Chapter 64

Although it was a strange figure that he had never seen before, he felt a little relieved the moment he saw him.

"Just stand there, ma'am."

Rhode stepped forward calmly, looking at the strange in front of him, his eyes strange.

The world is really not peaceful.

In addition to those ordinary evil spirits, there is actually this kind of weirdness.

What is this?

The rules are weird, are they?

The evil spirits that appeared through the turtle game pounced on Rhode after climbing up.

While approaching Rhode, his body burned, but even so, it did not disappear in an instant like those ordinary evil spirits.

It seems that the ghosts in the rules are stronger than the ghosts without rules?

Although this conclusion was reached, it was still useless.

The evil spirit that pounced caused the girl to scream.

But Rhode just looked over, and the strange talk flew upside down against the wall, leaving only a few wisps of ash to indicate that it had ever existed.

In fact, when dealing with such a thing as evil spirits, Ultraman can barely be regarded as a professional counterpart.

After all, in the world view of O, especially in the world of Showa O, various supernatural horror cult events appear frequently.

However, all Ultraman's solutions are uniform.

Just as the so-called caliber is justice, the truth is everywhere within the range, and the power of light pays attention to a big brick flying.

There is not a single monster that Spyrcium can't solve.

If there is, then another shot.

Of course, to deal with this level of evil spirits, it is not necessary for Rhode to use Spichum.

Otherwise, even this home will have to be bombed to the sky.

He is only responsible for fighting monsters and upgrading, but not for helping people build houses.

The evil spirit disappeared, and Rhode keenly heard a trace of electricity.

Then, silver-white eyes looked at the girl wearing only a bath towel, the mobile phone in her hand.

"If I were you, I would throw away my phone."

Rhodes kindly reminded.


Hearing Rhode's deep voice, Kitagawa Kaimeng was still stunned and did not react.

After all, this kind of unexpected event, and the bizarre twists and turns in the process of the incident, made this girl who usually learns about supernatural events through the Internet at most, completely confused.

"Cell phone."

Rhode spoke again.

This time, the girl regained her senses.

Hurriedly raised his hand, looked at his mobile phone screen, as if it was flooded, the main screen was completely stuck, and the temperature of the mobile phone was constantly hot, and a series of noises broke out.

Kitagawa reacted even if he was sluggish at this time.

Quickly threw the mobile phone on the ground, and then emitted a burst of blue smoke and sparks, and burst open.

The girl was taken aback.

Hurriedly moved away and moved closer to Rhode.

It was as if you could only feel at ease if you stayed here.

"This... What the hell is going on here? I... How could I get entangled in that kind of thing, and how could there be that kind of thing in this world? "

The girl was shaking when she spoke.

Although it is safe, it is still shivering.

The rush of adrenaline and the mental tension did not pass so quickly.

Rhode didn't know what was going on.

However, he also recognized who the girl with damp hair in front of him was.

The heroine in "Changing Dolls" is Kitagawa Kaiyume.

Before crossing over, Rhode also chased a few episodes, it was a peach fan, and after watching a few episodes, the female protagonist gave benefits to the male protagonist throughout the process.

Because of Kitagawa Kaimei's personality, after this anime was broadcast, she became the perfect wife in the minds of many otaku.

But Rhode cares more, why are the two heroines he met in succession being chased by ghosts?

Yotsuya Miko is just that, the day after tomorrow, the heroine of such a campus romance drama as Kitagawa Kaimei also has this experience?

Ultimately, Rhodes defined the incident as an "accidental event."

After all, there are so many ghosts in this world, and as one of the heroines, it is normal to run into a few, right?

To the girl's question, Rhode shook his head and did not answer.

But Kitagawa Kaimeng seemed to have returned to his usual appearance at this time, blinking his eyes and looking at Rhode with anticipation.

"Thank you so much for saving me, if it weren't for you, I might be dead by now... By the way, are you an alien? Or is it the secret weapon of the government, or the superpowers hidden in the people? "

"Actually, I don't hide from you, I've been wondering if this world is really hiding something we don't know, after all, such a huge monster appeared some time ago!" So there is reason to believe that superpowers should exist! "

"I yearn for that different life, until today, you all appear in my home, my eyes!"

As Kitagawa spoke, while approaching Rhode, a small hand reached out restlessly, as if he wanted to touch it.

However, Rhode did not give her this opportunity, but walked up to the window and looked at the world outside the window.

The fog was hazy, as if something was hiding inside

"It's not safe at night, don't go out unless necessary."

Rhode paused and said.

"I know, but this time I came across this kind of thing at home, will it not even be safe in this home!" Do I need to move? ......"

The girl babbled a lot until Rhode looked over.

"I'm sorry, that's what I'm a person, I become incoherent once I'm excited, and... Not to mention the fact that I met you. "

The haze in Kitagawa Kaimeng's heart has been completely dispelled.

The girl, who seemed to have returned to her former appearance, was full of excitement, and could even be said to be feverishly gesturing with her hands.

I didn't notice that the bath towel that had passed the girl's running and falling was gradually slipping from under her armpits.

"That's right! I can... Can I become a fan of yours? I know it's rude to say that all of a sudden, but please, I... I really want to be a fan of yours! "


It looks like a girl who is overly excited, and she can't give Rhode a little bit of a whole.

Compared with the quiet Shitani Miko, Kitagawa Kaimei's personality is diametrically opposite.

More optimistic and livelier.

Suddenly made such a request, let him... It's impossible to refuse.

Anyway, the fans will not let him lose a piece of meat, but it will also help the improvement of the power of light, not to mention such a pure girl.

Rhode nodded slightly.

And after seeing the "alien" in front of him nodding, Kitagawa Kaimeng's emotions were instantly ignited by excitement, and he jumped a little with excitement.

And it was this jump that made the already not very strong bath towel finally slip off the girl's body.

Fluttering and falling to the ground, he ended his mission.

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