupled with the two demons before, they have obviously existed in this place for a long time.

If it weren't for the fact that the world looked quite peaceful now, Rhode would have thought that this world would be destroyed at any time.

Forget it, let's go somewhere else.

If nothing else, the city's night market is quite good.



Dark space.

Five fingers are missing.

The surging Chaos Aura formed various strange shapes after a brief distortion.

The limbs resemble a huge leech, but it has a four-legged shape, and the tall end is strangely growing long human hair.

As more weirdness appeared, a humanoid weird with a bat head spoke.

"Are you all there?"

No one answered.

All the demons located here are demons that have risen from the abyss and descended to the world.

All demons are inspired by the existence deeper in the abyss, asking them to collect enough soul and flesh and blood to perform the ritual of bringing it down.

This would have been a good thing.

But since the strange man appeared, the progress of the demons' plan has been greatly reduced.

If this continues, the time for the arrival of the master will become far away.

"Just now, our first compatriot lost contact."

The demonic tone of the bathead was solemn.

"Judging from the residual reaction at the scene, it seems that it is still the same guy."

Just as hearing the name of "that adult" in a tokusatsu film causes a commotion, it is difficult for the demons located here to remain calm.

Ever since the last grand sacrifice ceremony was interrupted, they all knew "that guy."

Suddenly bursting out of nowhere, powerful, just a casual blow, let their elaborate ritual of strategy come to naught.

The human downline that developed in this city was completely destroyed, and even the human dependents who accepted the official contract of the Batman demon and possessed some demonic powers, second only to their strength, were killed in seconds.

This time, along with one of the clans, they were all killed.

The weird cold voice based on the leech said: "Find him, and then kill him!" "

"Yes! Let that guy feel hopeless! "

"What does he think we are, pigs in the slaughterhouse? Is it that humans can kill if they want? "

"We are noble demons!"

"Let that guy who rebelled against us fall into the abyss!"

"Then which of you has a way?"

The bat demon said.

Just for a moment, there was no sound in the dark space.

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