The mountain chicken king, who was sweating coldly, looked at

Chicken Dabao, and saw that

Chicken Dabao, who was originally fine,

suddenly spit out a pool of warm chicken blood!

Its chicken wings and legs were uncontrolled, and

it fell to the ground with the clumsy body of Chicken Dabao!


Roll in circles!


This series of actions

all shows the pain of Chicken Dabao!

Inject a fortifier to make

the chicken better off alive than dead!

The king of the pheasants, who witnessed everything, had fear in his heart!

Because of that enhancer,

even such a strong body of the Mountain Rooster King could not withstand it!

Just when everyone thought the game was over, the

picture turned.

The camera comes to Ji Dabao's memories.

"Daiho! Daibo! The

dead chicken Dafei woke up Dabao, and

looking at Xiaofei flying in the air in front of him,

Dabao sighed.

"That's awesome! Dumbo, it really can fly!

"That's because Fei's mother is a flying pigeon."

Chicken Dafei touched Xiaofei and explained.

Immediately afterwards,

it left Xiaofei alone.

What the!

Xiaofei's mother is a flying pigeon!

People in the comment section were puzzled.


"Ah! So it was the flying pigeon that was eaten! Nami


"So why are flying pigeons eaten!"


"Yes, pigeons can deliver newspapers, why should they be eaten?"


The anime characters complained about the identity of Xiaofei's mother flying pigeon, and

the video is still playing at this moment.

Just as Da Fei was about to disappear,

it turned around and said.

"Dabao, Xiaofei will be handed over to you!"

And in the real world,

Dabao's body began to change!

"Is it bird flu?"

"It's terrible! This chicken mutated! In

the whispers of people on the sidelines,

Daiho "evolved"!

Black feathers cover its body!

"Angry Chicks" is here!


Angry Birds Fat Red:

"Wow! Now Daiho has become Angry Birds! Angry

Birds Bomb:

"Now Daiho is a combination of Fat Red, Chuck and Blue Birds!"


The vision

of the chicken Dabao in the field

shocked the king of the mountain chicken who was still watching!

But as a cockfighting champion,

he still said with a hard mouth:

"You're just scary!" I can still beat you to death!" "

Immediately afterwards, the

Mountain Rooster King struck first and

threw a punch at Daibao Zhigou!

But it underestimates the chicken Daibao who injects the booster!

The enhanced Dabao,

now far surpasses the king of mountain chickens in terms of physical strength and strength


When facing the full blow of the Mountain Rooster King,

Daiho easily blocked it!

Although the passion is surging here!

But Lu Chuan, who was watching the battle, suddenly felt that something was wrong!

The king of pheasants is golden all over!

After Daibao has been strengthened, the body is still mainly blue!


Isn't this Meituan takeaway war hungry?!

In the video, Meituan's

representative Fang Shan Chicken King began to exert force!

The muscles hidden in its body burst out!

The chicken wings of the king of mountain chickens are rarely used!

"Turkey Fist!"

Accompanied by the roar of the king of pheasants!

The burly pheasant king ran through the competition field tens of meters in the blink of an eye!

That flaming chicken wing clenched his fist and hooked straight to kill Xiang Dabao!


It's just the right time!

Chicken Daibao blocked the attack again just by stretching out his hand!

This wave! represents Fang Ji Dabao to easily crush the Meituan Mountain Rooster King!


Daiho began to chase after the victory!

Just two or three punches!

No one expected that the

invincible Mountain Rooster King would be easily defeated by Dabao!

"Wow! This blue chicken is too fierce!

"Awesome! Blue Feather Chicken Eternal God! "


Cheers erupted outside the arena after the king fainted!

However, the king of mountain chickens is not such an easy opponent to solve.

It struggled for a moment, and

finally the Mountain Rooster King killed Dabao again!

But Dabao has long gained the power to suppress the Mountain Rooster King!

After two punches and three kicks!

The king of the pheasants was knocked to the ground again!

How could the Mountain Rooster King, who was afraid of death, accept his life like this?

So it began to bewitch:

"Battle chickens will one day be unable to move!"

"If you can't move, you will be eaten!"

"Chicken! There is simply no escape the fate of being eaten! Humans just want to see how you kill each other! After

some roaring

, the king of the pheasant no longer resisted,


it seemed to resign itself.

At this time,

Daibao said indifferently.

"So my target is not you!"


, Da Bao saw the opportunity,

pulled up the foot of the king of the mountain chicken and threw it out!

The target

is precisely the organizer of the cockfighting competition - the "cowboy man"!

"I'm going to rebel!"

The cowboy reprimanded and pulled out his pistol by the way, and

he fired a shot between the electric flints!

The king of pheasants instantly flew upside down!

And Dabao, who was hiding behind the Mountain Rooster King,

also successfully attacked the cowboy man!



"Daiho! Attaboy! Give this cowboy a little color!


"Wonderful! Chicken Dabao, this trick is really unexpected!

"I didn't expect that defeating the Pheasant King was just your bait! Controlling the cowboy is your real goal!

Lu Mingfei:

"Folded life!" Folded life! The chicken actually calculated!

"What else can I believe?!"

Lan Ran suddenly said:

"Interesting, but the reason for all this is that the mountain rooster king and this cowboy man are too weak!"


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