Chapter 83

Of course, falling in love and falling in love, the right thing to do still has to be done.

The trap set by the demons before made Rhode realize that those demons were different from evil spirits or legends.

They have a clear purpose and a systematic plan.

Tempting humans to sign contracts is not as simple as just for fun.

Therefore, before this, he would deliberately use the power of Hypajeton and the technology of the Land of Light to create a simple subspace realm.

When the demons were terrified, from their murmurs and survival instincts, it was learned that the guys were organized, disciplined, and seemed to be secretly plotting an earth-shattering plan.

One thing to say, Rhode was still quite curious about the plans of the demons.

What's more, I don't know that I have been leaving those demons alone.

Now that he knew the hiding place from the mouths of their kindred, Rhode decided to take a moment to take a look now.

The dim street lamps emit a hazy yellow light, setting off the empty streets even more silent.

Dead of night.

Rhode revisits the abandoned playground of 620 and finds the altar that he had not destroyed before.

The demons also seem to have somehow carved out a subspace-like alien space as their hiding place.

And that's why Rhodes never found them.

Previously, because Shiwa Kasumigaoka was present, he did not have time to study the altar on the ground.

Now that I have time, I found that this thing underground really seems to have a faint connection with some vague place.

With discovery, it's much easier.

However, Rhode stopped just as he was about to start.

He originally planned to use the power of light to pry this thing open.

However, thinking that this might scare the snake, he used the power of darkness, which was diametrically opposed to the power of light.

As a biological weapon that absorbs the despair and fear of an entire earth's life, it is not too much for Hyperpajeton to be honored as a big man in the dark world.

Soon, the tentacles formed by the power touched a special space.

The whole looks a little fragile.

This place should be the hiding place of the demons.

Thinking of this (bheg), Rhode carefully controlled his mind to chisel a thin crack on the surface of space, and then slowly reached into it.

There was some resistance at first.

But after a few back and forth, it was spacious.

After getting it to a certain extent, Rhode stepped in.

On the other side, the demons are still arguing.

A demon's plan to tempt the other party with succubus was quickly abandoned after much deliberation.

Because they don't have the resources and capabilities at all.

I don't know what serious diseases the human beings of this world have committed.

How can the demon family have something shameless like a succubus?!

Tempt humans, give their bodies, extract their essence?

What is this and what?!

The real demons should be like them, on the premise that humans cannot understand the language of demons, tricking them into signing a contract to sell their flesh and soul, playing with human feelings and fate, and then using human flesh and soul to bring their great master to come.

So, the topic returned to the plan of "the mysterious man must die".

But just while the demons were arguing. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

The decaying place with dim light suddenly gushed out a dense black mist from all directions.

The black fog spread extremely fast, and in just a few seconds, it completely filled the entire space.

As in the deep sea, the movement of the limbs is restricted.

At the same time, strange whispers that looked like countless people whispered in their ears also appeared in their ears.


At the same time as they came into contact with the black mist, the demons convulsed in unison, and the flesh and blood parts similar to human tissues appeared as if they were put into an oil pot.

A dark and mysterious force transformed and strengthened the demons' bodies.

For example, the body of the bat demon is even larger, the fur is pitch black, and the body size is as strong as a mud cart.

The long-haired demon resembling a leech, the original tentacle layer was covered with a layer of hard flesh spines, and the body length became a little larger.

All the demons in the entire space are undergoing various changes.

Until the black fog clears.

The demons' bodies stopped mutating.

The bat demon stood up first, and it looked at its thick mountain-like body in disbelief, feeling that its whole body was full of powerful power.

"Fantastic... I gradually... Understand everything"

With a brief memory, they know what just happened.

The "lord" who was in the abyss had just used his power to give a group of demons a powerful power far beyond the past.

"It's so powerful, it's wonderful... This is the power of the master, and now I am so strong that even I am afraid of myself! "

The demons are immersed in the joy of gaining power.

"In this way, the man on the ground is no longer our opponent at all, even if it is me, I only need a sliding shovel..."

"It's just a pity that our fellow clans were killed by that guy prematurely, and it is difficult for them to see the moment when their master comes."

The power given to the demons is not out of nowhere.

Their owners, powerful root demons from the abyss, were not asleep all the time.

Their owners have always been active, but the abyss is not closely connected to the human world.

Coupled with the fact that gravity limits life on Earth, the abyss also has great restrictions on weirdness.

The stronger the strength, the greater the constraints received.

But that doesn't mean that the weirdness that is bound can't do anything.

For example, now.

With his own subordinates in the abyss as anchors, the following subordinates are the casting medium to intervene in reality.

"The master has just said that our speed is too slow, and we must speed up the progress of the advent ceremony as soon as possible."

"At the same time, there is the existence that has obstructed me and waited three times and twice, and the master's order is to kill it and make it a sacrifice, so that the day of the master's arrival is just around the corner!"

Hearing this, the demons let out hideous and distorted smiles.

"Just let the master rest assured that that the hateful guy will definitely become an excellent tribute!"


As soon as the words fell, the entire space erupted with a loud noise.

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