Chapter 61

The demons in mythological stories are cunning and insidious.

In reality, they are no exception.

Otherwise, they would not have promised all kinds of benefits to mankind, and deceived one after another by means that humans could not understand the demonic language.

After living for so long, the demons are all fine.

That guy is hateful, but this time he lost a fellow race, and most of them are about the same strength.

In other words, the leech demon is slightly stronger than the bat demon.

If you two don't go, why let us go desperately?

"Anyway, we can't go on like this, and if we let the owner know that we are self-defeating, we will definitely blame us."


The bat demon continued, "So I summoned you here to see if I could come up with a plan that could kill that man. "

"Of course, you have to lure him out first, and any of you want to be an example?"

The demons were suddenly silenced again.

A moment later, a demon spoke: "I think this kind of thing is naturally the strongest among us." "

The rest of the demons chimed in.

Hearing this, the bat demon fell silent.

Then coughed lightly: "I think so, the strength of the guy who hindered our plan is also obvious to all, so it is unrealistic to directly collide, so we might as well design a trap and let that guy take the initiative to come in, and we will attack together." "

After a noisy argument, the demons looked at each other and agreed to the plan.

After all, no one wants to be in the limelight.

If the other party's strength is weaker, then it is natural to take the lead.

But the opponent's strength is definitely stronger than any of them, and the past of going alone is no different from sending them to death.

In the end, it is good to conclude that "there is no need to talk about morality with the kind of hidden and out-of-the-tail people, everyone is shoulder to shoulder".

That's fair to all demons.

Moreover, there is no fear to go up together.



Just after the demons have made a plan that "Rhode must die".

Rhodes was still hanging out at the night market.

In one hand, one hand carries loose beer bought at the night market, and the other carries a bag of barbecue.

It's hard to get active, so naturally you have to replenish your energy.

To put it bluntly, of course.

Rhode is gluttonous.

Although the dessert made by myself is good, it is a lot less pyrotechnic, and it is also greasy to eat more.

Sure enough, in the end, it was interesting to have a barbecue and beer.

Following the sidewalks on either side of the road, Rhodes walked back in the direction of the café.

Maybe it's an illusion, maybe it's the peculiarities of this weird world.

The night of this world always comes earlier than the world before it, and the night is darker.

After the lights are turned off at the amusement park not far away, the huge Ferris wheel seems to be forgotten by the world, like a sleeping monster.

A thin mist filled the air, and the feeling of the continuous rain lapping on my face was a little cold.

Fluorescent lights in the distance barely illuminate paths plunged into darkness.

When passing through an alley or intersection, the cold and wet wind whistles by, and the sound of the wind echoes in your ears like the whispers of evil spirits.

The world is indeed very problematic.

Since the power of light in his body had skyrocketed, Rhode's eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of fog.

Of course, this is not a problem with his eyes, but with the world.

That fog obscured his inability to see deeper.

But Rhodes' instincts are not fake.

It's a pity that the concentration of light power is not enough.

Otherwise, Rhode would have to fly a lot of bricks.

"Can you see me? Can you see me? "

On the other side of the city, far from the café, Rhode still encountered the appearance of evil spirits on his way back.

"Well, I can see you, and then what can I do?"

Rhode sighed.

His eyes appeared from the ground, and the white-skinned evil spirit that stretched his neck was right in front of him.

"You can see me! You can see me! So that I can eat you... Ate it..."

The evil spirit made a hesitant sound.

Although he may be human before death, after death, only the instinct to entangle living creatures remains.

Rhode didn't even bother to raise his hand, and directly let this thing spontaneously combust in place.

Before that, of course.

He did not forget to take a picture of the evil spirit in the chat group, and then posted it to the group for everyone to enjoy.

"Huh? Something else in there? "

On the way back, Rhode solved a total of four evil spirits.

Thinking that even if tonight was over, as if he had noticed something, he subconsciously looked at a house he had just passed.

It was a very ordinary two-story house.

The windows on the second floor glowed with a faint yellow light.


It was quiet.

Originally, this was a very normal situation, but in Rhode's eyes, the tightly closed window was constantly spreading an ominous dark resentment.

Although Rhode thinks that he can't be as righteous as the protagonists or protagonists in the tokusatsu film, or fight fires all over the world like Superman, Rhode still can't turn a blind eye to what happens under his nose.

So, Rhode came to the door of the house with only half a bag of beer and barbecue.

The door sign in front of the court reads... Kitagawa River.

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