Chapter 82

"What about the cultists?"

Kasumi Hills Shiyu asked a little unwillingly.

"Probably all went to turn themselves in, although there are many good people in this world, but there are also many bad people, girls should not go out to walk at night alone, as for other things, the police will solve it."

Hearing this, the girl's face was a little hesitant.

It's really hard.

After all, it was too strange when he was in a coma.

If you are stunned, or knocked out, it is impossible to remember everything clearly.

But looking at Rhode's sincere face, the girl paused, but still held the words back to her heart.

After all, everyone has secrets.

Asking the bottom line is counterproductive.

Of course.

Although Rhode does not say, Kasumi Hill, who has long guessed, has always regarded Rhode as a hidden folk master, or the godfather of washing hands in the golden basin.

Kasumigaoka did not think of the body of the ghost god and demon.

After all, even if the imagination of ordinary people diverges, they will not fantasize so much.

Even if you think about it, you will preconceive that it is fake.

"I'll send you back first."

Rhode suggested.

Kasumi no Oka paused, then nodded.

After all, after the kidnapping incident just now, she did not dare to walk alone at night.

But if Rhode is around, a sense of security will continue to come.

Leave the abandoned playground.

It wasn't until the Ferris wheel, which looked like a sleeping behemoth, was blocked by a building that Kasumigaoka completely relaxed.

After that, I took a taxi through a few streets, and after about ten minutes, I came to the apartment rented by Shiwa Kasumigaokaoka.

"Since it's all home, then I'll go back first."

However, after Rhode finished speaking, Kasumi Hill, who was standing at the elevator door, turned his head and looked at him with a little hope.

"Don't you come up and sit~?"

Before Rhode could speak, the girl added: "I have moved out of the house and lived alone." "

"And you saved me just now, I haven't figured out how to thank you yet."

Although Rhode never asked her to thank her, the girl also knew a little about human feelings.

Sometimes you say you don't need to thank you, is it really no need to thank you?

Seeing that the girl was so insistent, Rhode also nodded.

"In that case, then I'll go up and have a cup of tea before leaving."

Of course, he really planned to drink tea.

The two walked into the elevator.

Rhode looked at the constantly beating floor numbers, and suddenly spoke: "There seem to be rumors on the Internet that the elevator at night will send people to floors that do not exist. "

As soon as these words came out, it directly made the girl who had not relaxed for a long time tense.

Now she can be described as a rumble, and she can't tolerate a little fright.

Finally, with Kasumigaoka's slightly worried expression, the elevator came to the number of floors of the apartment where she lived.

After the door opened, the girl walked out quickly and gasped.

Subsequently, there were some amorous white glances.

It's not good to say something, but it's about urban weirdness.

However, the girl had long been accustomed to the way Rhode spoke.

In school, she often heard that some classmates talked about their poisonous tongue behind their backs in private.

But in terms of the level of poisonous tongue, she thinks that she is still not comparable to Rod.

After all, just the phrase "fantasize about being a writer" is a skill that Kasumigaoka Shiyu can only reach after ten years of cultivation.

After the door opens.

From the entrance, a faint fragrance wafts in.

"Come in..."


The girl invited Rhode into the room, brought him another drink, and went to the bathroom to change.

Although he was not injured, his clothes were stained with a lot of red liquid, and his stockings were torn.

I had been putting up with it before, but now when I returned home, I naturally couldn't bear to be so sloppy in front of Rhode.

About ten minutes or so.

Kasumi Hills changed into a new set of clothes and appeared in front of Rhode.

In addition, his legs are also wearing a new pair of black silk tights.

How much do you really like stockings?

And Shiyu Kasumigaoka also noticed that Rhode's gaze stayed on his leg for a short time.

At the same time as the shyness in the heart, there is also a hint of joy.


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As if discovering a new continent, the girl began to fantasize about how she would "concoct" Rhode in the future.

However, the girl's reservedness apparently did not let her do this.

Sitting on the sofa across the seat from Rhode, he chatted with Rhode.

But it's all trivial things.

Of course, Rhode could also see that Shiyu Kasumigaoka was still a little nervous, obviously the previous encounter made this girl who lived alone still very afraid.

Time passes little by little.

Kasumigaoka also gradually relaxed.

Even the distance between him and Rhode was much closer than at the beginning.

She felt the temperature, heartbeat and breath close at hand, the breath coming from Rod's body, as if it wanted to wrap her entirely.

The feeling of being like a baby still in amniotic fluid is nostalgic and nostalgic.

But at this moment, the sound of the TV disturbed the girl's thoughts.

After waiting for the reaction, Kasumigaoka Shiyu's expression suddenly became extremely flustered, and he stood up like a rocket, using a panicked tone that he didn't even notice: ".

I... I'll go get some food. "

Shiwa Kasumigaoka took out of the refrigerator with cream puffs.

After eating, the girl's little belly also became swollen.

"If you really want to eat it, the only one I eat (good good) can also be given to you."

Hearing the ridicule from Rhode, Kasumigaoka Shiyu's face turned red.

As a novelist, she uses her brain a lot, so she usually likes to eat some desserts.

If not, she would not have known Rhode with Ya.

"It's not early, I should go back."

Then Rhode got up and left.

Kasumigaoka Shiwa sent him to the door.

As for a certain favorite bridge, naturally it did not appear.

With the character of a girl, it is naturally impossible for that kind of plot to appear so quickly, after all, it is not a lifan.

However, it is true that the relationship between each other has become much closer because of this.

Although Rhode, who had just come to this world, did not have many ideas, but now, the feeling of gradually collecting the girls he knew in the past into his palm was quite good.

After all, he hadn't been in a relationship in his previous life.

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