Chapter 65

Even Rhode did not expect that the benefits would come so suddenly.

The slender waist without a trace of excess flesh, the skin as white as snow, like a touch of red on the first snow.

The current scene is enough to make people think.

Not to mention, Kitagawa Kaimon still maintains a posture of raising her hands now, making the girl's posture even more enchanting.

Although the room was dark, Rhode's two eyes and the light released by the large crystal in front of the moon just shone out the girl.

The scene froze for a few seconds.

Kitagawa Kaimon froze in place, and his brain was like rusty gears that struggled to turn.

Although the girl's conscious reaction was a beat slower, her body was more honest than ever.

The white and red skin was almost instantly covered with a faint cherry color.

And that face was directly red into a monkey's butt, and his expression changed from initial excitement to thick shame.

Even if she is usually outgoing, even if she likes to play an abusive adult game, even if she has bought some self-products from the Internet, Kitagawa Kaimon is still a girl who can be easily shy.

It is clear that the lifesaver is regarded as an idol, it is clear that the bright future has just begun, and it is clear that ... She was able to make a better impression on her idols.

A few happy things combine to turn into a more dreamy story.

But... Why is that?

Just when Kitagawa Kai dreamed not to move, not to move, and even fell into the scene of the white scholar.

Rhode also covered the girl's body with a bath towel on the ground with light.

Although it is said that this has a kind of intention to cover up, but after reading it, Rhode did not take advantage and sell well.

Just think of it as an additional benefit after saving people.

"Thanks... Thank you! "

When the bath towel smashed on his face, Kitagawa Kaimon covered his body in a panic, and his neck shrank slightly, obviously without the excitement he had before.

"Lock your doors and windows, and don't go out at night."

Rhode shook his head, and his body emitted a faint halo.

"That... That, I saw you, won't you use "that" on me? "


"That's the one... In the Men in Black movie, as long as it flashes, everything will be forgotten. "

Kitagawa Kaimon whispered.

"Oh, by the way, if you can, can you delete the memory just now? But I hope you delete the memory just now, the previous one is not used, I don't want to forget you. "

If you can.

She didn't want to forget the memories of meeting "Mr. Alien", but the memories that had just gone away were completely forgotten!

Although she also knows that her body seems to be in the eyes of the other party, it may be like a monkey.

Rhodes: "..."

How to say it?

It is worthy of being a grinning girl in the anime.

However, it is precisely because of this that Kitagawa can stand out from the heroines in many dramas.

Rhode shook his head.

"Don't worry, I won't delete anyone's memory..."

After a pause, he meant with obvious bad taste.

"Of course, including your memories just now."

Kitagawa Kaimeng's mouth moved a few times but did not make a sound, as if he was interrupted by Rhode.

"You... Really not going to delete my memories? I think you can give it a try, I wouldn't mind. "

Although there is a sense of covering up my ears and stealing bells, I feel ashamed and embarrassed when I think about it, and my whole body is twitching slightly.

It was seen to be humiliated.

“... Can't do it, I'm not the man in black. Rhode said, "Compared to this, it's late, it's time to go to sleep, and evil spirits like to go to those who can't sleep at night." "

"Well... Good! I'll go to sleep right away! "

Hearing Rhode's warning, the girl was in a rage again.

She never wanted to go through the previous experience of the turtle soup game a second time.

Then he wrapped himself in a quilt with his hands and feet, indicating that he was quite obedient.

Seeing this, Rhode laughed softly.

Although it became Saiga Ultraman, the sound made was not a war cry similar to "pinch", but as low as a subwoofer.

Subsequently, Rhode's figure turned into particles of light and disappeared into the girl's room.

The light leaves, and darkness fills the world.

When Kitagawa Kaimon began to be a little afraid again, he suddenly saw the world outside the window shining like fireworks.

She looked out the window and saw that it was a meteor-like star cutting through the sky.

"It's really... Mr. Alien. "

Kitagawa whispered.

"Can we meet again?"



The night is darker.

After successfully destroying the devil's plot and saving a beautiful girl, Rhode returns home after feasting his eyes.

However, he still didn't have much intention of sleeping, but instead looked at some information that existed in the bracelet.

Especially some combat techniques in the Land of Light.

Although from the tokusatsu picture, it is a martial arts film, but the teaching of real combat does have something.

In this way, time passed quietly.

By the time Rhode came back to his senses, the early morning sun was already shining in outside the window.

After walking out of the bedroom, opening the door and hanging the word "open" on the glass door, the day officially begins.

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