Chapter 86

The figure of the demon is hidden in the darkness.

It's its home turf, and you can transform into anything in the world whenever you want.

You can also wander freely in the dark, and after finding the target, quietly launch surprise attacks from all directions.

Even... Gigantic.

In just an instant, the demon's body changed to the same size as Rhode, and it could also blend into any part of the world at will.

In this dimension, it is the only God!


A palm without the slightest temperature pinched its head from the front.

A gentle pinch.


After Rhode pushed a little harder, the demon's head exploded in his hand like a crushed egg.

Red and white things splashed around.

But that's not all.

Rhode grabbed the demon body that had been shattered and urged the dark energy in the body.

Although in some ways, he is not as good as Hypajeton when he fought Saiga, but at least in terms of destructive power, he is not much different.

A dark demon dormant in the abyss capable of destroying the world?

Did you ask my opinion before ruling the world?

Immediately afterwards, Rhode clenched his five fingers.

Then, at this moment, these 18 dimensions resounded like thunderous explosions.

The earth under Rhode's feet softened as if it had been melted.

The steep rise in heat set off a strong firestorm, which then violently blew across the territory.

The countless demons dormant in the darkness were wiped out in an instant.

In Rod's hands, the demons whose size was already comparable to him began to melt from where they were held by Rhode.

Magma-colored flames burrowed through the crushed wounds.

The scorching energy burned its body, and along with the collapse of this dimension, the existence called the Dark Demon was also completely destroyed in the hands of Rhode.

After solving this existence, Rhode did not have any special feelings in his heart.

The strength of the dark demon, no matter where it is placed, has the degree of destroying a world.

If he hadn't crossed over here.

Perhaps a month ago, after the mass sacrifice that took place in the suburbs went smoothly, the tentacles of the dark demons would crawl out of the abyss and interfere with reality.

Until the end.

The power of the dark demon swept through the city, the continent, and eventually covered the entire planet.

But it was very unlucky to meet itself after crossing.

Not lamenting too much.

A wave of experience came in, and Rhode obviously felt that the dual energy in his body had been rocket-like.

The bracelet you carry with you makes a soft noise to indicate that more information has been unlocked.

Rhodes checked in time.

It was found that in addition to some insignificant information, the knowledge of the "teleportation" ability that he had thought about before had also been unlocked in this upgrade.

This ability has nothing to do with combat, but rather the ability to teleport itself anywhere you want.

The protagonists of tokusatsu dramas often use this ability.

As for the teleportation distance, it is not explicitly stated, but at least from the performance point of view, teleporting to each other at the north and south poles of the earth is also easy, without any pressure at all.

And just as Rhode was happy, the chat group made a soft noise at the right time.

[Dingdong ~~~, detected group member "Rhodes" greatly changed the course of the world, reward points +50000. 】

Seeing the prompt message, Rhodes suddenly remembered that the chat group also had this hidden function.

"It's just that this condition is a bit harsh, knowing those two-dimensional heroines is not counted, slaughtering the villain who can destroy the world is considered successful, if you change to someone else, it is impossible to complete it in the early stage, right?"

Rhode complained.

"Could it be that seeing that my strength is too strong, I deliberately increased the difficulty of the task?"

With such an intelligent urine sex as a chat group, it is indeed very possible.


Since they have been awarded 50,000 points, then forgive you this time.

After the prompt message appeared, the chat group, which had been silent, immediately became lively.

Raiden Zhen: "Fifty thousand points??? "

Butterfly Shinobu: "This is... What happened? Why so suddenly? "

Erina: "Mr. Rhode is not supposed to destroy the world, right?" "

Amelia: "Ah, did the first villain of our group appear like this?" "

Rod: "What's there and what's not?" I just wandered around and killed a villain, and then the chat group was prompted, and I was also very sudden. "

Lei Dian Zhen: "Listen, this is still human words?" By the way, I slaughtered the villain, and I took 50,000 points, you have to say that you went out to destroy the world, I still believe you once! "

Amelia: "Last time I remembered, Mr. Rhode helped Shinobu solve the ghost king, and he only got 20,000 points." "

Spider: "Kneel to the big guy!" I used to think that I was the protagonist of the world with two golden fingers, but now I am a clown, and the big guy is the real protagonist! (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Spider: "So, I decided!" "

Erina: "Uh... What was decided? "

Spider: "From now on, I will be the exclusive dogleg of the big guy, if the big guy asks me to go east, I will never go west, let me dance, I will definitely not hang myself!" "

Spider: "Crazy worship of the big guy.jpg." "

Poison Island Rinko: "Drink tea.jpg." "

Spider: "It's just a pity of 970, I can't see the heroic posture of the big guy when he fights, if I can see it with my own eyes, I will sleep with a spider in the evening, and I won't be so afraid." "

Lei Dian Zhen: "Speaking of this, I haven't seen Rhode Fa have any circle of friends, obviously we have known each other for so long, but we haven't even seen a photo, isn't it a little unfair?" "

Erina: "Indeed, not only do I not know what Mr. Rhodes looks like, but I often post some pictures of demons and monsters in the group to scare us, which is really abominable!" "

Emilia: "Mr. Rhodes, would you like to take advantage of this time and send a photo out to see?" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "Uh... If you say so, Lord Rhodes will be very troubled, right? Small tangles .jpg. "

Lei Dian Zhen: "In the whole group, just forbear you who has seen the true face of Rhode, and you say this now, is it possible that you want to eat alone?" "

Butterfly Shinobu: "I... I didn't mean that, real sister. "

Erina: "It's really suspicious. "

Rhodes: "I'm not in the habit of posting photos in the circle of friends, so if you really want to see me, wait until the group live broadcast function is turned on and I go to which of your worlds, and then open the live broadcast for you to see enough." "

For this kind of request of the group members, Rhode felt that it could still be slightly satisfied.

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