Chapter 85

"The first time we met, it seems that you have obstructed the existence of the ceremony three times and twice, and I can feel that you are not a human being."

Rhodes: "..."

Rhode looked at the black fog in front of him, and for a moment he didn't know what to say.


I've become like this, although Hypajeton's final appearance is human-like, but how can I look at it, it is not related to humans, right?

You are such a serious nonsense, you can't use your brain before speaking?

"At the same time, you are also very strong, so the humans of this world are not directly related to you, those humans are weak and sad, trying to stay away from the darkness, but even after tens of thousands of years of evolution, they can only curl up in a narrow world."

Speaking of this, the demon in the black mist raised his tone.

"The dark energy in your body is comparable to mine, "Nine Four Zero" So join me and let all human beings surrender to me and so on!" And we will conquer more worlds, cross different dimensions, and become the rulers of countless worlds! "

Hearing this, Rhode's face turned different.

How do these words sound so familiar?

"I have to say, it's really heartwarming."

Rhode thought about it seriously, as if he was seriously considering this suggestion.

"But such a big thing, why not talk about it in person?"

“... Smart choice, but these black fogs are just a projection of my power, my essence is confined to the abyss and cannot complete the arrival, as long as there are more sacrifices, then my essence will come, and this city will become my bag! "

The demon's voice carried obvious joy.

"The pattern is too small, everyone is a villain, and those who are weaker than you want to rule the world."

Rhodes said.

"This is just the initial plan, and the demons under my command will dominate this world in a very short time."

The black mist gradually condensed into a three-meter-tall human figure.

The head is like the head of a goat, the body seems to be pieced together from the upper half of the four human corpses, the position that should have been the moon cavity is arranged in turn, the legs are composed of the complete body of a human, the skin looks quite dry, showing a gray color, and the arms are twisted behind the back in a very strange posture.

There is a chilling aura all over his body.

Darkness lurked at its feet, and the coercion exuded by the demon was like a chain that dominated the darkness.

"And what about your answer?"

The demon asked in a hoarse voice.

Then, without saying a word, the blazing fireball instantly condensed from the palm, and the fire that came out of his hand flew out like a cannonball.

And when that demon saw the fireball rushing towards him, his face instantly became solemn.


Dark energy also converged and formed, emerging on the chest of the demon's human head.

Then, it was thrown directly towards the fireball released by Rhode.


Both sides are extremely fast.

It all happened in a matter of moments.

Followed by.

In less than a blink of an eye, the crimson-gold flame collided with the pitch-black energy ball.


The energy generated by the collision bursts instantly.

The terrifying shock wave blew the debris in the subspace domain in all directions, and this overflowing energy violently impacted the space itself when it hit the edge of the space domain.

There is a clicking sound in the ears like glass shattering.

Until the end, it could no longer be supported, and the strong wind from outside the space gushed out from the unstable dimension.

Instantly wreak havoc across the space!

And not long after, this subspatial realm built by the combined forces of the lower demons collapsed and dissipated.

Fragile objects are torn apart the moment they fall into the turbulence of space.

But Rhode completely ignored the damage.

Looking at the darkness that was about to dissipate in front of him, he narrowed his eyes.

The dark demon must admit it.

It underestimated Rhodes' power.

But this is not to blame it, after all, those subordinate demons who serve themselves, after coming to the human world, have been instilling in it how weak and powerless human beings are, just a few simple words of demagoguery, with a little power that is insignificant in the eyes of demons, can easily dominate them.

So later, after hearing the report that the next demon plan was blocked, he subconsciously thought that they were making excuses for themselves.


After his own projection in reality was dispersed, the dark demon realized that those subordinates seemed to be right.

Not only that.

The doppelganger he created in the human world was destroyed by that strange existence in an instant.........

The Dark Demon has reason to believe.

That guy's strength is beyond the scope of his own ability to deal with.

Even if his own Buddha-figure comes, he is not completely sure that he will be able to take him!

But it doesn't matter.

He has returned to the Abyss World, and no matter how strong that guy is, it is impossible to cross the human realm and far-reaching barriers to find himself. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

As soon as he thought of this, the mood of the dark demon couldn't help but be happy.

As long as it can get more sacrificial flesh and blood, sooner or later it will surpass the other party in strength!

At that time, all the faces lost today will be taken back by him in the future!

As for now.

Do you have the ability to come and hit me?"

Followed by.

The abyss barrier hissed like a fierce wind.

I saw a ball of light suddenly break through the blockade of the abyss and other worlds, and appeared above the head of the dark demon.

And the dark demon who was shouting "Come and hit me", after seeing this scene, his body stiffened violently.

Immediately afterwards, Rhode also ignored the dark demon who seemed to be going crazy.

The body, which was originally similar to that of a human, instantly became huge.

The avatar of despair that brought despair to the universe emerges from the darkness and looks down at the figure of the dark demon.

Dark Demon: "..."


The abyss space was in all directions, and its sinister smile sounded at the same time.

Although the abyss is the realm that binds it, it is also the private dimension that belongs to its 0.0, its personal domain.

It's like playing home and away.

Fighting in the former's place, the Dark Demon is definitely more capable of exerting its full strength than in other worlds.

Not to mention.

Dark demons are not weak in the first place.

The more powerful the demon, the stronger the increase in his own domain.

The existence called darkness is a concept that has appeared together since the moment the world was born.

Therefore, after Rhode stepped into this world, the dark demon merged with the surroundings.

Let darkness completely envelop this world.

The pressure like an abyss rolled in like a tsunami.

Every inch of this world seems to have strange black shadows laughing.

There is no light at all, there is no field of hope.

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